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The Most Popular Brunch in NYC According to Instagram

Hélène Heath
August 31, 2017
Last Updated On
pizza, eggs and avocado, salad

Because you need to eat something before your beach sesh. We surfaced the best restaurants in NYC for brunch according to Instagram.

hot sauce being poured on bagel sandwich

Instagram is the purveyor of all happenings, whether that's where to stay on vacation, what your vacation gear should be, what clothing brands your should be wearing, how you should be decorating your apartment, which beach you should head to, how to be involved in societal causes, and even where it is you should indulge in ice cream. Obviously this is just a short list, but we're adding to it today.📝

Be honest: have you ever gone to a restaurant based on only having seen the establishment's whole brunch menu on Instagram? Lol, of course you have. We all have. Anyone who says they haven't is either living a life of voluntary simplicity or telling a bold-faced lie. There's a reason for why big casual dining chains are being eaten alive (hospitality humor) by spots that deliver plates of IG food.

Not only are these joints not cool (sorry, Olive Garden), but they also aren't offering that sought-after X factor experience delivered via Instagram food. Every member of the millennial generation looks for it when heading out to eat and the new crop of famous New York restaurants are wise to that required discernment.

Translation: if a restaurant's physical locations aren't attractive or their dishes aren't innovative and photo-worthy, they can bow out of the grub game immediately. That said, if they've created a space that begs to be shot with food that's pretty enough to snap, they're golden. Build it and then will come — Instagram is the most important word of mouth vehicle you'll ever need.

Case in point, the below NYC restaurants for which the social savvy herds descend upon in droves every weekend to experience their Insta-bait plates while reminiscing on last night's party. We compiled the top 10 most popular New York City brunch spots of the summer on Instagram according to how many times they've appeared on the visually centric app.

For a fun twist, count how many of them you've already been to, and add the rest to your list of places to hit next go around. There are no shortage of great brunch places in NYC 🤤.

10. Bocaphe

table with two salads and drinks
table with smoothie bowl and drinks

9. Citizens of Chelsea

two salads
avocado toast and waffles

8. Cafe Henrie

two girls having brunch

7. While We Were Young

eggs Benedict
girl sitting at brunch table

6. Pietro Nolita

breakfast with drinks

5. Bluestone Lane

avocado toast and yogurt bowls
avocado toast and smoothie bowl

4. The Butcher's Daughter (West Village)

breakfast power bowls

3. Two Hands

breakfast salads

2. Jack's Wife Freda

breakfast bowls with coffee

1. The Butcher's Daughter (Nolita)

avocado toast with egg
two girls having avocado toast

Did your favorite make the list? If not, tell us where to eat in NYC!

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