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New Year Marketing Campaigns: Do Resolutions Drive Sales?

Lesley Mailman
December 22, 2023
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As the confetti settles and the New Year dawns, it's not just about a fresh calendar but also the birth of countless resolutions. Brimming with aspirations and personal goals, New Year’s resolutions hold a unique sway over consumer behavior. It's a time when people are open to change and actively seeking it. Whether it's in the form of healthier lifestyle choices, new hobbies or even a wardrobe refresh, this shift in mindset creates a fertile ground for marketers.

But do New Year marketing campaigns genuinely influence consumers to buy? This question is an important puzzle piece for marketing teams worldwide. In the land of resolutions, where intentions and desires collide, understanding how and why these campaigns resonate with consumers can be the key to unlocking a hidden treasure of engagement and sales. These insights aren’t just beneficial for marketing teams — they’re necessary. It's about tapping into the pulse of consumer sentiment at a time when your audience is most receptive to new ideas and products.

The relevance of this topic stretches beyond basic holiday marketing campaigns. It reaches into the psychology of consumer behavior, the effectiveness of targeted messaging and the art of aligning products with the consumer's New Year aspirations. As we explore this, we're not just discussing marketing tactics; we're unraveling the threads of consumer motivation at one of the most pivotal times of the year.

The Psychology Behind New Year Purchases

Consumers' psychology and behavior take a fascinating turn during the New Year. This period, often seen as a clean slate, triggers a mix of optimism and introspection in consumers that can uniquely influence their purchasing decisions positively and negatively. Let’s explore a few of the most common themes of New Year's resolutions and how they can impact specific industries.

Financial Resolutions

According to Statista, many New Year financial resolutions in the United States revolve around paying off debt. This focus on financial health can lead to more cautious spending. It also opens opportunities for financial brands with products and services that align with financial management and debt reduction.

Resolution Perseverance

Another Statista report highlights the perseverance with New Year resolutions in the U.S. Understanding the duration and commitment levels to these resolutions can help marketers tailor their campaigns. Products supporting long-term goals or the motivation to stick to resolutions could see increased interest in January and the following months.

Health and Wellness Resolutions

Many New Year's resolutions are related to food and beverage consumption, such as eating less sugar or drinking less. This trend can significantly impact consumer behavior, driving demand for healthier food options, dietary supplements and fitness-related products. Brands in the health and wellness industry could see an increase in sales and engagement, whereas brands in the snack food and beverage industry could experience a decrease during this time of year.  

These factors collectively paint a picture of a consumer base that is introspective, goal-oriented and focused on becoming the best version of themselves. For brands, this means adapting social media strategies to meet the immediate demands of the New Year and aligning with their customers' longer-term aspirations and resolutions.

How Brands Use Consumer Behavior To Inform New Year Campaigns

Brands are increasingly savvy in using consumer behavior insights to shape their New Year marketing campaigns, recognizing the unique opportunities this time of year presents. The New Year is not just a change in the calendar; it's a period filled with new aspirations, resolutions and a collective mindset geared towards change and improvement. Understanding this, brands tailor their New Year marketing strategy to align with the psychological state of their consumers during this period.

Aligning With Resolutions and Aspirations

As mentioned, many consumers view the New Year as a chance for a fresh start, often making resolutions related to health, finance, lifestyle changes and personal growth. Brands that align their products or services with these resolutions can tap into a motivated customer base. For instance, fitness brands might highlight wellness and self-improvement, while financial services could focus on budgeting and saving.

Leveraging the Psychology of a Fresh Start

The ‘fresh start effect’ plays a significant role in consumer behavior at the beginning of the year. Brands can capitalize on this by marketing products as part of a new beginning or a necessary tool for maintaining new year resolutions. This approach can range from home organization products to personal planners, all positioned as essential for a successful, fresh start.

Example: Amazon's 'Second-Chance' for New Year's Resolutions Opportunity

While not a current campaign, marketing professionals predict that Amazon has its sights set on the New Year's resolution market. The idea of a 'second-chance' event. This event would be positioned in February to fill a seasonal sales gap for the company. The campaign would capitalize on the common theme of health and wellness resolutions and focus on health, beauty and apparel products, aligning with consumers' renewed interest in their New Year goals. By offering a second chance at resolutions, Amazon aims to engage with consumers looking to recommit to their goals, thus driving sales in these categories.

Timing and Urgency

The New Year also brings a sense of urgency with limited-time offers and New Year sales. Brands often create campaigns encouraging consumers to act quickly and fulfill their resolutions, leveraging the limited window of high motivation typically seen in January.

Personalization and Targeted Messaging

With the advent of data analytics, brands can now offer highly personalized experiences and products. By analyzing past purchase behavior and online interactions, companies can tailor their New Year marketing campaigns to resonate more deeply with individual consumers, offering them precisely what they need to kickstart their year.

Emotional Connection and Storytelling

Brands that tell compelling stories or connect emotionally and authentically with their audience tend to have more impactful New Year campaigns. These strategies could involve sharing customer success stories, creating relatable New Year narratives or showing empathy toward the challenges of maintaining resolutions.

Example: Brooklinen's Approach to Consumer Attitudes

Brooklinen emphasizes authenticity and relatable experiences in its marketing. They have successfully tapped into real-world issues, such as addressing 'night sweats' with products that offer practical solutions. This approach resonates with consumers personally, making the brand more relatable and trustworthy. Brooklinen also leverages social media trends, like TikTok's 'Sunday reset,' to connect emotionally with its audience and effectively promote its products. This strategy is particularly effective for New Year marketing campaigns, where consumers want to refresh their homes and lifestyles.

Digital Engagement and Social Media Trends

Finally, brands increasingly use digital platforms, especially social media, to engage with consumers. By tapping into New Year trends, challenges and conversations on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, brands can increase their visibility and relevance during this period.

In summary, New Year marketing campaigns are a unique blend of timing, psychological understanding, personalization and emotional engagement. Brands that skillfully navigate these approaches to New Year's marketing strategies are likely to see a positive impact on their consumer engagement and sales during this period.

Which Months See The Most LikeShop Clicks?

LikeShop transforms social media content into clickable, shoppable experiences, bridging the gap between browsing and buying. When a user encounters a post on social media that piques their interest, Dash Hudson’s LikeShop provides a seamless transition from that initial intrigue to a custom product landing page. This journey is crucial because it capitalizes on the user's momentary engagement and interest, turning it into a potential purchase.

Now, consider the impact of resolutions. The start of a new year, or any significant personal milestone, often sparks a desire for change in individuals. This could range from fitness goals to lifestyle changes, and it's a period marked by a heightened willingness to invest in products or services that align with these new aspirations. Brands that skillfully tailor their content and product offerings to these resolutions can see a significant uptick in LikeShop traffic.

graph showing average tiktok and instagram likeshop clicks views and CTR

What We Found for TikTok LikeShop Traffic

It’s worth noting that upon examining the chart above, it becomes evident that Instagram's LikeShop garners more traffic compared to TikTok's LikeShop. Several factors could contribute to this trend. Primarily, Instagram's been around longer and might have fostered a greater sense of familiarity and trust among consumers, making them more inclined to engage with LikeShop on this platform. Another big reason is the adoption of the native shopping app via TikTok Shop, which offers four ways to shop on the platform.

Focusing on TikTok, we observe a distinct pattern in LikeShop traffic. There's a notable peak in February, followed by a gradual decrease starting in March. Interestingly, November 2022 also stands out as a month with increased traffic. This spike is likely attributed to shopping intensity surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, indicating that TikTok's LikeShop is effectively tapping into key retail events.

graph showing fluctuating tiktok likeshop clicks

What We Found for Instagram LikeShop Traffic

A closer look at Instagram's LikeShop traffic reveals its highest peaks in December 2022 and January 2023, with a noticeable downward trend beginning afterward. It's important to highlight a key observation regarding the September and October 2023 traffic. These months show comparatively lower traffic, which could be attributed to the relatively shorter time frame available for accumulating clicks and views. This contrasts with content posted on LikeShop in October 2022, which had a longer period to engage users and gather interactions.

In conclusion, we see an increase in LikeShop traffic during peak times such as January and traditional buying months like November and December. LikeShop traffic spikes can be a powerful indicator of buying behavior, particularly when aligned with the timing of resolutions or significant lifestyle shifts. 

By creating a direct and effortless path from engaging content to tailored product landing pages, brands can capitalize on these moments of heightened consumer motivation and willingness to purchase. Consider this consumer mindset when starting your e-commerce holiday planning for the New Year.

graph showing fluctuating instagram likeshop clicks

New Year Marketing Campaign Examples

As the New Year unfolds, brands across various industries launch campaigns celebrating the season while resonating deeply with their audience's aspirations and lifestyles. These campaigns, often vibrant and innovative, leverage the spirit of renewal and resolutions that come with the New Year. Let's explore how brands like Charlotte Tilbury, HeadSpace and Magnum have uniquely embraced this festive time to connect with their audiences and provide you with marketing ideas for the new year.

Charlotte Tilbury - New Year, New You

Charlotte Tilbury's New Year marketing campaign on TikTok depicts glamour and transformation. The campaign, showcased in a captivating video, highlights their luxury makeup products, emphasizing the new year as the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. The video artfully combines the allure of high-end cosmetics with the excitement of embracing a new look for the New Year, perfectly capturing the essence of transformation that many seek during this time.

woman applying charlotte tilbury makeup tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @charlottetilbury

HeadSpace - Mindful Beginnings 

Headspace's New Year marketing campaign focuses on mental wellness, normalizing that the path to resolution success is not linear. It’s okay to hit roadblocks towards reaching your goals, and the app is there to help you start again. They share tips, guided meditation sessions and success stories from users who have benefited from their app. The campaign aims to encourage new users to adopt a mindfulness habit in the New Year and utilize the tool to set goals.

orange cartoon blob with two yellow books on its head
Image credit: @headspace

Magnum - Goodbye to the Old Year, Hello to the New 

Magnum's New Year marketing campaign on TikTok is a delightful celebration of indulgence. Their videos showcase various luxurious ice creams in different locations, inviting viewers to treat themselves as they step into the New Year and say goodbye to last year. The campaign cleverly plays on themes of indulgence and self-care while incorporating trending sounds. With visually appealing content, Magnum positions its ice creams as the perfect companion for those special New Year moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

woman holding magnum bar saying bye 2022
Image credit: @magnum_icecream

Lays - Lunar New Year Nostalgia

Lay’s Lunar New Year marketing campaign focuses on evoking memories and emotions tied to the celebration, such as family gatherings, traditional decorations and the joy of sharing moments. By intertwining their product with these cherished memories, Lays promotes their snacks and connects with their audience personally and emotionally. This approach effectively blends the brand into the fabric of the Lunar New Year festivities, making Lays a part of the celebration in homes.

hands opening bag of lays chips with a bowl and cucumber lays chips beside it
Image credit: @mylittlesecrets_ca and @lays

Tips For New Year Marketing Campaigns 

As the New Year rolls in, it's a prime time for brands to refresh their marketing strategies on social media with innovative New Year marketing ideas. The post-New Year period offers a unique opportunity to engage with audiences looking to start fresh, make changes and embrace new experiences. 

Here are five strategic tips for brands to effectively navigate their social media campaigns post-New Year, incorporating fresh marketing ideas that resonate with the spirit of the season.

Promote Sales 

Capitalize on the post-holiday period by promoting sales. The New Year is a great time to clear out last season's inventory and attract customers with appealing discounts. Highlight exclusive deals and limited-time offers on social media platforms to create urgency and encourage purchases.

Retarget Christmas Shoppers 

Use your customer data from the holiday season to retarget those shoppers. They're already familiar with your brand, making them more likely to engage. Tailor your content to reflect their previous interactions and preferences with your holiday campaigns, offering products or services that complement their recent purchases.

Leverage Themes of Renewal

The New Year symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. Align your social media content with themes of renewal and transformation. Post ideas include showcasing new products, sharing inspirational stories or offering tips that resonate with the spirit of starting anew.

Reflect on the Past Year — Or the Year Ahead 

Engage your audience by reflecting on the past year’s achievements or setting sights on the year ahead. Content could involve sharing your brand's milestones, customer success stories or outlining future plans and aspirations. These posts can help build community and a sense of a shared journey with your audience.

Explore New Buyer Personas

The New Year is an ideal time to reassess and expand your buyer personas. Understanding different segments of your target market allows for more personalized and effective marketing strategies. Creating or refining buyer personas helps your social teams understand and connect with your audience, ensuring your content meets their evolving needs and preferences. This strategic approach enhances engagement while also driving more targeted and successful campaigns.

Incorporating these tips into your post-New Year marketing strategy and other creative New Year marketing ideas can help your brand stay relevant, engage effectively with your audience on social media and set a positive tone for the year ahead. These strategies help harness the unique opportunities that the New Year presents and ensure that your brand's message continues to make an impact well into the future.

Identify Consumer Patterns With Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson offers tools that empower brands to closely monitor and understand consumer patterns. By utilizing features like Relationships and Community, brands can dive into the nuances of their audience's preferences and behaviors. Relationships allow brands to track and analyze their interactions with followers, providing valuable data on engagement trends. Meanwhile, Community offers a broader view of the audience's demographics and interests, enabling brands to tailor their content more effectively.

Dash Hudson’s Features and Solutions not only help brands understand their audience better but also assist in measuring and optimizing their ROI. By leveraging these features, brands can make data-driven decisions, ensuring their New Year — and future marketing campaigns are even more successful.


How much money is spent on New Year’s resolutions? 

While there's no exact figure for the total amount spent on New Year's resolutions globally, industries related to common resolutions like fitness, health, self-improvement, finance and lifestyle changes often see a significant increase in revenue around the New Year. This includes higher sales in gym memberships, health apps, online courses, financial planning services and travel bookings as people invest in fulfilling their personal goals and resolutions.

What are the most popular New Year’s resolutions?

Based on data from Statista, the most popular New Year's resolutions typically include:

  • Exercise More: A top goal for many is increasing physical activity.
  • Lose Weight: Commonly tied to health and fitness aspirations.
  • Get Organized: Aim to improve the organization in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn a New Skill or Hobby: Pursuing personal growth through new activities.
  • Live Life to the Fullest: Seeking new experiences and personal fulfillment.
  • Save Money / Spend Less: Financial goals centered on saving and budgeting.
  • Quit Smoking: Health-focused resolution for a significant lifestyle change.
  • Spend More Time with Family and Friends: Prioritizing personal relationships.
  • Travel More: Aspirations to explore and experience new places.
  • Read More: Aiming to increase reading for knowledge and pleasure.

These resolutions reflect common desires for improved health, personal growth and better life balance.

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