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How BHLDN’s Pinterest Strategy Bolsters Cross-Channel Marketing

Learn how Dash Hudson equips BHLDN with the data it needs most to capture brides at each point in their dress-buying journeys—across marketing and e-commerce channels.

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Higher Engagement on Spring Collection vs. Average Pinterest Boards

Pure Engagement Bliss

Wedding dress shopping and Pinterest are a match made in heaven. BHLDN tapped Pinterest to preview its spring collection and capitalize on brides’ eagerness to find their dream dresses. The brand tested creative on Pinterest to gain a stronger understanding of its target audience’s tastes and preferences before launching a multichannel campaign. With Dash Hudson, BHLDN’s team could see which visuals, styles of dresses, and themes resonated with Pinners in real time to inform their creative decisions for the collection’s cross-channel launch.

Learn about:

  • How BHLDN crafted a Pinterest campaign to capture and convert Pinners earlier in their dress shopping journey.
  • The brand’s data-backed strategy that propelled its growth on Pinterest.
  • How BHLDN uses Dash Hudson to measure how each of its unique content pillars performs with its audience to optimize its visual strategy across channels.

Read the Case Study

"With Dash Hudson’s creative analytic capabilities for Pinterest, we’re able to analyze what types of imagery resonates with our customers and can adjust our content by the time our marketing goes into full swing. The learnings we gather now on best performing creative and dresses will inform what content we’ll run across our paid marketing channels."

Kelly Reid,

Associate Social Media Manager at BHLDN

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