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How Hulu Grows Its Social Media Engagement Using Dash Hudson

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How Hulu Grows Its Social Media Engagement Using Dash Hudson

Hulu Social Media Engagement Rate

Discover how Hulu's Social Media Strategy:

  • Proactively determine what content will garner engagement with followers, using artificial intelligence
  • Gains insights into the types of content Hulu has found success with on social media
  • Tests video thumbnails and static posts in advance of sharing, to make sure every visual is optimized to perform

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Insights to Grow Your Engagement Rate

A key goal of Hulu on social media is to grow engagement. The streaming service brand understands that, in order to become a top social destination for fans in the competitive TV landscape, it needs to take creative risks and use data to drive decision-making. Find out how the team at Hulu uses Dash Hudson to increase its engagement rate, select highly effective video highlights, and quantify the value of its Earned Media Value from brand partnerships.

"The whole team at Dash Hudson is always proactive, which is important to us. They are really invested in helping us grow as a business. They're not just here to send us a report each week—they are actually checking in regularly and asking, what are your priorities? What can I help you with? What are some ways I can make your role easier, or more insightful? I really appreciate that."

Tatiana Holifield,
Director, Brand Social
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