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Metrics That Influence

Learn how full-service digital marketing agency Taylor & Pond uses Dash Hudson to navigate the ins and outs of the beauty industry, to monitor the effectiveness of client key performance indicators and influencer relationships and more.

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Metrics That Influence

Learn how full-service digital marketing agency Taylor & Pond uses Dash Hudson to navigate the ins and outs of the beauty industry, to monitor the effectiveness of client key performance indicators and influencer relationships and more.

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Taylor and Pond Client Strategy

Discover how Taylor & Pond uses Dash Hudson to:

  • To toggle between clients, keeping topline performance concise to save hours of time spent on reporting
  • Use custom Dashboards to monitor client KPIs and find ways to one-up last month’s performance
  • Engage tactics to measure the effectiveness and ROI of influencer relationships, aligning social metrics with client needs

Dash Hudson Products Used

Dashboards and Reporting

Use Cases

Social Engagement and Scheduling | Reporting, Insights, and Trends | Influencer and Creator ROI | Paid Advertising - Simplify Workflow and Save Time



Increase in average effectiveness rate


Increase in average engagement rate

Taylor & Pond used Dash Hudson to help an industry-leading beauty brand achieve the above metrics.

Using Data to Hone Client Strategy

Taylor & Pond has seen it all. As a full-service digital marketing agency for over 25 years, the firm has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. While the agency’s roots lie in web development, it has evolved with the times, offering all aspects of digital marketing support to its clients including content creation, search advertising, web development, and influencer marketing. With the bulk of Taylor & Pond’s accounts invested in the ever-changing social media space, the agency faces many challenges. Find out how the agency stays on top of social media performance for multiple clients at once, using customizable dashboards, as well as how it helps its high-profile clients in the beauty and CPG industries prove the ROI of influencer relationships.

Visualization of Dash Hudson's Influencer Relationships score card. Featuring beauty imagery, posts featuring you, average engagement rate, effectiveness, and followers gained.

Client Management Made Simple 

With 10–20% of its clients invested in influencer marketing, no day is ever the same at Taylor & Pond. In such a dynamic space, it is essential to have tools that help improve agency processes. In Dash Hudson, Taylor & Pond has a Dashboard for each client, and presents data back to individual clients using custom decks that the Dash Hudson team helps to build. One of the most popular insights from the Dash Hudson platform is the effectiveness rate. As opposed to engagement, which looks at performance against a brand’s entire following, effectiveness is based upon reach. The effectiveness rate illuminates whether a video resonated with the brand’s audience that it had actually reached through the algorithm.

“One of the most beneficial metrics we report back to our clients is effectiveness rate—this helps us provide more insight into what is actually resonating with an audience by measuring engagement from the number of people who have seen the post. Basing the metric off of reach, and not followers, helps us provide context as to why a post didn’t perform well, and helps us determine what we can fix moving forward.”

Kassidy Abbott,
Senior Digital Account Manager

Deliver Granular Reports with Customizable Dashboards 

Every client has a different approach to social media. In the agency world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reporting, and Dashboards allow Taylor & Pond to get granular with the reporting for all of its clients, no matter what their needs are. The agency uses Dash Hudson insights extensively, and estimates that Dashboards save each digital manager five hours every week. The team of self-described data freaks love diving into metrics to figure out how to outperform the prior month. Dashboards are ultra-customizable, helping the team to constantly monitor top-performing content, and figure out what needs to be optimized. The agency also uses metrics from Dashboards to inform its strategy for the coming months.

Track the KPIs Behind Customer Relationships 

One of Taylor & Pond’s many specialties is navigating the ins and outs of the beauty industry, particularly color cosmetics, hair care and skincare. The industry has seen substantial growth on social media in recent years by investing in influencer marketing, and Taylor & Pond has distinguished itself by incorporating influencers into its client strategy. Taylor & Pond uses Dash Hudson’s Relationships solution to track day-to-day metrics, as well as align social KPIs with client needs. The data provided by Relationships, including Earned Media Value (EMV)—a proprietary metric that quantifies the value of influencer partnerships on Instagram— helps the agency to justify results, and prove the ROI of influencer marketing.

“With emerging platforms, and skyrocketing rates, it’s essential to have a concrete strategy for what influencer marketing can provide for our clients. The Relationships tab helps us to justify our results to clients in a cohesive and understandable way. For clients that are not invested in e-commerce, Relationships have allowed us to quantify the ROI from influencers. EMV, and measuring followers gained.”

Kassidy Abbott,
Senior Digital Account Manager
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What We Can Learn From Taylor & Pond’s Strategy

Efficiency and Customization in Reporting

Taylor & Pond leverages Dash Hudson to streamline client reporting and quickly toggle between accounts, saving significant time while providing customized insights based on individual client KPIs.

Insightful Engagement Analysis

With ‘effectiveness rate’, Taylor & Pond uses this metric to help in understanding and improving content strategy by focusing on the impact rather than just engagement.

Proving ROI of Influencer Relationships

Dash Hudson's Relationships solution helps Taylor & Pond quantify the value of influencer partnerships, particularly in the beauty industry, through metrics like Earned Media Value (EMV).

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