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Omnichannel Marketing

What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing refers to a multichannel sales strategy that provides the customer with an integrated purchasing experience; it is based on the idea of using all of your channels to create one united experience for your customers. With the emergence of new terminology in the digital marketing world, it can be easy to get disoriented. Marketers often confuse multichannel marketing with omnichannel, but they are two distinct and separate marketing strategies.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing vs. Multichannel Marketing?

 Multichannel marketing refers to curating and creating content for your target audience on numerous platforms and channels. Omnichannel marketing is an approach that creates seamless communication that adjusts to your customer based on their behaviour through your sales funnel, providing the ultimate personalized customer experience. Each channel in your strategy works together to create a unified message and voice for your brand. 

Rather than simply trying to spread your message via the maximum possible number of channels, the goal of omnichannel digital marketing is to create a positive experience for the customer at every stage of their lifecycle, lessen churn and build a positive standing for your brand. An excellent omnichannel marketing strategy ensures that when a customer is looking for your brand, no matter what channel, you are there. The customer gets a deeper level of personalization no matter what channel they're using or where they are in their customer journey. Although only slightly different than a traditional multichannel marketing strategy, omnichannel marketing strategies have proven to result in sales that are 13% higher than those generated by other similar approaches.

Omnichannel digital marketing is no easy task and the initial approach can be overwhelming, but the payoff is like no other. The emphasis that omnichannel marketing puts on cross-channel consistency guarantees consumers will see your brand in the same way across platforms and materials. This consistency and repetitiveness help strengthen brand recall, increasing the likelihood of purchasing across your target audience. An added bonus of highly effective omnichannel marketing and increased brand recall is word-of-mouth marketing which is the holy grail of free advertising. 

Creating a Multichannel Posting Scheduling 

Omnichannel marketing means that you need to be engaged in multiple marketing activities and selecting the proper channels depends on who your audience is and what they are looking for. With over 3 billion people on social media, more than a few social media platforms will likely become a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Managing your brand's multiple social networks can be challenging, but planning ahead of time is one of the easiest ways to ensure your content is effective. Dash Hudson's powerful, omnichannel scheduling management solution is the simplest way to schedule your social media content to all of your visual social networks. Dash Hudson's visual content calendar lets you curate your owned content and user-generated content across channels and preview your feed from desktop or the Dash Hudson mobile app. The intuitive scheduling features save you time for more pressing tasks, like product launches and announcements.

Benefits of an Omnichannel E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Having a seamless omnichannel experience means that your consumer is able to make their purchasing decisions from any of your channels, including social networks. But with the ever-changing algorithms, complex native shopping tools and challenging set up how do you drive traffic and revenue? Dash Hudson's LikeShop is the must-have solution; with a single click, followers can go from your social feed to any page on your site. It's simple, seamless and helps users easily navigate to exactly what they're looking for. LikeShop is a link in bio solution that takes your audience from your social media feed to your website, the perfect complement to any holistic digital strategy.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: Website Optimization 

An omnichannel experience accounts for each platform and device a customer will use to interact with the company, especially on the organization's website. Putting your highest converting earned and owned visual content on any webpage will inspire customers and drive real ROI. Dash Hudson's Onsite Media Galleries allow you to embed photos and videos in fully customizable, curated arrangements that are shoppable on your website. The choice is yours—whether a carousel, curated gallery page or on-site LikeShop is suitable for any brand, it gives you the flexibility to showcase what you want, where you want it. 


Multi-Channel Marketing: How to Launch an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

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How do you implement omnichannel marketing?

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The best way to start working on your omnichannel marketing strategy is to gain a deep understanding of your target audience and historical customer. What kind of content are they interested in engaging with? What device do they use when browsing your profiles or digital networks? Once you have this information, you can start planning your content and implement a more effective strategy.

How many channels are included in omnichannel marketing?

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There is no set number of channels or networks included in an omnichannel marketing strategy. Omnichannel digital marketing encompasses every way that you are present as a brand on any platform or interaction. Omnichannel marketing is an approach that creates seamless communication and brand representation through every stage of your sales funnel.

How do you measure omnichannel success?

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Like any digital practice, understanding how you perform is crucial to driving your brand in the right direction. When you are trying to determine the performance of your omnichannel marketing efforts, you need to consider metrics that showcase brand awareness, conversion rates, and retention. Omnichannel digital marketing is only successful if you turn your prospects into buyers.

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