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Dash Hudson Unveils AI-Powered Social Listening for Today’s Visual Landscape

April 25, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NEW YORK, NY / April 24, 2023 – Dash Hudson is pleased to announce the launch of its AI-powered Social Listening solution. In a world where social media is dominated by visual content, this innovative tool represents a seismic shift in the way brands are able to monitor, analyze and participate in conversations.

As engagement on social media grows increasingly more visual, conventional social listening tools have fallen behind the curve. These limitations inhibit marketers’ ability to effectively leverage social listening’s potential to surface data, refine their strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

“As short-form video continues to dominate social media, marketers need advanced tools that go beyond text. Our latest innovation captures the full context of social conversations,” says Dash Hudson’s co-founder and CEO, Thomas Rankin. “Dash Hudson’s cutting-edge solution combines the power of our proprietary technology, Vision AI, with comprehensive social listening insights integrated throughout the entire platform. With this data in hand, marketing teams can gain deeper insight into community sentiment across social and make informed decisions to drive success.”

Powered by Dash Hudson’s proprietary Vision AI technology, which has been continuously learning since 2016, the tool goes beyond traditional features like monitoring topics, hashtags and keywords to surface visual trends.

Dash Hudson’s approach to social listening enables social teams to:

Uncover the Power of Visual Trends

Take your market intelligence to new heights by staying on top of visual trends with Dash Hudson’s Vision AI. With modern Social Listening, social teams are able to maintain constant awareness of the social media landscape by the minute to ensure content is relevant and will resonate with key audiences.

Stay Ahead With Real-Time Conversational Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your community by effortlessly tracking what people are saying about your brand, products or experiences. Stay on top of the competition and your industry by monitoring the topics that matter most, without the noise.

Make Informed Decisions With Actionable Insights

Identify relevant conversations and quickly understand their significance to join the conversation or adapt your strategy accordingly. Paired with Dash Hudson’s AI-powered performance predictions, brands can discover which types of user generated and competitive content are most likely to perform on their own channels. With these actionable insights, social teams can make data-backed decisions that lead to real business results.

“Our team has been using and loving Dash Hudson’s new AI-powered Social Listening tool for both high-level strategic planning and in-the-weeds conversations with our community," said Madeline McNamara, Community Manager at Love Wellness. "We look forward to continuing to leverage the tool –– and the insights it provides –– as we build our Love Wellness social media presence."

With its focus on visual content and cutting-edge technology, Dash Hudson's modern Social Listening tool is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire Dash Hudson platform. By building social listening features into existing Dash Hudson tools, social media managers will not only save valuable time, but also be empowered to level up their insights and gain a deep understanding of audience sentiment in real time.

To experience the power of Social Listening, try our interactive demo today.


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