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Dash Hudson's Trend Report Reveals The Power of Community

July 17, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NEW YORK, NY /July 17, 2023 — Dash Hudson, a leading social media management platform, announces the release of its bi-annual Social Media Trends Report. The comprehensive research includes Dash Hudson's proprietary data from more than 6,000 social media handles to empower social marketers as they navigate the ever-changing trends that will accelerate their social media growth and impact their business.

The report highlights that entertainment-focused content strategies — especially those that leverage creators — play a pivotal role in building a community and driving revenue. In fact, 97% of the time, creators experience a higher Engagement Rate when they post in collaboration with a brand, as opposed to the Engagement Rate a brand receives when posting their own content. 

With the advancement of modern content-driven algorithms, the traditional notion of "following" has diminished in significance. Consequently, establishing and nurturing a social media community has become increasingly difficult. Brands that effectively create entertaining content and connect with their communities are reaping substantial rewards, such as increased engagement and notable upticks in positive sentiment.

To underscore the importance of creating entertaining content, Dash Hudson conducted an exclusive study, in partnership with NielsenIQ, on the impact of social media marketing on brand sales. The study revealed the direct correlation between entertainment-based social content and sales growth — a finding that could significantly impact how brands approach consumer marketing. In the study, beauty brands that held the highest Entertainment Scores and Engagement Rates — including Laneige, Kylie Cosmetics and more — experienced an average of 100% growth in sales.

The Social Media Trends Report offers in-depth analysis and key takeaways for marketers across various industries. By leveraging primary data collected from social media channels, Dash Hudson has identified emerging trends that can help businesses optimize their marketing efforts,” said Dash Hudson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Kenner Archibald. “With these insights, marketers can make informed decisions and tailor their strategies to drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, boost business growth.

Additionally, the report uncovered that Coterie grew its positive sentiment on Instagram by +700% by listening and interacting with its audience in real time. Further, Summer Fridays' focus on community engagement resulted in an Instagram Engagement Rate +100% higher than the Beauty industry benchmark, proving the importance of fostering a community on social media.

For more comprehensive insights and to learn how to adapt your social media marketing strategy to focus on the power of community, download the full report today.


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