The Next Phase of Creator, Organic and Paid

Perfecting the Content Lifecycle

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Driving success on social starts with perfecting the content lifecycle.

Creator, organic and paid are staples in a social media marketer’s repertoire, but rapid shifts in the industry mean that the way these pillars interact has changed. New opportunities have emerged for marketers that are able to pull each lever strategically, and brands that are getting it right are seeing monumentally higher engagement rates, impressions and e-commerce sales.

Dash Hudson’s 10th edition of the Social Media Trends Report highlights how brands are perfecting the content lifecycle with use cases and provides social media trends to help you take your strategy to the next level.

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Social Media TREND #1

Creator, Organic and Paid Each Excel in a Specific Area of a Social Strategy

Cross-pollination of different content pillars drives meaningful results for brands. Dash Hudson looked at the Instagram brand marketing trends of more than 900 brands to understand how companies are building out strategies, the inherent benefits of each pillar and how they can be leveraged effectively.

Get Inspired by Brands Leading the Way
United logo

United Airlines used organic insights to determine what to boost, while also amplifying niche content, ultimately seeing a +85% growth in Instagram engagement.


Growth in engagement on Instagram

Social Media TREND #2

A Synergistic Approach to Creator, Organic and Paid Gives Brands an Advantage

You know which KPIs you want to grow in 2024, but how do you get there? Dash Hudson analyzed the performance of creator, organic and paid across various metrics to understand where each type excels, along with the most impactful use cases for marketers today.

Find Out How To Grow Your KPIs


Excels at connecting with niche audiences and amplifying engagement.


Excels at building brand loyalty and maintaining an engaged community.


Excels at growing brand awareness.

Community and Connection

Engagement Rate



Brand Awareness


Video Views

Most Effective

Least Effective


Excels at connecting with niche audiences and amplifying engagement


Excels at building brand loyalty and maintaining an engaged community


Excels at growing brand awareness

Community and Connection

Engagement Rate



Brand Awareness


Video Views

Most Effective

Least Effective

Social Media TREND #3–5

Boosting Organic Content Supercharges Brand Awareness

Amplifying content breaks it out of a platform’s algorithm and places it directly in the feeds of target audiences. This approach excels at expanding brand awareness, but what else does it accomplish for brands?

Dash Hudson conducted three studies on consumer behavior trends and uncovered the following:

  • Overall, boosting content builds brand awareness
  • Boosting Reels grows impressions, and boosting static content grows engagement rate — the metrics each format craves
  • Boosting entertaining content drives much higher performance across the board

Video Views:








The Impact of an Entertainment Score Greater Than 5

Dash Hudson determined that entertaining content drives higher boosted performance. Brands that boost content with an Entertainment Score greater than 5/10 see +279% more video views on average.

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Social Media TREND #6

Dash Hudson Logo and NIQ Logo

TikTok Shop: Winner Takes All and Anyone Can Win

TikTok Shop may be new to most marketers, but it has been a staple in the UK for two years. Dash Hudson conducted a study with NielsenIQ on the top-performing beauty brands in the UK to uncover early insights on consumer trends and how to win, and the results are encouraging.

Take Your E-Commerce to the Next Level
TikTok shop logo

The top five UK beauty brands dominate with 1/3 of all TikTok Shop sales, and they do so with relatable and entertaining content that surpasses industry benchmarks.

Top-Performing UK Beauty Brands on TikTok Shop:

made by Mitchell logoPlouise LogoNature Spell logoBperfect Cosmetics logothe beauty corp logo


Shares on Average


Video Views on Average

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The data utilized in the Social Media Trends Report was sourced from social media management platform, Dash Hudson. The dataset is comprised of content from over 900 global brands—both customers and non-customers—spanning across 12 industries on multiple platforms. The timeframe for data collection encompassed all of 2023.