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Being able to report on your social media performance is one of the only things that is as important as the performance itself. Use this ready-to-fill report template to highlight the most essential elements of your social media performance.

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What Is a Social Media Report?

Simply put, a social media report is an outline put together by social media managers highlighting performance on social. These reports are typically performed once a month, showing progress toward goals, top-performing content and more. Good social media reports give a holistic view of social performance while also granularly diving into data to surface insights for every specific platform. These reports are often shared with stakeholders, your direct team and any other members curious about how social performed in the previous month. 

Why Your Brand Needs a Social Media Report and Template

Being able to report on the success of your social media campaigns (and your areas of improvement) is vital for any brand looking to grow and succeed on social. Without proper reporting, it’s hard to know what’s performing well, what’s not, what your users are responding well to and vice versa. By completing monthly or even weekly reporting, you will have a well-rounded view of how your social performance is going and what needs to change. And even better? You will have readily available and easily shareable data in situations where stakeholders inquire about content performance and the impact of your work. 

While you don’t technically need a template to build a report, it does make it easier to know precisely what needs to be included so you don’t miss essential elements of your overall performance. 

How To Use Dash Hudson’s Social Media Report Template

Dash Hudson’s report template is built to be easy for social media managers to use right away. This monthly breakdown has sections dedicated – but not limited – to:

  • Progress towards customizable KPIs across all channels 
  • More granular breakdowns for priority and secondary channels
  • Top performing content on Instagram, Tiktok and more
  • Creator performance breakdown
  • Key learnings for the current month and actions for the next month

The best part is this report is fully customizable based on your unique brands' needs. Add, remove and adjust every element of this report to ensure it’s perfect and exactly what your team is looking for. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, check out the social media report example at the end of the deck to see it in action. 

Are you ready to beautifully showcase your wins and progress to your team? Download your free social media report in Google Slides to get started today.

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