Create Short-Form Videos That Actually Drive Sales

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Short-form video content is increasingly important on social, but many brands are scrambling to crack this format while proving ROI. Making a successful shift from static social media marketing to short-form video doesn’t have to be painful — and selecting the right creators, as well as focusing on community-building, have been part of a winning strategy for brands like Rare Beauty.

In this webinar hosted by Adweek, discover the steps you can take to transform your social strategy from Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer at Dash Hudson, and Ashley Murphy, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Rare Beauty.

Meet Our Speakers:

Kate Kenner Archibald

Chief Marketing Officer
Dash Hudson

Ashley Murphy

Vice President of Consumer Marketing
Rare Beauty

During this webinar, you’ll uncover:

  • The impact that entertaining short-form video content has on driving social media ROI
  • Why creator-brand partnerships outperform brand-only content, and how to choose the right type of creators
  • How brands can use community-building to achieve higher engagement and follower growth than industry averages

Watch the Webinar

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from industry experts and learn how to enhance your brand's strategy to outsmart social.

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