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Top UK Influencers To Elevate Your Social Media Advertising Strategy

Elise Ngobi
February 28, 2024
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Brands invest billions of pounds on influencer advertising each year — and they make billions in revenue, too. Brands risk falling behind if they neglect to adopt influencers as part of their advertising strategy. More than half of UK retail marketers reported that influencer marketing boosted brand awareness, online traffic and clicks and direct sales growth. 

Identifying the Right UK Influencers for Your Brand

Identifying the right influencers for your brand and specific campaign is no easy feat — but it can be a lot of fun. Choosing the best influencers means diving deep into your audience — their age, where they live, interests, jobs and more. Beyond this, you’ll need to investigate their niche, engagement rate and audience demographics to ensure they fit your budget and campaign well. Choosing the right influencer partnerships often means increased reach and engagement across social channels. 

In this blog, we discuss:

  • How to find British influencers.
  • Top UK influencers.
  • Key considerations for UK influencer advertising campaigns.
  • UK advertising regulations to know. 

How To Find British Influencers for Your Brand Partnerships

Finding the right British influencers for brand partnerships is a strategic endeavor that can significantly amplify your brand's presence in the UK market. It involves identifying influencers who not only have a substantial following but also align with your brand's values and resonate with your target audience. This process requires a keen understanding of the UK's unique social media landscape, where influencers vary greatly in terms of reach, niche, and engagement styles. By leveraging tools like influencer discovery platforms, monitoring competitor collaborations and understanding audience preferences, brands can effectively navigate this landscape to find influencers who will authentically represent their message and connect with UK consumers.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are rich databases of influencer talent. Brands can start by diving into hashtags and keywords relevant to their industry. For example, a beauty brand might explore tags like #UKFashionBlogger or #BritishBeautyInfluencer to find local creators with a strong presence in that domain. These niche hashtags often lead to a network of influencers, that each have a unique style and audience. Additionally, brands can leverage the search and explore features of these platforms to discover trending influencers. Observing the type of content that gains traction and the influencers who are driving these trends can provide valuable insights into who might be a good fit for the brand.

Another effective strategy is to monitor competitors and see which influencers they are working with. This approach not only reveals influencers who are already open to brand collaborations but also gives you insight into what's working in the industry. Social listening tools can be instrumental in this process, allowing brands to track mentions and tags across various platforms. Engaging with influencer content and your community can offer clues about the influencer's reach and effectiveness. By combining these methods, brands can create a shortlist of potential influencers who align with their brand values and have the capability to authentically engage their target audience. 

Explore LinkedIn

Exploring LinkedIn for influencer partnerships offers a unique avenue for brands, especially those in professional sectors or B2B markets. LinkedIn is home to a plethora of thought leaders, industry experts, and influencers who have built a reputation in their respective fields. Brands can start by identifying influencers who are actively discussing topics relevant to their industry. This can be achieved by searching for keywords and hashtags related to their sector, such as #TechInnovation or #MarketingStrategy. LinkedIn Analytics, like engagement rate, are also great ways to gauge how interested professional influencers are in your content.  

Brands should look at the content these influencers are posting, the discussions they're leading and the kind of engagement they generate. It's also beneficial to review their professional background and network reach. Once a potential influencer is identified, brands can reach out with a tailored message that acknowledges their expertise and proposes a collaboration that aligns with their professional interests. This platform is particularly effective for establishing long-term relationships with influencers who can lend credibility and depth to a brand’s messaging, especially in more niche or specialized markets.

Search Through Hashtag Campaigns

Social media teams can tap into UK-centric hashtag campaigns by conducting targeted searches on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formally Twitter) and TikTok. These hashtags often revolve around specific themes, events, or trends within the UK, making them a goldmine for identifying influencers who are actively engaging with these topics. For instance, a brand in the fashion industry might look for hashtags like #LondonFashionWeek or #UKStreetStyle to find influencers who are participating in these campaigns to boost their visibility. By monitoring (and participating in) these campaigns and hashtags when relevant, social teams can discover new influencers and gain insights into the types of content that resonate with UK audiences. This approach aligns with influencers who are popular, relevant and engaged with your brand's target demographic.

Utilize Influencer Marketing Platforms

Dash Hudson’s Relationships and Creator Discovery feature gives social teams the tools to source potential influencer partnerships and analyze the impact of influencer marketing campaigns. This includes analytics on engagement rates, audience demographics and the overall effectiveness of influencer partnerships. By leveraging this data, brands can make informed decisions about which influencers to partner with and how to optimize their influencer marketing strategies for better engagement and ROI.

Engage With Influencer Agencies

There are many UK agencies that specialize in connecting brands with the right influencers. These specialized agencies serve as vital connectors between brands and influencers, offering expertise in identifying the right influencer partnerships that align with a brand's campaign goals and marketing budget. By leveraging their extensive networks and deep understanding of the influencer ecosystem, these agencies can streamline the process of finding influencers. Influencers who have the desired reach and audience demographics that also resonate with the brand's values and messaging. This collaboration ensures a more targeted and effective influencer strategy, saving social teams time and resources while maximizing their campaigns' impact.

Monitor Competitor Collaborations

Monitoring competitor collaborations is a strategic move for social teams to source influencer partnerships. By keeping a close watch on competitors' social media activities, brands can gain valuable insights into which influencers are currently engaged in the industry and are open to partnerships. Observing these collaborations offers a clear indication of influencers who have experience relevant to your sector but also possess the capability to effectively engage with your target audience. 

Additionally, reviewing the list of influencers that competitors follow can serve as a rich source of potential influencer partners. This approach helps you identify influencers who are already vetted and proven in the industry and aids your team’s understanding of the types of influencer relationships and content strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Listen to Your Audience

Understanding and listening to your audience is a crucial part of a healthy community management strategy and sourcing the right influencer partnerships — this ensures that the influencers you collaborate with genuinely resonate with your target demographic. Your audience's preferences, interests and behaviors are key indicators of which content and personalities they’re most likely to engage with. By analyzing audience feedback, social media comments from your community and engagement patterns, you can gain insights into the influencers they already follow and trust. An influencer who shares your audience's values and interests is more likely to create content that feels authentic and relevant, leading to higher engagement rates. Furthermore, understanding your audience helps avoid mismatches that can lead to ineffective campaigns or, worse, damage your brand's reputation. In essence, the right influencer partnership, informed by a deep understanding of your audience, can significantly amplify your brand's message and foster stronger connections with your customers.

By adopting a mix of these strategies, you can uncover a wealth of UK influencers eager to collaborate with brands that share their ethos and appeal to their followers. Remember, the key to a successful partnership lies in finding influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and whose values resonate with your brand's identity.

Top UK Influencers in 2024

Doing the research to discover influencers who truly resonate with your audience often yields better results than simply chasing the biggest names in the UK influencer space. A strategic approach, focused on alignment and connection rather than sheer follower count, can significantly amplify your brand's impact. If you've explored the strategies outlined above but find yourself seeking a spark of inspiration or a nudge in the right direction, consider exploring some of these leading influencers in the UK.

Top Beauty and Fashion Influencer in the UK

Britain offers a vibrant scene of fashion influencers who set trends and captivate audiences. We spotlight the top British fashion influencers and UK beauty influencers who are influencing style choices and helping to shape both industries. 

1. Jim Chapman (@jimchapman

  • Instagram follower size: 2.5 million

Jim Chapman is a prominent figure on Instagram. His profile is a blend of personal lifestyle content, men’s fashion and glimpses into his daily activities, appealing to a wide range of followers.

man holding up cocktail
Image credit: @jimchapman

 2. Lillie Lexie (@lillielexie

  • Instagram follower size: 511K

Lillie Lexie's Instagram profile showcases a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content. Her engaging posts and active following make her a notable influencer in these niches.

woman showing off outfit
Image credit: @lillielexie

 3. Carys Whittaker (@carys.whittaker)

  • Instagram follower size: 1 million

Carys Whittaker's profile focuses on lifestyle, fashion and motherhood. Her content resonates well with audiences interested in family life and fashion.

woman in white skirt and black top posing
Image credit: @carys.whittaker

4. Habiba da Silva (@lifelongpercussion

  • Instagram follower size: 839K

Habiba da Silva is known for her beauty and fashion content. Her profile reflects a strong sense of style and has a significant influence in the beauty community.

woman posing for safari
Image credit: @lifelongpercussion

5. Molly Mae (@mollymae

  • Instagram follower size: 7.9 million

Molly Mae's profile is a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and her role as a businesswoman. Her high-profile presence makes her a key influencer in these areas.

girl posing with horse
Image credit: @mollymae

6. Gigi Beauty (@gsterl

Instagram follower size: 256K

Gigi Beauty focuses on beauty and fitness. Her profile showcases a range of beauty tips, product reviews and fitness-related content.

woman applying brown lipliner
Image credit: @gsterl

7. Lydia Rose (@fashioninflux)

  • Instagram follower size: 2.6 million

Lydia Rose is a fashion influencer known for her trendy and accessible fashion content, making her profile a go-to for fashion enthusiasts.

woman showing how to tie sweater knot
Image credit: @fashioninflux

 8. Olivia Yang (@olafflee)

  • Instagram follower size: 2.2 million 

Olivia Yang's Instagram profile is centered around lifestyle and fashion, offering a mix of personal style and daily life content.

woman drying hair in mirror
Image credit: @olafflee

9. Alice XT (@alicext

  • Instagram follower size: 619K

Alice is a UK-based beauty influencer whose feed is full of close-up beauty shots and in-depth tutorials in bite-sized lengths — she often incorporates a mix of high-end and highstreet products, which appeals to a range of beauty users and budgets.

makeup close up
Image credit: @alicext

10. Bambi (@bambidoesbeauty)

  • Instagram follower size: 529K 

Bambi's profile focuses on skincare, showcasing a 'less is more' approach to beauty and skincare, appealing to followers interested in natural beauty trends.

woman steaming face and wearing face mask
Image credit: @bambidoesbeauty

Best UK Fitness Influencers

Brittan is home to some of the most inspiring and influential fitness and wellness influencers. Fitness influencers in the UK offer a wide range of expertise from high-intensity workouts and yoga to nutrition and wellness, making UK fitness influencers a go-to sources for anyone looking to embark on or enhance their fitness journey. 

1. Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach

Instagram follower size: 4.7 million

Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach, has a massive following of close to 5 million. His profile is a mix of fitness workouts, healthy recipes and personal life snippets, making him a go-to source for fitness enthusiasts.

Image credit: @thebodycoach

2. Lucy Haldon (@lucydavis_fit)

  • Instagram follower size: 672K

Lucy Davis’s account focuses on fitness and health. Her profile features workout routines, fitness tips and motivational content, appealing to those looking for a no-nonsense approach to fitness.

woman crossing marathon finish line
Image credit: @lucydavis_fit

 3. Alive Liveing (@aliceliveing)

  • Instagram follower size: 681K

Alice Liveing's profile is dedicated to fitness and wellness. She shares workout tips, healthy eating advice, and personal journey stories, resonating with a health-conscious audience.

woman walking toward chair
Image credit: @aliceliveing

4. Matt Morsia (@mattdoesfitness

  • Instagram follower size: 1.1 million

Matt Morsia's profile is a mix of fitness, lifestyle and humor. With a strong following, he shares workout routines, diet plans and personal life updates, appealing to a broad audience interested in fitness and health.

woman in gym
Image credit: @mattdoesfitness

5. Meggan Kirkland (@meggangrubb)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.3 million

Meggan Grubb’s account focuses on fitness, fashion, beauty and being a new mum. Her profile is a blend of workout routines, fashion tips and beauty advice, catering to a young, style-conscious audience.

woman meal prepping
Image credit: @meggangrubb

6. James Smith (@jamessmithpt)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.3 million

James Smith is known for his straightforward approach to fitness and nutrition. His profile includes fitness advice, personal opinions and motivational content. He also repurposes content from places like podcasts to enhance his content’s reach. 

man talking about food
Image credit: @jamessmithpt

7. Gabby Dawn Allen (@Gabbydawnallen)

  • Instagram follower size: 1 million

Gabby Allen's profile showcases her journey in fitness and health. She shares interesting snippets from her content, workout routines, healthy recipes and lifestyle content.

woman working out
Image credit: @Gabbydawnallen

8. Courtney Black (@Courtneydblack)

  • Instagram follower size: 838K

Courtney Black’s Instagram offers home workouts and healthy recipes. Her profile is a resource for those looking to stay fit and eat healthily at home.

woman playing tennis
Image credit: @Courtneydblack

9. Adam Collard (@adamcollard)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.1 million

Adam Collard shares content focused on fitness, lifestyle and his personal journey, appealing to those interested in fitness and personal development.

man in gym sitting among weights
Image credit: @adamcollard

10. Gemma Atkinson (@glouiseatkinson)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.9 million

Gemma Atkinson shares content related to fitness, motherhood and her work as a radio host. Her Instagram account offers a blend of personal and professional insights.

woman in kitchen making pancakes
Image credit: @glouiseatkinson

Top Food Influencers in the UK

England’s food scene is as diverse as it is delicious, and this is reflected in the array of top food influencers in the UK who are shaping the way we cook, eat and think about food. From the comforting home-cooked meals to the art of vegan cooking, these influencers bring a mix of culinary skills, creative recipes and engaging content to their followers. These UK food influencers not only inspire with their mouth-watering dishes but also provide insights into the latest social media food trends, healthy eating and the joy of cooking.

1. Matt Adlard (@mattadlard)

  • Instagram follower size: 1 million

Matt Adlard is a self-taught pastry chef and best-selling author known for his online baking classes. His Instagram profile showcases a variety of baking recipes and tutorials, appealing to both novice and experienced bakers. With a significant following, Matt Adlard's content is centered around his passion for baking, offering insights and tips to his audience, along with links to his online classes and recipes. His profile is a blend of instructional content, personal baking journey and engaging visuals of his baked creations.

Image credit: @mattadlard

2. Nigel K. Kabvina (@simplyni_)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.2 million

Nigel K. Kabvina’s profile is a vibrant mix of culinary creations, showcasing his skills and passion for cooking. Nigel's content often includes visually appealing and appetizing dishes, highlighting his journey in learning to cook and mixology. His posts are not just about food but also about storytelling, adding a personal touch that resonates with his audience. This combination of culinary art and personal narrative makes his profile a delightful and engaging destination for food enthusiasts and those interested in the art of cooking and mixology.

man making cocktail in kitchen
Image credit: @simplyni_

3. Bo’s Kitchen (

  • Instagram follower size: 202K

Bo's Kitchen is a haven for those passionate about plant-based cooking. Their account is dedicated to vegan recipe development and is filled with a variety of plant-based treats. As an author, Bo shares visually appealing and delicious vegan recipes and promotes their cookbook, offering a more in-depth exploration of vegan cuisine. The content is a blend of colorful, healthy dishes that are both appealing and inspiring, making it an excellent resource for vegans and anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet. 

chocolate covered raspberries
Image credit:

4. Nigella Lawson (@nigellalawson)

  • Instagram follower size: 3 million

Nigella Lawson, a Food Network personality, is also known for her social presence where she shares tips, recipes and other kitchen insights straight from her home. Followers can expect to see visually appealing and appetizing dishes, highlighting her journey in the culinary world. Her posts expertly use storytelling to add a personal touch that resonates with her audience. This combination of culinary art and personal narrative makes her profile an engaging destination for food enthusiasts and those interested in the art of cooking.

nigella lawson in kitchen
Image credit: @nigellalawson

5. Shelina Permalloo (@shelinacooks)

  • Instagram follower size: 317K

Shelina Permalloo presents a delightful array of family-friendly recipes with up-close, mouthwatering visuals while making home cooking accessible and enjoyable for everyone. As a single mother, chef and cookbook author, her profile is a testament to her culinary expertise and her journey as a winner of MasterChef UK. Her Instagram feed is filled with a variety of easy-to-make recipes, showcasing her passion for cooking and her ability to simplify complex dishes. Shelina's content is not just about food — it's a reflection of her life as a mother and a professional chef, which offers a personal touch that resonates with her followers.

stack of strawberry pancakes
Image credit: @shelinacooks

6. Holly Jade (@thelittleblogofvegan

  • Instagram follower size: 732K

Holly Jade's Instagram profile is a delightful showcase of vegan baking and recipe creation featuring a wide range of vegan baking recipes. Holly Jade also promotes her cookbook, offering her followers a comprehensive guide to vegan baking. Her profile is filled with visually appealing and delicious vegan treats, making it a great source of inspiration for those interested in vegan baking.

mini egg haystacks
Image credit: @thelittleblogofvegan

7. Emily Leary (@amummytoo

  • Instagram follower size: 37.9K

Emily Leary is an award-winning food writer and cookbook author. Her profile is a delightful mix of chef-quality recipes and family-friendly cooking. Emily's content is centered around creating delicious, accessible recipes for both parents and children, showcasing her culinary skills and passion for food. Her Instagram feed features a variety of dishes, cooking tips and insights into her life as a chef and food writer. Emily's approachable and engaging style makes her account great for those looking for inspiration in the kitchen, especially for family meals and kid-friendly cooking ideas.

homemade poptsrts
Image credit: @amummytoo

8. Christy Lam (@the_lazyfoodie

  • Instagram follower size: 267K

Christy Lam's Instagram profile is a mix of food and lifestyle content, showcasing her culinary adventures. Christy's content is centered around finding the most delicious and visually appealing dishes, with a focus on enjoying the pleasures of food and life.

spread of baked goods
Image credit: @the_lazyfoodie

9. Antoina Parker (@antoninaparker

  • Instagram follower size: 114K

Antoina Parker’s profile is a blend of her work as a chef and author, with a focus on flavorful and saucy dishes. Antonia’s profile uses her distinct visual style, incorporating her ‘handwriting’ and illustrations on recipe Reel covers to create a visual ‘feast’ for the eyes. Antoina shares a variety of recipes and cooking content, showcasing her culinary skills and passion for food.

eggs and greens
Image credit: @antoninaparker

10. Cupcake Jemma (@CupcakeJemma

  • Subscribers: 2.46 million

CupcakeJemma's YouTube channel is a great destination for anyone passionate about baking and sweet treats. She features a variety of baking tutorials, recipes and tips focused on cupcakes and other baked goods. Viewers can find engaging and informative videos that demonstrate how to create delicious cupcakes and provide a mix of instructional content, creative baking inspiration and personal insights from Jemma, making it a go-to resource for both novice and experienced bakers looking to enhance their baking skills.

cupcake jemma
Image credit: @CupcakeJemma

Leading Family Influencers in the UK

Family influencers in the UK offer genuine portrayals of family life. These influencers, often affectionately referred to as ‘mum influencers’ in the UK, offer relatable insights into parenting, home management and family adventures, connecting with audiences across the United Kingdom. 

1. Zoe Sugg (@zoesugg)

  • Instagram follower size: 9.2 million

Zoe Sugg, a well-known influencer, offers content that spans across various industries, including beauty, lifestyle and her business ventures, making her profile diverse and widely appealing. Sugg benefits from a young fanbase who has grown and matured with her, proving that a creator can indulge in multiple niches effectively.  

zoe sugg walking stroller
Image credit: @zoesugg

2. Louise Pentland (@louisepentland

  • Instagram follower size: 3.8 million

Louise Pentland is a prominent content creator and a Times #1 Best Selling Author. Pentland’s longtime followers might recognize the name ‘Baby Glitter’ — her Instagram profile showcases a grown-up ‘Baby Glitter’, plus a glimpse at her growing family, a blend of her personal life and her experiences as a columnist for Hello Magazine. With a focus on creating a joyful year in 2024, her content is uplifting and engaging, sharing various aspects of her life and work. As an original content creator, Louise's profile includes a mix of lifestyle, family moments and insights into her writing and creative processes, which appeals to a wide audience interested in lifestyle and personal development content. 

family among white trees
Image credit: @louisepentland

3. Dani Dyer (@danidyerxx)

  • Instagram follower size: 3.7 million

Dani Dyer's profile has a substantial following — her profile includes aspects of her personal life, fashion and her experiences as a mother.

woman holding baby standing by stroller
Image credit: @danidyerxx

4. Ferne McCann (@fernemccann)

  • Instagram follower size: 2.9 million

Ferne McCann's profile features lifestyle content, along with insights into her personal life and her ventures in health and fitness. She also shares snippets from videos and podcast’s she’s guest-starred on, like the example below. 

woman talking on podcast
Image credit: @fernemccann

5. Anna Sacconne (@annasaccone)

  • Instagram follower size: 1.4 million

Anna Saccone's Instagram profile represents diverse families, showcasing her life and journey as a transgender mother. Saccone’s profile also includes content related to daily family life, fashion and her personal experiences.

family holding hands and walking
Image credit: @annasaccone

6. Billie Shepherd (@billieshepherdofficial)

  • Instagram follower size: 2.7 million

Billie Shepherd's profile showcases her family life, personal experiences and the outfits she wears in her day-to-day. You can find interesting snippets from her podcast, The Sam and Billie Show, brand collaborations and snippets from their ITVX television show, Billie & Greg, The Family Diaries.

family holding hands
Image credit: @billieshepherdofficial

7. Jessica Rose (@jessica_rose_uk

  • Instagram follower size: 1 million

Jessica Rose's profile features content related to fashion, lifestyle and beauty, along with her parenthood journey. Rose’s profile features a neutral color palette and minimal posts of her children, focusing on her journey as a parent rather than her children’s experiences. 

woman holding baby
Image credit: @jessica_rose_uk

8. Izzy Judd (@mrs_izzyjudd)

  • Instagram follower size: 309K

Izzy Judd's profile includes content about her family life, personal experiences and her career as a violinist. Her profile is a must-follow if you have a musically inclined family. 

wall mural
Image credit: @mrs_izzyjudd

9. Anna Whitehouse (@mother_pukka)

  • Instagram follower size: 414K

Anna Whitehouse's profile focuses on family life, parenting and content related to work-life balance and advocacy. She touches on tough topics like returning to work after maternity leave and the challenges of balancing a robust career and family. Her profile also makes minimal use of direct photos of her children, making creative use of angles to give her children privacy. 

woman filming podcast
Image credit: @mother_pukka

10. Jacqueline Osborne (@jacjossa)

  • Instagram follower size: 3.6 million

Jacqueline Osborne's profile includes a mix of lifestyle, selfies and family life. Not only does she share inspiration for events like children’s parties, but glimpses of the outfits she wears while raising her busy family. 

Image credit: @jacjossa

11. Jools Oliver (@joolsoliver)

  • Instagram follower size: 563K

​​Jools Oliver's profile features content about her family life, personal experiences and her work as a designer. Featuring older children, this is a great account to follow if you have children in different stages of life. 

woman hugging daughter
Image credit: @joolsoliver

12. The Travel Mum (@thetravelmum

  • TikTok follower size: 392.8K

The Travel Mum balances a focus of travel and parenthood content — her profile includes posts about family-friendly travel, tips for travelling with children and personal travel experiences. This is a great source of knowledge for any parent looking to plan travel for their entire brood. 

pool resort
Image credit: @thetravelmum

Best UK Travel Influencers

Take a trip through some of the best UK travel influencers’ accounts — these accounts aim to inspire your future journeys. Can’t travel? From the lush, rolling hills of the countryside to bustling city streets, these influencers capture the essence of British travel and beyond through stunning photography, engaging stories and invaluable tips.

1. Hand Luggage Only (@handluggageonly

  • Instagram follower size: 307K

Hand Luggage Only’s account offers a rich tapestry of travel experiences, showcasing a variety of destinations and travel tips. The content is likely to include stunning photography and engaging stories from around the world, appealing to avid travelers and adventure seekers.

beach landscape
Image credit: @handluggageonly

2. Alicia Cooper (@thechaosdiaries)

  • Instagram follower size: 259K

Alicia Cooper's profile focuses on travel blogging and photography, offering itineraries, travel tips, and showcasing magical places. Her content is likely to be a source of inspiration and information for those planning their travels, especially in the UK.

Image credit: @thechaosdiaries

3. Tonia Hope (@toniahope_)

  • Instagram follower size: 154K

Tonia Hope, a travel content creator, shares her global experiences and adventures. Her profile includes a mix of travel inspiration, tips and personal insights, appealing to those looking for authentic travel experiences.

outdoor cabana
Image credit: @toniahope_

4. Big World Small Pockets (@bigworldsmallpockets)

  • Instagram follower size: 47.8K

With a focus on affordable travel, Big World Small Pickets offers expert hacks and tips for budget-friendly adventures. The content is a mix of travel guides, destination highlights, and practical advice for economical travel.

woman in georgia
Image credit: @bigworldsmallpockets

5. Jade Hill (@jade_lostinbeauty_)

  • Instagram follower size: 112K

Jade Hill's profile is centered around capturing the beauty of travel, hotels, food, and adventures. Based in London, her content includes a mix of travel experiences, culinary explorations, and lifestyle insights.

Image credit: @jade_lostinbeauty_

6. Natalie Raymond (@mygreatescapes)

  • Instagram follower size: 210K

Natalie Raymond's profile focuses on travel, lifestyle, hotels, and getaways. As the founder of related travel platforms, her content is likely to include a variety of travel guides and insights into luxurious and unique travel experiences.

lake como
Image credit: @mygreatescapes

7. Kelsey Heinrichs (@kelseyinlondon)

  • Instagram follower size: 540K

Kelsey Heinrichs' profile is a blend of travel guides, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and lifestyle content. Based in London, her profile offers a mix of local insights and global travel experiences.

Image credit: @kelseyinlondon

8. Alex and James Lock (@twosometravellers)

  • Instagram follower size: 303K

This profile is focused on couple's travel adventures. Alex and James Lock's content includes a variety of travel inspirations, guides, and tips for travelling as a duo.

view of ocean from plane
Image credit: @twosometravellers

9. Live the Dash (@live_thedash)

  • TikTok follower size: 220.8K

Live the Dash’s TikTok account is great if you’re interested in travelling hacks or experiments, like this example below where they test whether or not you can shower on a Ryanair flight. Overall, their profile includes a mix of travel ideas, experiences and tips to make travelling easier and more impactful.

man in airplane bathroom
Image credit: @live_thedash

10. Suitcase Monkey (@SuitcaseMonkey)

  • YouTube follower size: 308K 

Suitcase Monkey offers a glimpse into the world of travel through their engaging and visually appealing videos. Showcasing their diverse travel experiences. This profile features a mix of urban explorations, scenic landscapes and cultural insights. Followers can expect a blend of stunning videos, travel tips and personal anecdotes that bring destinations to life. 

boat sailing through ocean
Image credit: @SuitcaseMonkey

Key Considerations for UK Influencer Advertising Campaigns

There are many regulations and advertising standards brands must keep in mind when creating ads — while this can make navigating influencer partnerships murky for brands, these regulations stand to make the advertising landscape fairer for brands and consumers. The implementation of advertising regulations surrounding how influencers post paid or sponsored content has completely shifted influencer marketing not just in the UK, but globally. 

Word-of-mouth is every marketer’s dream. What’s better than your loyal customers doing the promoting for you? Not much, given that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over any other type of advertising. But what about when brands pay or incentivise Instagram users with large audiences (AKA influencers) for what looks and feels like organic word of mouth, but is, in reality, an advertisement? 

There’s no doubt that working with influencers can help you reach new audiences, drive brand awareness and increase products sales. And while the ongoing debate surrounding authenticity and consumer sentiment burns on, there is one vital aspect that is not up for debate — advertising regulations.

We’ve brought together the rules and regulations that govern paid partnerships in the UK, so you can make sure that while you’re nailing your KPIs, you’re also playing by the rules.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

The ASA is the group that oversees advertising standards in the UK. It operates independently to ensure that all UK ads follow specific rules known as ‘The Advertising Codes,’ which are set by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). CAP works closely with the ASA and focuses on making sure all UK ads are responsible.

ASA influencer guidelines exist for influencers and brands. It's important for brands to understand and follow these rules to make sure their collaborations are within legal limits.

This is why influencers are now required to follow ASA guidelines and must use a visible and prominent reference — using “#ad” as a necessary minimum — to let viewers know that a piece of content has been paid for and is an advert. While #ad is the minimum expected from influencers posting on behalf of a brand, Instagram makes it simple for influencers to let their followers know what they’re getting paid for with the Paid Partnership tool. Social teams should be mindful to upload or edit promotional content on YouTube with a Paid Partnership label — when uploading, there’s an option to select ‘My video contains paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship, or endorsement’.  The ‘#sponsored’ or ‘#ad’ hashtags are also often used on YouTube and Instagram. Brands can also share TikTok videos with a ‘Paid Partnership’ label to let their audience know they’re sharing sponsored content. 

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA)

The CMA is a government department that works to make sure competition is fair for consumers, both in the UK and internationally. They look into companies, whole markets, and any unfair competition, and they also offer rules on how influencers should advertise products.

Just like the ASA, the CMA's rules help influencers understand what they need to do when they're paid to promote something. This includes any type of payment, like money, free products, or services, no matter if the influencer asked for it or received it unexpectedly.

These regulations and guidelines exist to protect consumers, and as a brand, your customers are likely at the heart of everything you do. When gifting, paying, or rewarding influencers to promote your product, it should be a best practice to ensure that your partners are labeling their posts in line with the rules.

While brands must do everything they can to ensure their promotional content is labeled correctly, ultimately, the final responsibility lies with the influencer. It’s the influencer who writes the caption, chooses whether or not they include #ad or use the Paid Partnership feature and hits post. That said, brands entering into contractual agreements can make this a requirement, ensuring that any sponsored content is labeled correctly. However, as the industry continues to grow and these relationships become more sophisticated, brands and influencers will have to work together and overcome their fear of #ad, in order to keep their customers in the know.

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