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Top 30 Fitness and Sports Influencers

Owen Pauli
June 7, 2024
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green vector image representing fitness influencers on tiktok, youtube and instagram

The fitness community is among the biggest on social media — unique personalities in health, nutrition and sports leverage their insights, opinions and humor to bring their unique flair to social media and attract people from all fitness levels.

This space also lets brands connect with influencers and personalities on social, as the fitness industry is prime for collaborations with equipment, fashion, supplement brands and more. 

What Are Fitness Influencers?

Fitness influencers on social media are popular figures who share fitness, health and wellness content primarily on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

They provide workout routines, dietary advice, motivational content and personal fitness journeys, ultimately building a community and loyal following. These influencers educate and motivate their audience by offering practical fitness advice and showcasing their progress. 

They often collaborate with brands to promote fitness-related products through collab posts and sponsored posts, benefiting both parties. Fitness influencers make fitness more accessible and relatable, creating a supportive community for their followers.

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Instagram is one of the biggest spaces for influencers to build their communities on social media. The platform's visual nature and large audience base allow influencers to showcase their content effectively, engage with followers and grow their influence through authentic and visually appealing posts. To understand the key performance indicators specific to fitness influencers, check out our guide on Instagram KPIs for fitness.

The following data was taken from over 7,000 brands from January 1, 2024, to May 5, 2024. Overall, Instagram's average engagement rate is 0.54%, while the average follower growth rate is 3.54%. These influencers are sorted by highest to lowest engagement. 

1. Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

  • Followers: 2.8M
  • Follower growth rate: 7.98% 
  • Engagement rate: 5.44%

Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates, has built an engaged community by sharing content related to her vibrant Pilates workout plans, motivational content, effective fitness routines, nutrition advice and body positivity messages. Her engagement rate has far exceeded the average — a 907% increase — while she’s built an impressive following of 2.8 million fans. 

Cassey Ho succeeds on Instagram through authentic engagement, high-quality content and consistent posting. Cassey's personal storytelling, educational fitness tips and interaction with followers help build a strong community, while clear branding and strategic collaborations enhance reach.

woman working in front of computer
Image credit: @blogilates

2. Sascha Barboza (@saschafitness)

  • Followers: 5.6M
  • Follower growth rate: 1.24%
  • Engagement rate: 3.04%

Sascha Barboza has grown her Instagram following through down-to-earth and relatable content that includes effective workout routines, nutritional advice, motivational content and sharing glimpses from her personal life and family. 

Sascha’s feed stands out for its combination of fitness expertise, relatable content on motherhood and entrepreneurial success from her nutritional supplement line. Her engaging personality and dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle have earned her a loyal and diverse global following. She recently released a new cookbook, Las recetas. 

woman doing leg exercises in gym
Image credit: @saschafitness

3. Andrei Deiu (@andreideiu_)

  • Followers: 6.1M
  • Follower growth rate: -1.08%
  • Engagement rate: 2.44%

Andrei Deiu is a competitive bodybuilder and influencer. He also owns the clothing brand STRUTT and the supplement company ProSupps. Andrei shares a variety of workout routines, nutrition tips and personal fitness insights with his extensive follower base. Despite his slower follower growth, his audience engagement far surpasses the industry average, proving that his content resonates with his over 6 million followers.  

His engaging and relatable personality has earned him a loyal and growing audience. Deiu’s feed is notable for its commitment to aesthetics, personal transformation and before-and-after visuals.

man talking to camera standing in gym
Image credit: @andreideiu_

4. Senada Greca (@senada.greca)   

  • Followers: 5.4M
  • Follower growth rate: 0%
  • Engagement rate: 0.99%

Senada Greca, MBA, is a popular Instagram fitness influencer and founder of the app WeRise and the clothing line ZENTOA. Greca is also a certified yoga instructor with a sports background in basketball, rugby and competitive bodybuilding.

Her approach to fitness emphasizes making exercise enjoyable and sustainable, incorporating novel workouts that maintain long-term engagement. This impacts Lewin’s engagement rate, earning her an 83% increase compared to the 0.54% industry average. She has also recently shared content related to her trip to Bali, incorporating travel Instagram content into her mainly fitness-related feed.

woman making protein chocolate bark
Image credit: @senada.grec

5. Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin)

  • Followers: 16.1M
  • Follower growth rate: 0%
  • Engagement rate: 0.55%

Michelle Lewin is a standout fitness influencer and model known for her impressive physique and transition from modeling in Venezuela to fitness. Her engaging personality and relatable content have earned her millions of followers and a slightly higher-than-average engagement rate. 

Michelle shares diverse workout routines, nutrition tips and lifestyle advice, which make fitness accessible and inspiring. She also highlights her family and journey through pregnancy on her feed, which provides a personal touch that resonates with many. By releasing her fitness programs and collaborating with major brands, she has solidified her status as a leading figure in the industry. Her unique journey and charismatic approach make her a beloved fitness icon.

woman doing leg curls in gym
Image credit: @michelle_lewin

6. Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach)

  • Followers: 4.7M
  • Follower growth rate: 1.02%
  • Engagement rate: 0.36%

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is on a mission to ‘make the world fitter, happier and healthier,’ per his Instagram bio. 

He gained widespread popularity through his YouTube channel and social media platforms, where he shares accessible fitness content, including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts and many nutritious recipes. He is also the accomplished author of several best-selling cookbooks and fitness guides, and he has inspired many to lead healthier, more active lives.

Wick’s Instagram strategy stands out for its mix of high-energy content, consistent posting and authentic engagement. Wick shares a great mix of live workouts, nutrition advice and motivational messages to connect with his audience. At the same time, community-based marketing, like Q&A sessions and fitness challenges, helps connect with his followers and earn new ones.

stack of date bars
Image credit: @thebodycoach

7. Kerly Ruiz (@kerlyruiz85

  • Followers: 4.9M
  • Follower growth rate: -2.36%
  • Engagement rate: 0.34%

Kerly Ruiz is a Venezuelan fitness influencer recognized for her roles as a TV host, actress and model. Her social media platforms, boasting millions of followers, showcase her dedication to fitness through workout routines and nutritional tips, reflecting her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Although Ruiz has lost some followers in 2024, Ruiz isn’t far behind the average engagement rate of 0.54%. What’s more, losing Instagram followers isn’t necessarily a bad thing — this could mean inactive or ghost followers have unfollowed or even that bots have been removed, which typically leads to better engagement. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Kerly's personal life, including her role as a mother, is prominently featured in her feed and social media channels. This blend of personal and professional content makes her a relatable and influential figure to her extensive online audience, inspiring them with her career moves and fitness journey.

fitness influencer on magazine cover
Image credit: @kerlyruiz85

8. Yanet Garcia (@iamyanetgarcia)

  • Followers: 14.6M
  • Follower growth rate: -1.16%
  • Engagement rate: 0.22%

Yanet Garcia is a popular fitness influencer and model on Instagram who initially gained a following as a weather presenter in Mexico. She later transitioned to fitness, sharing workout routines and healthy lifestyle advice with millions of followers. 

Yanet's posts often feature her fitness journey, personal milestones and motivational messages, inspiring her audience to pursue their health goals. Her visually appealing posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her fitness routine and daily activities create a strong, relatable connection with her audience. Yanet's strategic use of motivational messages and consistent engagement with her followers further enhance her influence and reach.

two women in fitness apparel posing in gym
Image credit: @iamyanetgarcia

9. Jen Selter (@jenselter)

  • Followers: 13.9M
  • Follower growth rate: -1.35%
  • Engagement rate: 0.04%

Jen Selter shares recipes, workouts and advice with her large Instagram follower base. As an early entrant into the fitness influencer space, Jen considers herself an ‘OG Influencer,’ as her bio says. Her dedication and long-term commitment have built her a sizeable and devoted fanbase.

She has collaborated with numerous fitness brands and is featured in various fitness publications. Jen's engaging content ranges from nutritious recipes to workout fit checks while promoting a healthy lifestyle — this mix of content has earned her loyal and enthusiastic followers.

woman in workout clothes making a smoothie
Image credit: @jenselter

10. Ulissesworld (@ulissesworld)

  • Followers: 8.6M
  • Follower growth rate: -1.21%
  • Engagement rate: 0%

Ulisses World is a fitness influencer and bodybuilder who has grown his following to an impressive 8.6 million followers through his engaging videos on workout routines, instructional videos on proper form and posture and his personal fitness journey.

Known for his detailed and effective training programs, Ulisses collaborates with major fitness brands and offers personalized coaching. His high-quality visuals and motivational posts show the results of his hard work and dedication, providing great ‘proof’ of his fitness tips. Despite his slower follower growth rate and engagement rate, this creator posts consistently without losing followers. 

man lifting heavy weight in gym
Image credit: @ulissesworld

YouTube Fitness Influencers

YouTube is a naturally attractive platform for fitness influencers to find and build their community. The video format and global reach of YouTube allow influencers to effectively demonstrate exercises, explain complex health topics in an understandable way and share personal stories that resonate with their viewers, fostering a sense of connection and accountability among their followers.

Additionally, YouTube has recently emerged as a major search engine, often utilized by users to find and learn through visual, dynamic content across various topics. YouTube influencers often take advantage of YouTube’s platform for long-form content, sharing longer video lengths by posting complete workout tutorials and other content on their channels. These YouTube fitness influencers are organized by highest to lowest subscribers. 

1. Chloe Ting (@ChloeTing)

  • Subscribers: 25.2M

Chloe Ting is a personal trainer and fitness influencer from Melbourne, Australia. Chloe has achieved significant recognition in the fitness community, with her channel amassing over 24 million subscribers. She aims to make fitness accessible to all by providing free workout programs and dietary advice. Her efforts have earned her several awards, including the YouTube Streamy Award for Health & Wellness in 2020. 

Ting’s YouTube strategy stands out for its accessible and well-structured workout programs that cater to a broad audience, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. Her engaging and friendly demeanor, clear instructions and visual demonstrations make her content easy to follow for all fitness levels, enhancing her reach and broadening her audience.

chloe ting talking about breakfast
Image credit: @ChloeTing

2. Adriene (@yogawithadriene

  • Subscribers: 12.7M

Adriene Mishler, known on YouTube as Yoga with Adriene, is known for her warm, approachable teaching style and emphasis on making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. Mishler’s YouTube strategy is effective due to her inclusive yoga sessions and her calming and nurturing teaching style, which fosters an engaged audience that seeks physical and mental wellness.  

Overall, Mishler provides a wide variety of yoga practices, from beginner to advanced, often incorporating themes of self-care, mindfulness and mental well-being. Most notable is her ‘30-days of yoga’ series, which brings users back every year to start their year off with wellness in mind.

yoga with adriene sitting in studio
Image credit: @yogawithadriene

3. Pamela Reif (@PamelaRf1)

  • Subscribers: 9.89M

Pamela Reif is a German fitness model, social media influencer and author renowned for her effective workout videos, healthy recipes and lifestyle content. She gained popularity through her engaging fitness routines, which often require minimal equipment and can be done at home. 

Pamela sets herself apart from other fitness YouTubers with her highly polished and professional video production, emphasis on short, intense — but convenient — workouts and holistic approach to health, including nutrition and mental well-being. Additionally, her various programs cater to different fitness levels and goals, making her content accessible to a broad audience.

woman laying on yoga mat doing workout tutorial
Image credit: @PamelaRf1

4. Emi Wong (@emiwong)

  • Subscribers: 6.67M

Emi Wong is a certified personal trainer based in Hong Kong who has been active on YouTube since April 2017.

On her website, she writes that she experienced a transformative shift from an unhealthy lifestyle of partying and drinking to becoming a passionate advocate for health and fitness. 

Emi's approachable style and the effectiveness of her workout programs have garnered her a substantial following and high engagement on her platform.

woman in coral workout set youtube screenshot
Image credit: @emiwong

5. Simeon Panda (@SimeonPanda)

  • Subscribers: 2.8M

Simeon Panda is a prominent bodybuilder and YouTube fitness influencer community member. Simeon's training philosophy emphasizes consistency, hard work and the importance of diet in achieving physical goals.

His YouTube strategy includes a combination of comprehensive workout tutorials and in-depth fitness education, which provide valuable insights to viewers. His charismatic personality and high-quality production values make his content engaging and professional. 

Beyond the gym, Simeon runs his own fitness apparel line, Just Lift, and offers online training programs for a range of fitness goals.

man in gym by equipment sharing workout tips youtube
Image credit: @SimeonPanda

6. Nicole (@movewithnicole)

  • Subscribers: 2.8M

Nicole is a former certified pilates and yoga instructor based in Thailand. In her profile, she writes, “I have always had a passion for movement and I love being able to share that passion with others.”

To that end, her content focuses on full-body workouts, incorporating styles like Pilates and yoga to make fitness accessible to everyone. Nicole uploads new workouts weekly and emphasizes that no equipment is needed for most of her routines, making them ideal for home fitness. These no-equipment pilates and barre workouts are a great way to fill a niche in the fitness community that often relies on and promotes gyms, weights and other equipment.

woman in cow yoga position
Image credit: @movewithnicole

7. Chris Heria (@chrisheria)

  • Subscribers: 4.98M

Chris Heria is a prominent fitness YouTuber known for his calisthenics and bodyweight training videos. His YouTube strategy is effective for his personality and niche focus on calisthenics, which is a great way to capture users searching for this specific term. Heria’s personal progress videos and community challenges foster a dedicated following and encourage viewer participation.

He has achieved a following of almost 5M subscribers, who tune in for his comprehensive 20-minute full-body workouts, which emphasize cardio and strength without needing any equipment.

chris heria standing in front of elevator holding papers youtube vlog screenshot
Image credit: @chrisheria

8. Juice and Toya (@JuiceAndToya)

  • Subscribers: 1.66M

Julius (Juice) and LaToya (Toya) are a husband and wife duo who run a fitness YouTube channel known for their fun, energetic and highly effective workout routines.

Juice and Toya set their social media presence apart from other fitness YouTubers is their dynamic partnership, which brings a unique, motivational and supportive vibe to their videos. Their genuine chemistry, engaging personalities and ability to make workouts enjoyable and accessible for everyone have garnered them a dedicated following.

man and woman on yoga mats doing workout tutorial on youtube
Image credit: @JuiceAndToya

9. Massy Arias (@Mankofit)

  • Subscribers: 702K

Massy Arias is a fitness influencer, certified personal trainer, and health coach who is originally from the Dominican Republic,andw based in the United States.

Known for her dynamic and diverse workout routines that blend strength training, cardio and functional movements, Massy emphasizes mental health and empowerment, advocating for a balanced, holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Her YouTube strategy also stands out for her commitment to diversity and inclusion, like her ‘Training Tasia’ series, where she helps train a fan, and her routines and tips for all fitness levels. 

Her focus on self-love and mental resilience makes her a unique and inspiring figure in the fitness community.

woman in living room wearing black workout set sharing youtube workout
Image credit: @Mankofit

10. Brittany Lupton (@BrittanyLupton)

  • Subscribers: 196K

Brittany Lupton describes herself on her YouTube as ‘your go-to gym bestie.’  

She shares motivational and informative content about fitness, nutrition and healthy living on her channel. Her feeds also feature vlogs, life updates, workout routines, fitness challenges and meal plans, which help make her content relatable and aspirational. Lupton’s strategy excels because she combines fitness tutorials with practical lifestyle advice, making health and wellness accessible and relatable. 

Brittany's mission is to inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, emphasizing balance, consistency and a positive mindset for long-term wellness.

woman pouring preworkout for another woman at event
Image credit: @BrittanyLupton

TikTok Fitness Influencers

TikTok, a much more recent entrant to their social media landscape, has exploded in popularity, especially for fans of the fitness community. 

What sets TikTok fitness influencers apart is their ability to create highly engaging and visually appealing content that resonates with a broad audience, from fitness enthusiasts to beginners looking for quick and effective ways to stay active. The following TikTok fitness influencers are organized from most to least followers. 

1. Whitney Simmons (@whitneyysimmons)

  • Followers: 2.8M

Whitney Simmons is a popular fitness influencer on TikTok. She is known for her practical workout routines, advocacy for body positivity and mental health and advertisements with brands like the energy drink brand Alani Nu. With a vibrant personality, she often shares her personal struggles, promoting self-acceptance and mental well-being. 

Whitney's unique catchphrases and fun approach make her content relatable and enjoyable. She is also the founder of Alive, an app that offers structured fitness programs and wellness challenges, further distinguishing her in the fitness community.

woman sharing blue alani flavour she created
Image credit: @whitneyysimmons

2. Hampton (@hybridcalisthenics)

  • Followers: 2M

Hampton is a personality on numerous social channels, including TikTok and YouTube. Under the name Hybrid Calisthenics, he shares tips on flexibility and fitness, including bite-sized workouts with a focus on making fitness accessible to everyone, emphasizing progressive improvement and body positivity.

His content often includes motivational messages that counteract feelings of shame and insecurity, making fitness feel achievable for all. His engaging and supportive demeanor also helps cultivate a welcoming community for fitness enthusiasts.

man balancing on beam holding water jug
Image credit: @hybridcalisthenics

3. Jessica Bickling (@jessicabickling)

  • Followers: 1.6M 

Jessica Bickling is a fitness influencer and Gymshark partner, known on TikTok for her engaging health and fitness content. What sets Jessica apart from other fitness TikTokers is her detailed and practical fitness advice, which often features her top exercises and form tips. Jessica's approach combines effective workouts with lifestyle tips, which help make her a standout figure in the fitness community.

woman with hands on head in gym
Image credit: @jessicabickling

4. Jennifer Tavernier (@minneninja)

  • Followers: 969.2K 

Jennifer Tavernier, known as MinneNinja on TikTok, is a fitness influencer, professional pickleball player and former American Ninja Warrior competitor. She shares unique and challenging workout routines that emphasize strength, agility and endurance. She is unique among other fitness TikTokers with her impressive athletic background, innovative workout methods and family-oriented content, often featuring her daughter in her videos. Her ability to blend high-level athletic training with accessible fitness tips and a focus on family fitness makes her a standout figure in the fitness community.

woman waving at camera sharing at home workout
Image credit: @minneninja

5. Rebecca Louise (@rebeccalouisefitness)

  • Followers: 511.9K

Rebecca Louise is a fitness TikTok user who popularized the BURN method. On her about me page, she mentions she is from England and invites her audience to join her ‘as we sweat it out with workouts, eat delicious recipes and fuel our spirits with motivation that doesn’t quit.'

woman wearing oxygen mask summiting mount everest
Image credit: @rebeccalouisefitness

6. Nico Felich (@nicofelich)

  • Followers: 506.2K

Nico Felich is a fitness influencer and college student known for his engaging TikTok content, which includes marathon training tips, nutrition advice and realistic day-in-the-life videos.

He shares his personal experiences and offers insights into his training regimen and diet, making fitness accessible and achievable for his audience. Nico's emphasis on mental tricks for running and fun and his approachable style set him apart from other fitness TikToks.

man chugging water with tiktok text overlay
Image credit: @nicofelich

7. Golden (@goldenfitness)

  • Followers: 489.2K 

Golden Alana Hinchen, known as Golden Fitness on TikTok, is a prominent American fitness model, bodybuilder and social media influencer. She is celebrated for her impressive physique and engaging fitness content, which includes workout routines, dietary tips and motivational posts. With over 500K followers and 15M likes on TikTok, Golden stands out due to her combination of fitness expertise and vibrant social media presence.

woman doing lunge in gym sharing her cardio routine on tiktok
Image credit: @goldenfitness

8. Kayla Iutzwig (@kaylaiutzwig)

  • Followers: 253.2K 

Kayla Iutzwig is a content creator on TikTok, known for her health and fitness education videos, travel content and wellness tips. She has amassed a following of over 250,000 fans and 13.5 million likes on the platform. Kayla's content is characterized by her engaging and informative approach which covers topics like workout routines, nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Her TikTok presence is unique in her holistic approach to wellness, which includes not just physical fitness but also mental well-being and travel.

woman putting on puffy headband while filming tiktok
Image credit: @kaylaiutzwig

9. Jack Flood (@jackfloood)

  • Followers: 191.4K

Jack Flood is a fitness YouTuber and athlete known for his expertise in training for decathlons and other multi-sport events.

His authentic approach and detailed breakdowns of training techniques make his channel a valuable resource for aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to diversify their workouts. Overall, Flood’s TikTok strategy is notable for its quick yet engaging fitness tips and funny take on workout challenges. His relatable personality and use of TikTok trending sounds, memes and more place an entertaining spin on fitness content.

man eating burrito on tiktok
Image credit: @jackfloood

10. KiKi (@kikifitness)

  • Followers: 78K

Kiki, going @kikifitness on TikTok, is a Toronto-based fitness influencer who shares quick workouts, targeting different areas of the body to her 78k followers.

Kiki’s TikTok stands out for her focus on bodybuilding, particularly for women, and her emphasis on strength and muscle development. Her content is characterized by her detailed approach to training techniques and nutrition and her commitment to promoting a strong and empowered image of women in fitness.

two woman doing tiktok trend in gym
Image credit: @kikifitness

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Who are the most followed fitness influencers? 

Here are the top three most followed fitness influencers on all social platforms are:

  • Chris Bumstead (@cbum):
    • Instagram: 19M
    • YouTube: 3.5M
    • TikTok: 4.6M
  • Thibaud Delapart (@tiboinshape):
    • Instagram: 5.7M
    • YouTube: 12.1M
    • TikTok: 10.1M
  • Demi Bagby (@demibagby):
    • Instagram: 2.7M
    • YouTube: 1.3M
    • TikTok: 14.3M​

Who was the first fitness influencer? 

The first fitness influencer on social media is often considered to be Cassey Ho, who launched her YouTube channel "Blogilates" in 2009. She gained popularity by sharing Pilates workout videos and fitness advice, amassing millions of followers and pioneering the fitness influencer movement on social media platforms.

How much do fitness influencers make? 

Fitness influencers' earnings vary widely depending on their follower count, engagement rate and monetization strategies. On Instagram, nano-influencers can make around $195 per post, while macro-influencers earn about $1,804 per post. On TikTok, macro-influencers can earn approximately $531 per video, and mega-influencers can earn between $1,631 and $4,370 per video. Influencers also earn through brand partnerships, affiliate marketing and selling their own products, with top influencers potentially making millions annually.

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