Instagram KPIs: Here are the Fitness Industry Benchmarks

Hélène Heath
July 31, 2018
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Fitness is, like, so hot right now.

But don't sweat it, we're serving up some Instagram KPIs for the industry, along with their benchmarks, so that you can beeline it for the finish line.

You may or may not get a runner's high.

Woman running wearing Champion
"We are the Champions." -@champion

We've been chatting Instagram KPIs quite a bit as of late, and there's a really good reason for that—they're critical for measuring your social media marketing activities. Key performance indicators are a barometer of success on Insta, and KPI metrics are there to assess the strength of your operations.

Let's just quickly recap what top Instagram KPIs you should be monitoring. First, there's organic reach, aka the number of impressions received by your brand when other accounts are posting about it. It's a pretty vital stat to keep track of because it's the one that quantifies your exposure and discoverability.

Then there's growth rate, which represents your follower increase ratio. You can choose to benchmark this metric on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what figure you need for what purpose. Monitoring your Instagram account growth is a critical part of taking its pulse to understand where you should be focusing your efforts.

Finally (all hail the queen of Instagram KPIs), there's engagement, which indicates the ratio of followers that has interacted with your posts by either liking or commenting on them. Your engagement percentage can be calculated with this basic equation:

**(Likes + Comments) ÷ No. of Followers = Average Engagement Rate**

This KPI is hands down the most indicative of your Instagram success because it offers direct evidence of your content's resonance with your followers. Converting your engagement to a percentage then ensures all of your posts are measured on an even playing field as your account grows.

The three above KPIs are mutually serving and together reflect how well your Instagram account is doing. They're all intrinsically linked and indicative of both wins and shortcomings. They provide all the stats you need to build an informed strategy and to measure your ROI.

SoulCycle is welcoming of all.

But to fully grasp how things are playing out in your industry and where you measure against your competition, it's incredibly useful to keep abreast of the kinds of average numbers floating around you. With that in mind, we reported on Instagram KPIs for six major sectors to suss out the averages for benchmarking.

If your business falls into one of the following categories, click on it to get your report:

[L U X U R Y](
[F A S H I O N](
[B E A U T Y](
[T R A V E L](
[F O O D](
[P U B L I S H I N G](

Now you may notice the absence of the fitness sector in the above list. And that's our bad, but we're making up for it today because we're talking about an 83 billion dollar global industry that has never been trendier.

Social channels like Instagram have spawned myriad micro trends and enabled once super niche industries to explode onto the mainstream. I think we can all come to the consensus that the latter describes everything athletic.

Instagram is an outstanding vehicle for fitness brands to broadcast their ethos while amplifying their business efforts. Visual storytelling mediums are being exploited by smart brands to reel people in and serve them their Kool-Aid, which is precisely what the workout world is doing. Heck, social media culture even brought us athleisure, a whole new subcategory derivative of the wellness lifestyle.

Since the sector is currently capitalizing on people's desire for physical greatness through well-crafted narratives, we thought we should offer it some Instagram KPIs, along with their benchmarks, to really help these businesses understand the yield of their social marketing efforts.

Below are the results of our KPI report for the fitness sector.

Organic Reach

Average: 3.1 million

Top 3:

@nikefootball - 89.8 million

@crossfit - 19.1 million

@adidas - 18.5 million

Weekly Growth Rate

Average: 0.53%

Top 3:

@rumble_boxing - 2.20%

@bowflex - 1.29%

- 1.20%


Average: 1.05%

Top 3:

@wilsontennis - 3.39%

@champion - 3.38%

@girlfriendcollective - 2.51%

Now drag this infographic cheat sheet onto your desktop for quick referral when needed:

Instagram KPIs

That fitness life is ideal for platforms like Instagram: it's highly visual, thrives on peer enthusiasm, is hyper-aspirational, and succeeds by delivering endless motivation to those who need it. Brands in this sector are doing a great job at catering to these sentiments while broadcasting crafted brand worlds that have followers hooked.

Now all that #fitspo can finally be measured and compared to each other. Let's keep it a judgment-free zone, though.

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