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The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size and Best Practices for 2024

Quinn Yung
July 17, 2023
Last Updated On
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A cover photo is the first thing a user sees when they click on your Facebook Page, underscoring the importance of choosing the right image. 

Having the right cover photo is not only visually appealing but can reinforce a brand's image, enhance discoverability on Facebook and grow a community.  

Dash Hudson gathered the most important information needed to choose the right cover photo for your brand's Facebook Page.

What Size Is a Facebook Cover Photo? 

To align with Facebook’s requirements, a cover photo image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

The recommended specifications for a Facebook cover photo vary slightly between desktop and mobile devices, and it’s important to remember this when choosing your photo. 

ideal facebook cover size for desktop 820 x 312 px and mobile 640 x 360 px

Other best practices: 

  • Using an sRGB JPG file with dimensions of 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall, and a file size under 100 kilobytes will load faster. 
  • If your profile picture or cover photo includes text or a logo, consider using a PNG file for better quality.
  • Remember that your profile picture will partially cover the left side of your cover photo and might be cropped or resized to fit various screens.

Using video as a cover photo: 

  • In the era of social entertainment, you're not limited to static imagery for your cover photo. Users can now upload a video as a cover photo, which should be the same size as the desktop photo. 
  • To upload a video as a cover photo, follow the same steps as uploading an image listed below.

Why Is the Right Facebook Cover Photo Size Important?

Choosing a cover photo might seem like the easy part of your day, but getting it right is the first step to success for your Facebook Page. 

  • Make a good impression: Using the wrong photo size for your Facebook cover photo could give the impression of carelessness or sloppiness. While using the correct size conveys professionalism and attention to detail, positively impacting your brand's image.
  • Make friends with the algorithm: Optimizing your profile with Facebook SEO best practices and the correct cover photo size can positively impact your brand's discoverability. Facebook's algorithm considers various factors when suggesting accounts or displaying search results, and having a well-optimized profile, including an appropriately sized cover photo, can increase your chances of being discovered.
  • Maintain brand image: Choosing the right Facebook cover photo is also key in ensuring that your brand’s image is consistent and cohesive across other platforms. This consistency is important to reinforce your brand’s authority and professionalism in the industry. 

How to Upload a Facebook Cover Photo

Uploading a Facebook cover photo is simple and only requires a few steps. To add or change your Page's cover photo:

  • Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.
  • Click ‘See all Profiles,’ then select the Page you want to switch to.
  • Click your Page name in the left menu to go to it.
  • Click the camera icon to edit the cover photo in the bottom right of your Page's cover photo.
  • Click ‘Upload Photo’ to upload a photo from your computer. You can also click 'Select Photo' to use a photo you've already uploaded to your Page.
  • After choosing a photo, click the photo and drag it up or down to reposition it.
  • Click ‘Save Changes.’ 

Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

Now that you know the ideal size of a cover photo, it’s important to know which best practices to follow and keep in mind when choosing a cover image. Here are essential tips to follow when choosing your Facebook cover photo: 

Use High-Quality Images 

Choosing the right size is one way to ensure you select the right cover photo, but it's not the only factor. Resolution, composition and legibility are also things to keep in mind: 

  • Resolution: The photo should have a sharp, clear resolution without pixelation or blurriness. A high-quality image represents professionalism. 
  • Composition: The photo should be well-composed and visually appealing. Consider balance, symmetry and focal points to create an aesthetically pleasing image that captures attention.
  • Legibility: If your photo includes text, ensure it's easy for the user to read. Choose fonts and colors that stand out and provide a clear message without being distracting or difficult to read. 

Stay Authentic To Your Brand 

With new platforms popping up constantly and algorithmic changes making gaining followers more difficult, brand authenticity is more important than ever to keep your community engaged. Choosing a cover image that represents your brand's values and personality helps foster your unique community. 

Be Mindful of Facebook’s Brand Guidelines 

A photo can be taken down as easily as it can be put up, so it’s essential to be mindful of Facebook’s Brand Guidelines.  

The terms and policies on Facebook apply to anyone who creates and manages Pages, Groups and Events. These individuals are responsible for adhering to the rules and ensuring a healthy online community. If content violates any of the terms, action may be taken against the Page, Group, or Event, which could result in the removal of a Page. 

Spotlight Exciting, New Brand Highlights

Brands might change their cover photo to support different marketing initiatives, such as promoting a product launch or campaign, seasonality, re-brand, special events, or, more generally, for visual appeal. 

Facebook Cover Photo Examples 

We’ve provided three examples of brands that have mastered the art of choosing the right cover photo. These brands understand the importance of size, quality, and catering to their audience. 

Estee Lauder 

Estee Lauder is an example of a brand with a strong cover photo. The image features the brand's recently launched Nutritious Melting Soft cream, immediately catching the viewer's attention upon visiting the page. The photo's perfect composition, with excellent symmetry, and the use of bright and appealing colors contribute to a visually appealing image that effectively engages the audience.

Estee lauder facebook page
Image Credit: Estee Lauder

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is another example of a brand that understands its audience when choosing a cover photo. The cover photo leverages the topical Barbie theme, immediately resonating with viewers. The simplicity of the image, highlighting one piece of jewelry, allows for a clear focal point. Additionally, the cover photo relates to the brand's current product line featured in-feed, creating a cohesive brand experience. 

kendra scott facebook page
Image Credit: Kendra Scott

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs' cover photo aligns perfectly with the brand's tone and reflects its aesthetic and style. The photo effectively showcases one of their handbags, allowing viewers to immediately connect with their product offerings and generate interest in their collection.

Marc Jacobs facebook page
Image Credit: Marc Jacobs

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Why can't I upload a cover photo to my Facebook timeline?

If you can’t upload a cover photo to Facebook and have already visted Facebook's help section, here are some things you can try.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash.
  • Manage any adblocking software.
  • Check your photo format.
  • Update your browser.
  • Check your Facebook Support Inbox.

How can I edit the Facebook photo cover size? 

Follow the same steps to edit a cover photo size as you would to choose a new one. 

  • Click 'Edit' cover photo in the bottom right of your Page's cover photo.
  • Click 'Upload Photo' to upload a photo from your computer. You can select a photo from your existing Facebook albums or upload a new one from your computer. Click on the appropriate option.
  • Adjust the positioning. A preview window will appear after selecting a photo. Use the drag handles or positioning tools provided by Facebook to make the necessary adjustments
  • Save changes. 

What size is a Facebook event cover photo? 

Facebook event cover photo size is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a 16:9 ratio.

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