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Home Decor That Is Trending On Instagram Right Now

Olivia Fitzpatrick
August 21, 2020
Last Updated On
August 17, 2022

As time goes on and life gets busy, people are gravitating towards the staycation—and home decor brands are stepping up to meet demand. Time can now be spent for home improvement projects, garden landscaping, and finally getting around to creating your dream space. To stay ahead of the 2024 home decor trends amid changing seasons, we used Dash Hudson’s Visual Trends tool and identified the imagery resonating most with Instagram audiences this year.

Black and White

Black and white has always been a timeless color scheme and this year is no different. The contrasting combo has been tried by minimalists and maximalists alike, proving this trend is here to stay. Monochromatic makeovers are reaching audiences across Instagram with a +32% increase in engagement over the industry average. CB2 nails this home decor trend from funky wallpaper to chic side tables to entire rooms decked out in the zebra colours.

Black and white eating area with red roses
black and grey themed living room with big plant

Cosy Bedroom Vibes

Bedroom decor has taken off in popularity. Soft hues of cream and white are the top pick, seeing an +8% increase in engagement over the industry average on Instagram this year. Lulu and Georgia have mastered the romantic bedroom setting, making us forget a time we ever left our bed.

Bedroom with brown and wood tones
bed and side table

Backyard Dreams

Outdoor loungers have become a smart investment. An easy way to have loved ones over for a meal, modular sets for the backyard have seen a rise in popularity. Audiences on Instagram have been engaging with this home decor trend +17% more than the industry average this summer. Take Dunelm for example, whose steady stream of outdoor sofa content is giving us serious backyard envy.

outdoor living area with fire place
outdoor living area

Pink is the New Black

Who said everything can’t be pink? UK consumers are obsessed with this colour on everything from sofas to rugs to entire walls to create the perfect rosy ambience. This home decor trend is on par with the industry average on Instagram and we’re loving it. For the perfect pop of pink, delivers gracefully, giving us serious nostalgia to our childhood bedrooms.

pink chairs with many plants
bedroom with pink and green colour

Explore New (and Old) Textures

Velvet is back and we are not complaining about it. The classic texture has appeared everywhere lately, showing up on our Instagram feeds in a range of jewel-toned reds, blues and greens. Popular brands are seeing a +5% rise in engagement over the industry average. West Elm has taken this home decor trend head on, posting a variety of plushy velvet sofas and chairs in the most magical hues.

bedroom corner with pink chair ad big plant
Dining room

Making your space your own is more important than ever. As consumers have gotten more accustomed to staying in, it’s crucial to love the space that you now work, socialize, AND live in. Whether it’s creating a bedroom oasis, finding the perfect velvet couch for the living room, or hosting a gathering on your outdoor lounger, audiences on Instagram are taking full advantage. 


What is the new trend in home decor?

One of the most popular home decor trends in 2024 is earthy and natural. By this, we mean neutral colors, raw materials, organic shapes and of course, plants. All of these things create a really relaxing and inviting home.

What home trends are out?

While the way you decorate your home is completely up to you, some trends that are not as popular anymore are minimalism, monochromatic (aka, all-white everything) and mid-century meets boho-themed decor.

How do I modernize my home in 2024? 

Some simple and relatively affordable ways to modernize your home include upgrading fixtures, refreshing floors and walls, and replacing your interior lighting. Upgrading these small things within your home can bring new life to rooms that may have been feeling a bit stale.

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