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How to Navigate Social Media Competition with Expert Insights

Madisyn MacMillan
October 20, 2022
Last Updated On
October 26, 2023
Competitive insights by Dash Hudson

For years, brands have struggled to understand how they are performing in contrast to their competitors. Learning, monitoring, analyzing, understanding, and reporting on your competitors has never been easy. The process has always been clunky, time-consuming, and sometimes ineffective. 

Even once the pertinent information is collected, it’s not always obvious what the next step is, or more importantly, how to use this data to stand out from the crowd. Until now.

Competitive Insights by Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson’s latest suite of sophisticated features finally helps brands truly understand their competitive set, their industry, and how they compare. Keep up with ever-changing industry trends and learn competitive best practices faster than ever before.

Within Dash Hudson’s Competitive Insights, brands have access to AI-powered solutions that will change how they understand their industry and competition on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Brands are empowered to make decisions and build strategies around this data to win in the sport of social and stand out among competitors. Competitive Insights equip marketers with the data they need in real-time to show exactly how they stack up against competitors.

Let’s dive into how Dash Hudson’s Competitive Insights will set brands apart:

4 Ways Brands Can Stand Out Against Competition on Social Media

Collecting and analyzing data is just the beginning of competitive analysis research. Learning how to actually use these insights to stand out is the remainder. 

Competitive insights by Dash Hudson

Now that you’ve been introduced to Dash Hudson’s competitive solution let’s look at how a tool like this can change how your brand performs against competitors on social:

Streamline Lengthy Processes

We could talk at length about the hours and days of work that go into compiling data and creating reports on competitors. In fact, the process can be so time-consuming that even when you've just completed it, it seems like it needs to be repeated all over again. 

By streamlining your data collection process, what once took days, now takes hours, and what once took hours now takes minutes. But how? Competitive insights allow you to dig deep into your competition and industry with just the push of a button. See exactly what is and isn’t working for your competitors, and how you perform in comparison in an easy-to-follow board that is entirely customizable for you, by you. 

What will you do with all of this extra time?

Benchmark Against Your Competitors and Industry

Collecting data on your competitors is valuable, but understanding where your brand fits within your competitive set is priceless. That’s where competitive benchmarking comes in. Competitive insights allow you to easily benchmark and compare your owned performance (like share of voice) and brand against competitors. Benchmarking can be used to gain context on how your industry performs on social overall. 

competitive insights by Dash Hudson

Use this data to celebrate when you come out on top or to uncover your next area of opportunity. 

Take Advantage of Highly Tailored Insights

While you can tailor your insights to be as general as you like, there is also an opportunity to get granular. Every element of your Competitive insights journey is entirely customizable to your specific needs. 

This means sorting through various data pulls and separating the most important information from the noise is officially a thing of the past. Your personalized dashboards and reports ensure that only the most relevant metrics are what end up at your fingertips. What you do next with these insights is completely up to you.

Understand Your Competitors’ Creative Strategy and Your Industry 

How can you stand out from the competition without knowing their creative strategy and your industry inside and out? Dash Hudson is at the forefront of unique tools that bring key competitor content to the surface and predict how content will perform in the future with Visual IQ. Visual IQ helps brands identify visual trends from within competitor content, in turn helping your brand be the first to identify emerging trends within your industry. Top-performing and trending content from all of your competitors can be compared and contrasted with your own in a customizable dashboard. 

VisualIQ on Dash Hudson

By gaining this knowledge, brands can confidently know where to focus their efforts and where to pull back. 

Final Thoughts

It’s no longer enough just to follow your competitors on social media or to check in on their profiles from time to time. It’s time to learn where your brand really stands among its peers in the industry. It’s time to dig deeper into how your competitors perform and how they do it. It’s time to become an industry leader on social media by harnessing robust competitive data.

With Dash Hudson’s help, it’s time to stand out. Take an Interactive Product Tour to learn how your brand can outperform the competition.

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