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How to Measure Content Performance in the Age of AI

Hélène Heath
February 6, 2017
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Do you feel like artificial intelligence has nothing to do with social media marketing or content performance?

You're wrong.

We learned last week that AI will be a really big deal for smart marketers this year. Yup, the future is here and it's about to blow your mind. That said, don't worry if you haven't fully wrapped your head around the ins and outs of how it will all transpire — the machines might be artificial, but you're still only human (hopefully).

There's been mucho rumblings about the rise of AI as of late. In fact, it was one of the top trends to emerge out of this January's CES, which solidifies the fact that we're going to start seeing it more and more in our everyday interactions. Even the non-technologically savvy will find themselves commingling with programmed smarts. Creepy. But also somewhat exciting.

When you really think about it, things were bound to take a turn for the artificial. Everything we do, all the stuff we own, each action we take is increasingly geared towards making our lives easier, more intuitive. In fact, you're probably already interacting with AI and you don't even know it. Like when you're placing your nightly Seamless order and there are notes next to dishes from a menu you haven't tried before that say "recommended based on your order history". How does Seamless know that you're going to prefer the grilled chicken salad over the fried chicken sandwich 😳 ?!?! Magic!! Just kidding. Artificial. Intelligence.

Here at Dash Hudson, we're embracing the power of this next stepping stone as it relates to all things technology, and are firm beliebvers that it's going to be the way of the future for marketing, especially so when it comes to all things visual and social. 💯

Measuring content performance basically serves as the barometer of success for all the photos and videos you send out into the world to represent your brand. Hence why it's crucial to be able to dispense the most fitting content for each visual touchpoint your company owns.

Let's examine the 3 key ways to gauge content performance and how it will be optimized with AI.

1. Why a Photo or Video Performs Well

There are multiple variants that encompass what makes a visual successful once it's been released into the world. Is it on-brand? Does this type of image tend to resonate with your audience and/or target market, historically speaking? Is it high quality, is the timing right, does it trigger emotional reactions, and so on. As a marketer, it's your job to figure this out. Machine or no machine.

With AI:

At the very least, you should already know what types of photos or videos will perform well for your brand, whether or not you grasp all the variables. The rise of artificial intelligence is going to help marketers everywhere with those aesthetic decisions by sourcing deeper knowledge in a quicker way than ever before. Technology witchcraft. Identifying visual and behavioral trends will be a huge part of machine learning efficiencies. Also see: deep learning 👊.

[John Deere is one of the most successful brands on Instagram]( when it comes to content performance. Imagine what they could do if they were powered by AI.

2. How a Photo or Video Performs Well

This is measured by your KPIs (key performance indicators), aka various metrics on which you count to be able to discern tangible performance results backed by concrete data. You hope that whatever content you've put out in the universe hits those targets you've so intricately identified by studying all the stats. 🤓

With AI:

Guess what? Algorithms are a form of artificial intelligence. They analyze thousands of data points every second to be able to deliver meaningful insight and surface whatever it is they are programmed to surface. In the age of machine learning, these algorithms can be the new determining factor of how a photo performs.

3. Where a Photo or Video Performs Well

This is a whole new ball game: the visual touchpoints are multiple and extend far beyond social media. They're everywhere your company is being talked about, whether it's in branding material, advertising, Instagram, website, or catalog, any display of imagery counts.

Now beyond having studied your own stats and relying mostly on your intuition, how do you determine what you'll share through which medium? Must be very scientific. 🏷

With AI:

Artificial intelligence will enable you to know exactly what image will perform at its maximal potential on which interface. Two words: computer vision. That's when the software will actually be able to decipher not only what images look like, but also what they mean in the same way that the human brain would interpret them. Share the best visual optimized for a particular channel, every single time. Cray cray.

Imagine that [NBC]( could automatically optimize each and every single visual touchpoint their brand has out there to be able to resonate with their viewers across all channels.

There's no doubt that the landscape is changing. Evolution and progress are a natural part of life, real or robotic, and we hereby declare that the inevitable is almost here. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, sorcery of the future, whatever you want to call it. It will be a complete game-changer for social media marketing and image-sharing. Are you ready for this?

We are.

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