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How To Take Content From Library to Shoppable Galleries

Alison Chan
April 19, 2021
Last Updated On
March 12, 2024
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Online shopping has risen exponentially over the last 10 years —  in 2024, e-commerce sales are expected to reach over 6.3 billion dollars, while annual retail e-commerce sales have increased 9.4% globally. 

With the growth of e-commerce on social media and beyond, brands are looking for creative ways to reach users in different stages of the sales funnel — and a huge part of creating the best shopping experience for your customers is Shoppable Galleries. With a Shoppable Gallery, brands can host galleries on home and product pages and easily integrate galleries into email or anywhere you can add a URL online. To help you perfect your social commerce strategy, we’re exploring how brands leverage these tools to engage and convert their audience throughout their journey. 

In this blog, we also dive into: 

  • Tips for Shoppable UGC Galleries.
  • Tips for Shoppable Email Galleries.
  • Tips for Shoppable Social URLs.
  • Benefits of using Shoppable Galleries.

What is a Shoppable Gallery?

A Shoppable Gallery is a landing page that features a spread of specific products with shoppable links (these links often lead back to the product page on your website). 

Dash Hudson has three types of Shoppable Galleries — these are: 

On-Site Shoppable Gallery

The most popular type of Shoppable Sallery, which lives on the brand’s webpage. These seamlessly integrate into your website, with no visible Dash Hudson branding.

Image credit: Sol De Janeiro

Email Shoppable Gallery

An Email Shoppable Gallery has shoppable links embedded in an email, perfect for remarketing, sharing UGC or to support social media campaigns.

Image credit: Starface

URL Shoppable Gallery

A web page hosted by Dash Hudson with a grid format featuring shoppable images, typically used for a link-in-bio.

Image credit: @kendrascott

But why direct users to a Shoppable Gallery over a specific landing page? For one, it’s a great way to highlight a range of specific products for niche segments of your target market in an interactive way — this is particularly useful for products that complement each other but don’t necessarily live on the same page or category on your website, or even UGC from fans across social media. 

Two, it’s an efficient way to re-market to audience segments who have purchased related products or have previously expressed interest in a group of related products. This way, you can tailor related products in one easy-to-find location. 

Thirdly, it’s an interesting way to draw attention to new product lines in a touchpoint that doesn’t just live on your website. Since Shoppable Galleries can be accessed with just a link, you can link a gallery in your link-in-bio or email marketing campaign

Tips for Shoppable UGC Galleries 

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way for brands to learn about which products or services really resonate with users. A natural next step in your UGC strategy is to incorporate any relevant UGC into a customizable Shoppable Gallery with content that can live on your LikeShop landing page, website or email. 

For example, you might want to highlight a specific product line that users love using visual content from UGC creators who have positively featured or reviewed your product. This is a great way to incorporate social proof into both your entire content marketing strategy by showcasing individuals outside of your organization that are praising your products.

In this example, EOS incorporates a custom scrolling Shoppable Gallery dedicated to UGC that lets visitors shop directly from these posts if they desire. 

Image credit: EOS

Tips for Shoppable Email Galleries

Just like you can include a Shoppable Gallery on your website or landing page, you can include them in your email marketing campaigns. You and your team can easily integrate Shoppable Galleries into your next email template to reach your most loyal customers.

Taking this approach can enhance any digital newsletter, announcement or confirmation email with meaningful photos and videos that you know will resonate with your audience.

Tips For Shoppable URLs

You can drive more social revenue on channels like TikTok by using the customizable URL feature in Shoppable Galleries. Take your TikTok users from the For You Page to your products in a matter of seconds, with a landing page that features your products in a sleek, clean layout. You can grow and convert your audience by offering a curated shoppable portal through a TikTok link-in-bio solution like LikeShop. We recommend also using LikeShop for Instagram to create a seamless cross-channel experience for your followers. 

Benefits of Using Shoppable Galleries

Aside from the reasons listed above, Shoppable Galleries provide many other benefits, including: 

  • Highlighting non-purchasable content: Yes, when you hear ‘Shoppable Gallery,’ you likely think of a landing page featuring products to purchase. While this is certainly a popular use-case, brands also use these Galleries to highlight things like news articles, for example. 
  • Shorter sales funnel: By providing an easy way for your online audiences to make purchases, you can effectively appeal to the awareness, consideration and purchase phases of your sales funnel, especially in e-mail content. Here, you can reach users directly with the most helpful product information, while UGC from trusted sources helps encourage viewers to consider a purchase. 
  • Enhance your brand narrative: Many brands have interesting origin stories or even compelling narratives around their products. Think of one Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream selling every minute, or the long-discussed healing powers of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream.  

Turn Visual Content Into Shopping Hubs With Dash Hudson

Curious about how to create your own Shoppable Galleries? With Dash Hudson, brands can use galleries to simply sort their content into specific media folders before scheduling or to convert the gallery to a Shoppable Gallery. UGC and media from any social channel can live in the same gallery.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own personalized galleries for consumers.

Step One

There are three ways to take content from your Dash Hudson content library or other location to Shoppable Galleries. These are:

  • First, brands can upload content from their Global Popup, by selecting ‘Add To’, then ‘Galleries’. 
  • You also have the option to upload content to a Shoppable Gallery from inside any other gallery by selecting ‘Add Media’.
  • Finally, you can upload content from Your Posts, Visual IQ or UGC sections, by simply selecting each item you wish to upload and clicking ‘Add To - Galleries’.

Step Two

Once you’ve added media to a gallery, you can remove tags or reorder your media by recently published, recently added, by prediction performance or a customized order.

From there, you can visit ‘Shoppable Settings’ to adjust the UI of your galleries, selecting either a gallery or carousel view. You can also customize the number of columns, gap size between images and how many rows are displayed when user’s view from their desktop and mobile device. You can also add a CTA with gray text that appears when a user hovers over a particular image. 

Step Three

Your galleries and Shoppable Galleries live in the same place — your Shoppable Galleries will have a green tag. You can convert any of your galleries to Shoppable Galleries by toggling in ‘Settings’ in the top-right corner. 

Step Four

To measure the impact your galleries are making on your social commerce strategy, you can find analytics in the ‘Shoppable Galleries’ tab. You can customize your reporting periods, add or edit media links and reorder media here, too.


What is a shoppable Instagram gallery? 

A shoppable Instagram gallery is a digital collection of images or videos, typically on a brand's website or Instagram profile, where each post is tagged with direct links to purchase the featured products. This allows viewers to shop the items directly from the gallery, streamlining the buying process.

What is a shoppable image? 

A shoppable image is a digital photo or graphic that includes embedded links to product pages, that let viewers click on parts of the image to learn more about and purchase the products directly. This interactive tool enhances the online shopping experience by seamlessly integrating product discovery and purchase.

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