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Madisyn MacMillan
September 2, 2022
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January 24, 2023

Gone are the days when you can set it and forget it when it comes to your social media. Users spend an average of up to 147 minutes a day on social networks so it’s mandatory for brands to be on the ball at all times. A social media management tool ensures brands don’t have to miss a single beat. 

What is a Social Media Management Tool For?

The beauty of a social media management tool is that it doesn’t have one specific purpose. Any suitable tool will have a wide array of products and features that you can utilize for exactly what your brand’s social channels need. Typically, most social media planning software will provide some variation of a link-in-bio feature, aid in scheduling content, gather analytics on post performance and act as an organizational tool for valuable assets. Tools that go above and beyond will take your insights one step further with features that measure ROI, campaign performance and use visual AI to predict how your audience may receive content. 

The most important aspect of a social network management tool is that it offers an easy-to-use solution to the problems your social channels may be facing. 

Why Are Social Media Management Tools Important?

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand can have. Because of this, it’s important to have software that supports and empowers brand owners with the right kinds of data to help measure ROI and increase revenue. Without a social media management tool, brands only have access to the very limited capabilities and analytics that live within the native social media platform. While these analytics are helpful, they are also very basic. A social community management tool can help add context to insights, instead of just supplying data with no actionable takeaways.

Best Social Media Management Tools for Business

Dash Hudson is a social entertainment marketing software for the world’s most important brands. Beyond intuitive tools and solutions for the most popular social channels in the world, Dash Hudson is also known for providing a best-in-class experience to all users. No matter their size and scope. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect in your experience with Dash Hudson:

Dash Hudson Plans and Pricing

A great social network management tool is not one size fits all. Because of this, Dash Hudson pricing and packages have been developed for different types of brands and their hyper-specific needs:


The Grow Plan by Dash Hudson is essential for growing brands. Access the most necessary tools like link-in-bio for Instagram and TikTok, scheduling and publishing, multi-channel analytics, and trending sounds for TikTok.


In addition to the features within the Grow Plan, the Engage Plan is a suite a multi-channel tools that connects brands to their community. Sentiment analysis, community management and content segmentation boards are just a few of the features brands will have access to with this package. 


The Advance Plan does exactly what it says: advances your social strategy with powerful insights and tools. Brands will have access to all of the features within the Engage Plan, while additionally receiving visual trends, reports and dashboards, CX integrations and UGC capabilities. 


The Enterprise Plan is exclusive, customizable solutions for Enterprise brands. Exclusive landscape and industry benchmark insights, custom roadmap for top qualified customers and dedicated support are just a few of the unique features brands receive on top of the features within the Advance Plan.

And that isn’t all. There are additional solutions like Social Listening and Premium Analytics that brands can use to customize their plan even further. 

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, request a demo with the Dash Hudson team to find the perfect fit.

Supported Social Channels

Dash Hudson prides itself on working with the most popular social media platforms in the world. Brands who use Dash Hudson can expect to gain in-depth analytics and insights for the following channels:

Most Popular Features

What helps a social media management software tool stand out from the rest is by providing two things: 

1. First-class versions of standard features.

2. Unique products that cannot be easily duplicated anywhere else. 

Dash Hudson is known for providing best-in-class solutions for both such as:   


LikeShop is a link-in-bio solution that bridges the gap between your social media channels and your site. No longer do users have to wonder how to find or buy your products. With LikeShop, you can choose and track the customer journey from post to purchase in a few easy clicks. 


This AI-powered feature collects and analyzes your brand’s library of content to identify top-performing posts and give real-time feedback on which photos or videos to use in future posts for the best results. Vision takes the guessing game out of post performance by telling you exactly what resonates with your audience.  

Multi-Channel Scheduler

A multi-channel scheduler grants teams full transparency in their content planning process. Within Scheduler, users can see all their scheduled assets in one place, and tag team members on individual posts. This streamlines content creation by giving teams the ability to write copy, schedule posts and gain approval from leadership all from inside the tool.

And to take your posts to the next level, Vision is fully integrated into Scheduler, meaning users will be able to see predictions of post performance right within their content calendar.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting is a solution that helps uncover valuable data from within your cross-channel campaigns. Track insights, and see which creative is driving success. Understanding the ROI on channels, creative and relationships have never been this simple. This is an all-encompassing feature that unlocks the ability to leverage specific insights to drive revenue. 

Additional Products

Beyond the useful features mentioned above, Dash Hudson also offers social analytics and monitoring, community, boards, dashboards, relationships, and embeddable media galleries. Each of these products provides the solutions to unique problems that brands face when it comes to navigating their social networks.


How much does Dash Hudson cost?

Dash Hudson pricing starts as low as $249/month for growing brands with the opportunity to expand to larger packages costing $749/month, $1,249/month and $2,499/month. Additional Premium Solutions are also available for an additional cost.

What are the best social media management tools?

This is also dependent on what you’re looking for. The fun thing about social media management software tools is that each one usually has a specialty that they excel in providing to brands and customers. Dash Hudson offers a unique feature called Vision, that predicts future post-performance based on previous data and similar posts. A social network management tool like Buffer is known for excellent scheduling capabilities, while Later boasts an impressive Link in bio feature. Sprout Social is another social media management tool and it offers social listening as a special feature. 

The best social media management tool for business is always going to be the one that best satisfies your brand’s needs. 

Does Google have a social media management tool?

No. While Google does not offer a social network management tool, they do offer multiple integrations like Google My Business (GMB), Google Analytics and Google Drive that can be connected to multiple platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Are social media management tools worth it?

In short, yes. If you want to truly have the ability to track even the most minute details of your social media, a social media management software tool is a must. 

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