Dash Hudson’s Newest Social Media Tools

Kate Orchard
July 29, 2021
Last Updated On
July 8, 2022

Social media management would be easier if you had a magic wand to make your wildest dreams come true. Unfortunately, magic wands don’t exist. Fortunately, Dash Hudson is the next best thing. We’ve recently released 17 new social media tools, updates, and innovations to make our customers' lives easier—and we’re not done there. 

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new (so far) in 2022!

Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting simplifies uncovering valuable data from your cross-channel campaigns. Visually, you will be able to track key insights and see at a glance which creative is driving success in order to optimize future campaigns. With this feature, uncovering the ROI of channels, creative and relationships has never been easier. Campaign reporting is an all-encompassing feature that unlocks the ability to leverage specific insights to drive more revenue.

Sentiment Analysis

Now available in the Community feature of Dash Hudson, brands have access to sentiment analysis that ranks individual comments on your posts as positive, negative or neutral using AI and natural language processing (NLP). After comments are ranked, the post will receive a tag based on how users are reacting to it. This feature allows Dash Hudson users to dive deeper into how their brand is being received and to truly understand what followers like, dislike, and whether a shift in social strategy is needed.

TikTok Management Suite

Everything a social marketer could need to manage and measure their TikTok strategy. View your TikTok account performance, build TikTok-specific measurement dashboards, measure the entertainment value of your videos with our unique Entertainment Score metric, see what sounds are trending right now, manage your community, auto publish your posts, make your TikTok posts shoppable, and more!

Instagram Product Tagging

Add your Instagram Shopping tags using Dash Hudson’s Scheduler. Get time back in your day to focus on other initiatives and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. No more social media managers bringing their phones to weekend brunch!

YouTube Insights

YouTube joins the Dash Hudson family of video-first analytics and insights. Whether you're experimenting with YouTube Shorts or looking to streamline your reporting, we've got you covered with a holistic and easy-to-digest view of your YouTube content strategy.

Instagram Competitive Reports

View all of your competitive, owned, and UGC metrics in a single view, and then share across your team and organization.

Social Entertainment Overview

Social media has evolved to prioritize short-form video. The new homepage on the Dash Hudson platform gives you the right insights you need to stay ahead of the trend across all key channels.

Community Manager Enhancements

Our customers get a more optimal Community experience with enhanced filtering, sorting, searching, saved reply templates, bulk message management, and more channels and formats added to the platform.

Dashboards Upgrades

Dashboards can be created in a flash with templates. Choose from six template options, and get an understanding of your performance on the metrics and channels you care about in seconds. Stories can be added to content reports to get a true view of total Instagram content performance. 

What’s Next?

The rest of the 2022 Dash Hudson roadmap is full of brand new features to our platform to continue levelling up the experience for our customers and bringing them the insights they need. 

We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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