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Dash Hudson’s Newest Social Media Tools

Kate Orchard
January 3, 2023
Last Updated On
December 22, 2023
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This year has brought massive change to how social media managers do business, especially with the popularity of generative AI and ChatGPT.  Here at Dash Hudson, we continued to up the ante with new social media tools and solutions to help social media managers free up their time, make better data-backed decisions and get back to being creative.

Here are a few of our favorite new features designed to help you outsmart social.

AI-Powered Social Listening

In 2024, most social listening tools are outdated. Because of this, Dash Hudson has engineered a tool that is built for the way people are communicating today, making it easier to digest for the modern social media manager. It’s time to go beyond text and numbers to provide real context into how your brand, products and competitors are being presented online and more importantly, how audiences are responding.

Learn more about Social Listening

Creator Discovery

Are you looking for a creator in a specific niche? Easy. Filter our database by region, interests and more to find creators that perfectly fit your brand. Then, measure the effectiveness of all your partnerships in Relationships.

Learn more about Relationships

ig creator discovery dash hudson


Collaborate with your team, assign messages, surface audience sentiment and keyword insights and set automation rules in our unified organic and paid customer experience inbox. 

Learn more about Community

dash hudson community manager

Dashboards and Reporting

Our favorite reporting tool got even better. On top of our existing multi-brand, multi-channel reporting capabilities, we've added the ability to customize reports to visualize your data better, quantify your audience's cross-channel sentiment with Brand Health reports, create custom groups of brands and competitors for regional reporting, and report on custom content groups for multi-brand campaign reporting. 

Learn more about Dashboards

dash hudson dashboards and reporting

Competitive Insights and Benchmarking

Visually track what your competition is doing on social across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter). Benchmarks for your key competitors and industry allow you to turn insight into action by surfacing all your key competitors’ posts and spot trends in top-performing content. 

Learn more about Competitive Insights and Benchmarking

ig competitor overview dash hudson

Revenue Reporting in Campaigns

Connect your Google Analytics to Dash Hudson to understand the return on investment of your multi-channel social campaign.

Learn more about Campaigns

revenue reporting in dash hudson

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