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Try Your Best or TYB, Explained

Quinn Yung
March 8, 2024
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TYB is a rewards platform centered around community engagement, which enables fans to earn rewards from their favorite brands. Users can earn status by participating on the platform and receiving special access to exclusive brand perks. The platform was launched in 2022 and serves over 50 brands, offering demos and onboarding to make the integration seamless. 

In this blog, we dive into: 

  • What is Try Your Best (TYB)?
  • How TYB works.
  • How brands are using TYB. 

What Is Try Your Best? 

TYB enhances community engagement through gamification, rewarding both brands and fans. TYB's mission is to give brands the tools to have deeper, more meaningful engagements with fans and consumers.

Best described by example, skincare brand BYOMA, uses TYB to engage its community with daily skincare-related questions, allowing users to earn rewards redeemable for products. Additionally, challenges like uploading before-and-after skincare photos further encourage active community involvement, demonstrating TYB's effectiveness in driving engagement and brand loyalty.

How Does TYB Work?

TYB involves following brand communities and completing challenges to unlock coins and rewards — brands can tailor these to things like sharing on social, product campaigns and more. Brand communities offer a space where consumers and brands can mutually benefit through engagement and rewards. 

For brands, TYB offers a platform to create engaging challenges, like social media shares or product campaigns, that enable deeper interactions with their audience. 

For fans, it's an opportunity to engage with their favorite brands through these challenges, known as Rep Cards and earn exclusive rewards and coins for their participation. This reciprocal relationship enhances brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Rep Cards

'Rep Cards' on the TYB platform are challenges set up by brands for fans to engage with. Brands can tailor these challenges to their ongoing campaigns, content calendars and more. For example, Rare Beauty uses challenges to gain insight into their audience demographics, like how long they’ve been a fan of the brand and what their favorite product is. They also use Rep Cards to spread brand awareness, for example, in a challenge where they ask users to share their Rare Beauty collectibles on Instagram Stories, which helps bring recognition to their brand and this new platform. 

By completing these challenges, fans can earn rewards in their TYB Wallet which they can redeem for coupon codes on brand websites.

TYB Wallet 

The TYB Wallet is a secure, centralized location for all the rewards and activities you earn by participating in brand challenges and events on the TYB platform. You can redeem these rewards, such as brand coins and discounts, directly within the wallet, using them as coupon codes on the brand's website. 

dieux tyb coin


On TYB, collectibles are unique digital items, like dynamic gifs or images, that brands offer as part of their engagement activities. Fans can earn these collectibles by participating in various challenges set by the brands on the platform. These collectibles can be used or redeemed for exclusive rewards within the TYB ecosystem.

dieux tyb collectible

Tips To Use TYB the Best Way for You

Brands looking to strengthen their community management best practices can leverage TYB to enhance customer loyalty and drive meaningful engagement. The following are a few tips for brands that are TYB-curious.

Request A Meeting To Learn More

To start using TYB and unlock its community engagement benefits, brands should fill out the demo form on the website to request a meeting or book a demo. This initial step is crucial for gaining access to TYB's platform and learning how your team can tailor it to enhance brand-fan interactions.

Highlight Popular Products

Showcase your top products in TYB visuals to grab attention and spark interest among your community. This simple action can highlight your best offerings and drive engagement.

Share Surveys 

Engage your community and gather valuable feedback by sharing surveys on TYB. Survey feedback can strengthen your connection with fans and provide insightful data that could inform strategy, product development and more. 

Create Dynamic Collectibles 

Enhance your TYB presence by creating dynamic collectibles, like GIFs, to entice users to follow your brand. These engaging visuals can add an exciting element to your page and encourage more fan interaction.

How Brands Are Using TYB

Brands are using TYB to celebrate new product releases, gain community feedback and give value back to their most dedicated fans. Here, we showcase a variety of clever tactics that top brands are using to fully take advantage of this new platform's possibilities.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty utilizes TYB to enhance its engagement with fans by offering unique incentives for participating in both digital and in-person events. Collectibles exclusive to these events encourage attendance and participation, contributing to a comprehensive omnichannel experience. This strategy aims to deepen community connections and foster brand loyalty, supporting Rare Beauty's growth in its global digital presence across 36 countries.

rare beauty tyb collectible


Dieux invites skincare enthusiasts to join their community, offering a chance to influence the skincare industry. Members get early access to new products, participate in community events and earn rewards for completing challenges, like the unique collectible, shown below. Each unique collectible has its own identification number, which gives users a sense of exclusivity. Members also enjoy educational content and discussions about skincare concerns.

The Outset 

The Outset, co-founded by Scarlett Johansson, utilizes TYB to engage their fandom effectively, turning fan enthusiasm into beneficial actions for the brand. By implementing a play-to-earn strategy within TYB, The Outset encourages fans, whom they’ve affectionately named Skinsiders, to complete challenges, provide feedback and attend events, rewarding them for their participation. This approach has increased sales, authentic user-generated content, and valuable customer insights, enhancing the brand's marketing strategy and customer engagement. 


Topicals have significantly grown and engaged their ambassador community on TYB, increasing community growth by 300% and engagement by eight times. Topical achieved this success by migrating from traditional influencer management platforms to TYB, streamlining the process and enabling a broader range of people to become ambassadors. Topicals utilizes TYB's challenge framework to drive interactions and reward participants with Topicals coins, enhancing community mobilization and interaction.


Loops offer a skincare-focused community, LOOPS Only, rewarding members for their engagement. Benefits include early access to new products, special gifts, event invitations and a platform to connect with fellow skincare enthusiasts. Members earn rewards through challenges, redeemable for discounts, and have the opportunity to attend exclusive brand events, both online and in person.


EADEM is a skincare brand that caters to people of color and the unique skincare concerns they often have. Their brand name, which originates from the Latin word for ‘same,’ is meant to evoke the bond and experiences they share with their target audience, emphasizing the importance of their community throughout the entire brand. Members of the EADEM community gain exclusive access to discounts and merch, & earn rewards for participating.

Explore Social Performance With Dash Hudson

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What brands are on TYB?

TYB hosts a range of brands across categories such as beauty, food & beverage, and fashion. Some notable brands include OUAI, Chillhouse, Flintts Mints, Cooldown Running and Ryoken Instinct. 

Who is the founder of TYB?

The founder of TYB is Ty Haney, also known for founding the lifestyle and activewear brand Outdoor Voices. Haney spent over eight years building Outdoor Voices with a strong emphasis on developing their community before embarking on a mission in 2020 to create TYB with a similar community-minded approach. 

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