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A great marketing campaign has a wide array of different elements. Make sure you don’t miss a single one of them with a comprehensive marketing campaign checklist template for before, during and after your campaign.

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What Is a Marketing Campaign Checklist?

A marketing campaign checklist is a document where brands can store every step of their marketing campaign – from beginning to end – and check tasks off as they complete them to ensure every element of the campaign is complete. Every social media manager knows just how much goes into a single campaign, so having a checklist for your marketing campaign is a great tool to have in your arsenal to make sure nothing gets left behind. 

Why Your Brand Needs A Marketing Campaign Launch Checklist

While a campaign checklist is by no means necessary, why wouldn’t you keep all of your information, content and deadlines for your campaign in one singular place if you could? We applaud you if this works for you, but if you struggle to keep track of everything that’s going on, a checklist will help. Even better, a thorough marketing campaign checklist will keep you on top of your campaign needs at every stage of the journey, from brainstorming to reporting on campaign success when all is said and done.  

How To Use Dash Hudson’s Marketing Campaign Checklist Template

Dash Hudson’s template is broken up into three parts: 

  1. Pre-launch: for campaign pre-work, mapping out your campaign, asset ideation and creation and preparing for launch
  2. Launch day: campaigns go live, testing assets and sharing with stakeholders
  3. Post-launch: for performance reporting and campaign adjustments 1 week, 1 month, 2.5 months and even 6 months after launch

Checklists like this are one of the most effective ways, figuratively (and literally), to check all the boxes of your upcoming cross-channel campaigns. And the best part? There is so much more you can accomplish with the right one. Use this checklist before, during and after every campaign to: 

  • Make sure you don’t miss a beat and can adhere to important deadlines
  • Keep your team updated on what’s finished and what still needs to be done
  • Easily access critical assets and content for your campaign
  • Be adaptable and ready for change at a moment's notice
  • Effortlessly launch your campaign and analyze your performance 

Are you ready to knock your next marketing campaign out of the park? Download your free campaign checklist template to get started today.

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