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Budgeting is one of the least exciting elements when planning social media or your latest campaign. Make it easy (and fun) with this ready-to-use template to cover all your budgeting bases.

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What Is a Social Media Marketing Budget Template?

A social media marketing budget template is a document brands use to keep track of the financial elements of their social media and marketing to ensure they are utilizing their funds, allocating them towards the right places, and of course, not overspending. A good template will allow brands to look back (and into the future) to see how their spending is impacting their performance, what can stay the same and what might need to change for future campaigns and strategies.  

Why Your Brand Needs A Social Media Budget Plan Template

Budgeting can be a stressful task on its own, so there's no need to add to that stress by not having a consistent formula or template that you follow every time for ease and accuracy. By having a template that you use religiously, there are no question marks about where a certain number came from, or why a certain amount is budgeted for one element instead of another. Having a straightforward template also allows you to easily share with your team to receive input and feedback right within the template, eliminating the need for long, dreaded email threads or meetings for clarification.

How To Use Dash Hudson’s Free Social Media Budget Template

Dash Hudson’s free budget template makes budgeting easier than ever before. Use this template to easily keep track of the approved budget, budget spent and remaining budget for the year, and also by quarter for your:

  • Creator Partnerships: With influencers being such a massive part of any brand's strategy, it’s no surprise there is a whole section in this template dedicated specifically to creator spending. Use this template to easily keep track of how much money you’re putting into each platform for creator partnerships and truly understand where you could add more, and where you might be able to pull back.
  • Ads: Ad spend can be one of the hardest parts of the budget to nail down. This template makes it easy for you to track how your budget is distributed across channels such as Instagram, TikTok, and others.
  • Content Creation: As much as we wish creating amazing content was free, that’s not always the case. This portion of the template accounts for audio, video and photo creation, editing software and any additional support that may have been needed during the process.
  • Tools: Social media tools are a small but mighty part of a social media strategy that can eat up a lot of budget if not tracked properly. Use this template to keep track of exactly when those bills need to be paid.
  • Other: Things come up. That’s why we included a section for the things you cannot predict.

The best part of this social media budget plan template is that it is easy to understand, edit and share. Adjust the template to fit your brand's exact needs so you can share only the most important information with your team and stakeholders. We recommend making this template a part of your daily routine.

It’s time to get your social media marketing budget in order. Download your free template to get started today.

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