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Australian Instagram Benchmarks for Marketers To Know

Jamie Landry
November 20, 2023
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Looking at the social media landscape by region can be helpful in scaling your local or global social media presence — understanding Australian Instagram benchmarks will help your team set and monitor realistic goals and performance while developing an understanding of your local niche.  

Familiarizing your team with regional social media benchmarks helps your team stay competitive with local brands, set realistic performance expectations and more. 

This blog explores: 

  • Australian Instagram benchmarks.
  • Top-performing Australian brands. 
  • Australian Instagram statistics. 

Australian Instagram Benchmarks

Our team analyzed over 100 Australian Instagram accounts year-to-date* to determine the following data and top-performing brands. 

australian instagram benchmarks chart

Average Monthly Growth Rate 

Australian Instagram accounts saw an average of 0.7% growth in followers each month. 

Average Weekly Posts 

Australian brands posted an average of 9 posts per month. 

Average Engagement Rate 

Engagement rate is defined as your total likes and comments divided by your followers. Australian brands on Instagram have an average 0.2% engagement rate. 

Average Effectiveness Rate 

Effectiveness rate is a more robust calculation than engagement rate — while engagement rate takes your interactions and followers into account, effectiveness rate takes your total reach into account. Australian Instagram brands have an average 16.5% effectiveness rate.**

Average Reach Per Post 

Australian brands on Instagram reach an average 30.2K users per post.**

Average Entertainment Score 

Entertainment score is a proprietary metric from Dash Hudson that measures how entertaining your video content is and takes your engagement rate and retention rate into account to determine how entertaining your content is. The average entertainment score for Australian brands is 2.6 out of 10.**   

*YTD = January 1, 2023 - November 6, 2023.

** Effectiveness rate, reach and entertainment score are based on customer data only.

Top Performing Australian Brands 

The top-performing Australian brands were selected based on their overall average engagement rate and span beauty, fashion and more on social media. These brands showcase their ability to excel on social media in a competitive global marketplace, with a mix of top-notch quality and a bit of that laid-back Aussie vibe.

The Iconic 

  • Average engagement rate: 1.7% 

The Iconic (@theiconicau) is a fashion and lifestyle retailer targeted to Australia and New Zealand. They infuse their feed with a mix of product shots, models and Reels that show their product in action. They also make use of branded hashtags to bolster their campaigns, including #THEICONICsport to promote their activewear lines and #THEICONIC for other posts. 


  • Average engagement rate: 0.8% 

Allkinds (@allkinds) is a beauty company specializing in bath, body, skin and hair care products for children and teens. Their feed is colourful, eclectic and bright; and filled with images of products, store tours, new launches and more. 

girl sitting in grass reading kind message
Image credit: @allkinds and @itssozer

They incorporate unique content based on their partnerships, like this Reel they made with Chupa Chups aimed at spreading joy. Here, employees hand a bouquet filled with kind words to strangers in a variety of locations. Not only does this help cement their brand identity as kindhearted and friendly, but it promotes their line of Chupa-scented body care. 


  • Average engagement rate: 0.7% 

Telstra (@telstra) is a telecommunications brand with a mobile network that offers broadband internet, 5G, streaming services, mobile phones and even payphones. While they do feature content highlighting their products and pop-ups — like this post featuring a how-to call Santa tutorial — their Instagram feed is mostly made up of trending memes that incorporate their brand or touch on themes of calling or texting. 

taylor swift beyonce meme
Image credit: @telstra

Dion Lee

  • Average engagement rate: 0.4% 

Dion Lee (@DIONLEE) is a clothing brand specializing in traditional tailoring with innovative construction and styles. The brand is available worldwide, with six flagship stores in Australia. 

Dion Lee’s feed is fairly neutral and consistent — they also harness the power of influencers and celebrities throughout their feed, featuring people like Megan Thee Stallion, Omar Apollo and Dua Lipa styled in Dion Lee. 

anne hathaway wearing black suit denim blazer
Image credit: @dionlee

Dion Lee is also a top performer in terms of entertainment score. Its Instagram content sees an average 6.4 score, almost double the average Instagram entertainment score for fashion brands of 3.4. 

Overall, these brands all share a mix of Reels and static posts and use consistent visuals throughout their feed to reinforce their brand identities. Top performers on Instagram use influencers and celebrities to build appeal and reach a range of users, while those that don’t rely on influencers as heavily — like Telstra for example — use memes and Reels trends and popular sounds to encourage discoverability and optimize their content

Australian Instagram Statistics 

What does the social media landscape in Australia look like? Here are some fast facts on how social performs down under to help you craft your own social tactics. 

  • Reach: Instagram advertising (like paid and boosted posts) reach 52.5% of Australia’s population. 
  • Most popular social network: 82% of Australian respondents use Facebook, making it the most popular social channel. Facebook is followed in popularity by YouTube with 62% of respondents and Instagram at 59%. 
  • Amount of Instagram users: In 2024, there are over 12 million Australian users on Instagram — this number is projected to grow to over 12 million by 2027. What’s more, over 63% of the social network users in Australia also use Instagram. 
  • Global impact: Australia accounts for 0.8% of worldwide Instagram users. 

Maximize Social Impact With Dash Hudson

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How to get Australian followers on Instagram?

To get more followers on Instagram, brands should take a few vital tactics to increase their followers. These include: 

  • Cross-promote Instagram on other platforms: You could invite users on TikTok to see more on your Instagram or link to your Instagram profile in your LikeShop. 
  • Conduct a social media audit: A social media audit is a helpful tool to meaningfully analyze multiple aspects of your social media strategy. 
  • Analyze competitors: Completing a competitor analysis is essential in developing your social media strategy. A competitor analysis looks at gaps between your content and your competition and can help you discover opportunities to optimize your content for the Instagram algorithm.

Which Australian has the most Instagram followers?

Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) is the most-followed Australian on Instagram with over 57 million followers.

How many Australians use Instagram?

As of 2024, there are over 12 million Australian users on Instagram.

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