The Most Popular Trending Instagram Reels Songs (March 2023)

Jamie Landry
March 9, 2023
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One of the biggest ways to harness the power of short form video is to use the right trending Instagram Reels songs — and the right trends. 

Brands that use outdated sounds, or use them improperly (the ‘tiny violin’ trend of 2022 showed many creators weren’t familiar with the ‘playing smallest violin ever’ concept) can come across as out of touch, inauthentic, and rushed. 

Brands can leverage Instagram Reels to engage with their audience more effectively, gain more reach, and ultimately gain new viewers if they use the right sounds at the right times. 

That being said, there are many trends to choose from, and the lifecycle of a trend can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. To aid social marketers’ Instagram Reels strategy, we’re sharing the top monthly trending sounds to use on Reels.

Tips on How To Find Trending Sounds on Reels

Curious about how to find trending Reels sounds outside of this blog? To drive engagement, social marketers should: 

  • Follow Reels: Scroll Instagram Reels consistently (and stay up-to-date with TikTok trends that often inform future Reels trends)  
  • Go to the source: Follow Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report
  • Pay attention to trends: Follow trend-focused Instagram accounts 
  • Read this: Bookmark and refer back to this blog (we update monthly)

The virality of sounds on Reels is most popularly thought to be influenced by momentum. In this case, momentum is influenced by use and how often it’s saved. 

Tips on How To Find Trending Songs on Instagram Reels.

Sometimes, you just need a song that enhances your Reel — whether this is a song that matches whatever you highlight in your Reel, or simply provides a pleasant background atmosphere. 

Here are some tips to find trending Instagram songs: 

  • Look outside of Instagram: You might not be exposed to every song that presents a good opportunity for your brand. Fortunately, there are many Spotify playlists that round up the most popular songs on Reels, and this could spark an idea for your Instagram marketing strategy.
  • Use ‘Original audio’: Be sure to only use trending videos with the ‘Original audio’ label, which means brands can use them. 
  • Pay attention to audio permission: As a brand on Instagram, there are certain songs and audio not available — don’t use sounds with the ‘This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use’ label.

Tips on How To Find Trending Audio on Reels.

Wondering how to find trending Reels audio? Follow these steps to help you stay on top of trending sounds on Reels for your brand: 

  • Pay attention to TikTok trending sounds: Sometimes these sounds trend on TikTok and Reels simultaneously, but sometimes they trend on Reels days or weeks after they appear on TikTok. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be an early adopter: Don’t let the fact that an audio has a lower number of uses than you might be used to seeing. For growing trends, this often means the sound isn’t overly saturated — yet. Follow trends, but don’t be afraid to set them. 
  • Pay attention to Instagram’s recommendations: While marketers might know this, it’s worth noting that there’s an arrow next to trending Instagram songs on the Reels Explore page that tells you if an audio is trending, and recommend related trending audio for you to use.

Trending Reels Songs - March 2023

These are the trending Instagram Reels songs that users can’t get out of their heads — or off of their Instagram feeds this month: 

Boy’s a Liar Pt.2 - PinkPantheress, Ice Spice 

Boy’s a Liar Audio has taken over Instagram Reels, TikTok, and our personal playlists — this song is perfect to flex an outfit, makeup look, or anything else you want to highlight. 

Image via @emilydidonato.

Flowers - Miley Cyrus

Flowers by Miley Cyrus is still popular from its January release, users on Reels and TikTok alike love this inspiring self-love anthem. 

Image via @vivacious.honey.

Coca Cola - LIL M 

Even if you don’t like soda, you’re bound to enjoy this catchy song, Coca Cola by LIL M. If doing the trending dance isn’t the right move for your brand, use this song for upbeat, memorable background music in your Reels  — bonus points if you’re promoting a Coca Cola product. 

Image via @myhome.withme.

Hundred Miles - Yall, Gabriela Richardson

This bouncy, upbeat song by Yall and Gabrielle Richardson started trending in January, and it’s still popular on Instagram Reels. Perfect to lip-synch to or as background music to highlight a product release, how-to, or anything else your brand wants to promote.

Trending Audio on Instagram - March 2023

Here’s the audio trending on Instagram this month: 

Big Subwoofer (59.7K Reels)

This trending audio, Big Subwoofer, doesn’t have a specific trend attached, making it the perfect audio to flex a recent trend or anything else your brand wants to show off. 

Image via @dropdeadkristi.

Rude Boy (385K Reels) 

Still riding the Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show high? So are Reels users, with this Rude Boy remix one of the top audio sounds to use in March. 

Until I Found You (20.8K Reels) 

You might be familiar with this Stephen Sanchez song from TikTok — this remix is reimagined in a slower, dreamier audio that suits a Reel highlighting a featured product, or used to highlight something you love — anything that made your life better when you found it. 

Image via @xxagnik and @biswaskathakali.

Inspirational (7K Reels) 

This inspiring original audio from Gymenity says “what’s the best advice you ever received”, “what if it turned out better than you can even imagine” — by all means, use this for a video that’s truly inspirational, or use it to showcase a brand best seller or new release in a tongue-in-cheek way. 

Image via @disneylandlauryn.

How Dash Hudson Can Help Schedule and Auto Publish Your Reels

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Dash Hudson’s Multi-Channel Social Media Scheduler feature makes it easy to stay on top of trends, and avoid any rush. When your boss inevitably reaches out about that new audio trend they read about or scrolled by, you have the pleasure of telling them it’s already in the pipeline. 

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How do I find trending audio on Instagram?

You can find trending audio on Instagram by navigating to the Audio tool in Reels, and searching through the Instagram audio library — look for arrows that indicate an audio is trending. 

What is the most used audio on Reels?

One of the most used audio on Reels is ‘As it Was’ by Harry Styles with 3.4 million uses, and ‘Wait a Minute’ (Remix) by DJ Exe is the second-most used Instagram Reels song at 1.3 million uses. 

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