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The Most Popular Trending Instagram Reels Songs (April 2024)

Jamie Landry
March 9, 2023
Last Updated On
April 23, 2024
trending instagram reels audio header

One of the biggest ways to harness the power of short form video is to use the right trending Instagram Reels songs — and the right trends. 

Brands that use outdated sounds, or use them improperly (the ‘tiny violin’ trend showed many creators weren’t familiar with the ‘playing smallest violin ever’ concept) can come across as out of touch, inauthentic, and rushed. 

Brands can leverage Instagram Reels to engage with their audience more effectively, gain more reach, and ultimately gain new viewers if they use the right sounds at the right times. 

That being said, there are many trends to choose from, and the lifecycle of a trend can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. To aid social marketers’ Instagram Reels strategy, we’re sharing the top monthly trending sounds to use on Reels.

Tips on How To Find Trending Sounds on Reels

Curious about how to find trending Reels sounds outside of this blog? To drive engagement, social marketers should: 

  • Follow Reels: Scroll Instagram Reels consistently (and stay up-to-date with TikTok trends that often inform future Reels trends)  
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest Instagram Trends: Read up on new Instagram Trends each month
  • Watch Reels content: Follow trend-focused Instagram accounts 
  • Read this: Bookmark and refer back to this blog (we update monthly)

The virality of sounds on Reels is most popularly thought to be influenced by momentum. In this case, momentum is influenced by use and how often it’s saved. 

Tips on How To Find Trending Songs on Instagram Reels.

Sometimes, you just need a song that enhances your Reel — whether this is a song that matches whatever you highlight in your Reel, or simply provides a pleasant background atmosphere. 

Here are some tips to find trending Instagram songs: 

  • Look outside of Instagram: You might not be exposed to every song that presents a good opportunity for your brand. Fortunately, there are many Spotify playlists that round up the most popular songs on Reels, and this could spark an idea for your Instagram marketing strategy.
  • Use ‘Original audio’: Be sure to only use trending videos with the ‘Original audio’ label, which means brands can use them. 
  • Pay attention to audio permission: As a brand on Instagram, there are certain songs and audio not available — don’t use sounds with the ‘This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use’ label.

Tips on How To Find Trending Audio on Reels.

Wondering how to find trending Reels audio? Follow these steps to help you stay on top of trending sounds on Reels for your brand: 

  • Pay attention to TikTok trending sounds: Sometimes these sounds trend on TikTok and Reels simultaneously, but sometimes they trend on Reels days or weeks after they appear on TikTok. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be an early adopter: Don’t let the fact that an audio has a lower number of uses than you might be used to seeing. For growing trends, this often means the sound isn’t overly saturated — yet. Follow trends, but don’t be afraid to set them. 
  • Pay attention to Instagram’s recommendations: While marketers might know this, it’s worth noting that there’s an arrow next to trending Instagram songs on the Reels Explore page that tells you if an audio is trending, and recommend related trending audio for you to use.

Trending Reels Songs - April 2024

These are the Reels songs trending across Instagram in April — this month’s trending songs fit a wide range of content that nearly any industry can tap into.

i like the way you kiss me - Artemas (783K Reels)

Use this new song 'i like the way you kiss me' by Atemas for every type of content from OOTDs, like the example shown below, showcase product or any content about love. 

ig reels screenshot of girl trying on dresses
Image credit:

Little Simz - Gorilla (25.5K Reels)

This song, Little Simz, has a strong, horn-filled opening, before opening into its funky, fun lyrics. It’s perfect for a big announcement, but suits almost any type of Reels content.  

ig reel screenshot of person crocheting
Image credit: @thecreatrixinthematrixx

the boy is mine - Ariana Grande (92.2K Reels)

This interpolation of the Monica and Brandy song ‘the boy is mine‘ is suitable not just for love or relationship-centric content, but any type of

ig reels screenshot of girl in black headband making pancakes
Image credit:

Sunday Morning (Cover) - MEAGAN DE LIME (5.6K Reels)

Sunday Morning is an easy-listening, relaxing — yet slightly faster-paced cover of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning, that’s best for any type of easy, breezy Reels footage, from DIYs to styling inspiration.

girl in beige room tries on white pleated dress for bridal shower
Image credit: @mariesbazaar

Trending Reels Songs - March 2024

These are the songs and sounds making an impact across TikTok in March. 

I Feel Love - Sam Smith (156K Reels)

This Sam Smith hit from 2019 is trending once again on Reels — this vibrant, modern track with an old-school feel is being used in recipe, beauty, fashion content and more.

Image credit: @barbaraaleks

yes, and? - Ariana Grande (415K Reels)

Ariana Grande’s newest single is the perfect, catchy song to back your Reels content, or to use Reels content responding to unwanted questions. 

woman in dark doing ig reels transition
Image credit: @thanya

Pink Matter - Frank Ocean ft. Andre the Giant (8K Reels)

Despite being around for the past 14 years, Frank Ocean’s song ‘Pink Matter’ is trending on Reels again. The drop in the song and the catchy beat makes it a great audio option for editing, particularly to showcase a variety of outfits, beauty looks or anything else you can think of. 

woman writing on camera with red marker
Image credit: @valslooks

Saturday Love - Cherrelle O. ft. Alexander O’Neal (29.9K Reels)

This song, 'Saturday Love', lists the days of the week, making it perfect to showcase a week’s worth of content. The song’s lyrics and disco-vibes also make it perfect for Reels content celebrating your weekend adventures.

woman dancing in the street
Image credit: @jessideoliveira

Glamorous, Original Audio (34.7K Reels)

This song uses incorporates Nikki Minaj’s FTCU lyrics ‘high heels on my tippies’, before transforming into Fergie’s hit ‘Glamorous’. This is the perfect sound for nearly any luxury Reels content.

woman in brown lace outfit laying on couch
Image credit: @aneka_aitimova

Trending Reels Songs - February 2024

Unsurprisingly, February’s trending Reels songs hit on themes of love, positivity and comfort — try using these songs and sounds across your upcoming Reels content this month. 

Lovin On Me - Jack Harlow (343K Reels) 

Jack Harlow has another hit trending on social media, this time from his song ‘Lovin’ on Me.’ While this song might not fit every brand’s needs, it can be an excellent fit for a brand with a mature audience — try using it in product-related content to capitalize on its upwardly-trending status.

woman with long hair doing hair in mirror
Image credit: @mahnoormtl

the cat from ipanema - j1gggs (24.4K Reels)

Yes, this instrumental mimics a sound from a cat, but don’t expect loud meows or purrs — instead, this sound uses funky horn sounds and is an uplifting and fun and groovy track to back almost any positive Reels content. 

woman with white cat eye glasses and olive green jacket
Image credit: @18hens

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield (130K Reels)  

Whether you know ‘Unwritten’ from The Hills or any number of popular movies, you’re likely unsurprised that this song is trending once again. Use this on uplifting Reels content (without speaking or other noises) to let the inspirational, feel-food message fully inspire your audience.

brunette wearing white sweater holding up pile of clothes
Image credit: @olive.library

Home - wearegoodneighbours (277K Reels)

On Instagram Reels, ‘Home’ is used to enhance travel and nature-based content, while the sound is used on TikTok to pay homage to the people and places that make us feel like we’re home. However, this song is used by creators in many different types of content, like the ‘day in my life’ example below.

person with round glasses drinks out of green water bottle covered with stickers
Image credit: @cc_unsilenced

Trending Reels Songs - January 2024

MONACO - Bad Bunny (2.3M Reels) 

This rap, MONACO, from Bad Bunny starts with a classical sample before the beat drops, making this a perfect sound to build anticipation and excitement.

woman wearing white button up ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @bethantomo

What Love Is - Zimmerman (810K Reels)

Use this breezy, lo-fi song by @zimmer90music to share a recap of your year with a series of rapid-paced photos or videos. 

two people singing in kitchen
Image credit: @zimmer90music

Dance With Me - Alex Blue (210K Reels)

This jazz-inspired pop song, Dance With Me, is perfect for any Reels content that features dancing, but it’s also perfect to back get ready with me content, beauty tutorials and more. 

hotel with white curtains in kyoto japan
Image credit: @katgao

There’s Nothing Too Good For My Baby - Ben Bernie Orchestra (43.7K Reels)

This throwback from 1931 is the perfect old-school instrumental tune to back recipes and food tutorials — the fact that it’s instrumental means it fits a variety of Reels content. 

garlic clove soup ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @plantyou

Doing Something Little By Little (3.4K Reels) 

This audio from Mel Robbins (@melrobbins) is quickly gaining traction on Instagram Reels, and offers a great message to inspire your goals and New Year resolutions. “Doing something little by little is so much better than doing nothing at all. There have been so many times in my life where I didnt get started or I talked myself out of doing something because I didn't think it was big enough or I didn’t think that I was ready or I didn’t think I had enough time..”  This sound is perfect to share an inspirational message with your followers as we welcome 2024. 

person typing on laptop at desk ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @nazashevchuk

Trending Reels Songs - December 2023 

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, these are the songs trending on Instagram in December. 

Sleigh Ride - Ella Fitzgerald (148K Reels)

Whether you hear sleigh bells or you don’t, Sleigh Bells by Ella Fitzgerald is the perfect festive tune to enhance your decorating content, holiday outfit Reels and any other cozy, seasonal content. 

woman decorating doorway with garland holiday decorations ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @ourbarnesyard

Maestro (From ‘The Holiday’) - London Music Works (113K Reels)

This familiar holiday tune, Maestro, from the modern classic movie ‘The Holiday’ is the perfect instrumental song to back any cozy holiday content — it’s especially useful for tutorials or DIYs with multiple steps so viewers stay focused on your instructions. 

diy paper snowflake tutorial reels screenshot
Image credit: @thekwendyhome

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey (6.4M Reels)

Would it be Christmas on social media without ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey? This song suits any Christmas-themed Reels content. 

man decorating christmas tree ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @houseofdaisydesign

Can I Call You Rose? - Three Sacred Sounds (106K Reels)

This song, ‘Can I Call You Rose?’ has a fun and thumping intro beat, making it perfect to share a quick succession of images, with some users even layering image elements to the beat. This song is used in a range of content from the home industry, fashion accounts and more.

bedroom decor ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @archakovaks

Surround Sound - J.I.D. ft. 21 Savage & Baby Tate (993K Reels)

Surround Sound’  by J.I.D. featuring 21 Savage and Baby Tate samples Aretha Franklin’s ‘One Step Ahead’, giving the song an old-school feed before the beat drops and it transforms to a boisterous, hype rap. 

woman adjusting passengar seat mirror
Image credit: @lorianasavo

Trending Reels Songs - November 2023

With Thanksgiving and the impending holiday season upon us, here are the trending songs on Instagram Reels this November.

greedy - Tate McRae (1.3M Reels)

Greedy by Tate McRae is a new pop song making a splash on Instagram Reels (and TikTok). The hockey-themed video dropped just in time for NHL season, with the singer promoting the start of the league on while sharing her new song. 

woman wears black tank and pants while preparing for tattoo
Image credit: @aliciamccarvell

Real Love Baby - Father John Misty (135K Reels)

Use this easy-listening love song, Real Love Baby by Father John Misty, to back nearly any Reels content you make, but particularly anything that speaks to love — whether it’s a person, or a thing.  

woman arranges flameless candles on wooden table ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @donnadelaine_home

Time Traveller - M.I.A. (313K Reels) 

This release, Time Traveller, from M.I.A. was released in 2022 and is trending now on Instagram Reels. Use this upbeat, high-energy song to back outfit idea videos, recipes and more. 

grwm ig reels screenshot girl wears gray sweats before getting dressed
Image credit: @siiya.003

My Love Mine All Mine - Mitski (237K Reels)

Mitski’s back with another album, and with that, new songs to spread through our social media feeds. This time, ‘My Love Mine All Mine’ is trending across an array of social content, from outfit checks, recipes, jokes and more.

cozy camper van interior ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @jodirobicheau

Style - Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version (79.5K Reels)

Would a trending Instagram song list be complete without a song from the most recent TV release? Use ‘Style’ (Taylor's Version) this month to showcase your best outfits or simply your love of Taylor.  

blonde woman wears black and tries tasting menu in restaurant
Image credit: @katherinewants

Trending Audio on Instagram - April 2024 

These are the trends and corresponding audio users are adding to their content to increase reach and play with trends. 

Hello Sharks 

This a fun Reels trend that involves asking the Shark Tank ‘sharks’ for an investment — but not necessarily for a business idea, but something silly and fun. Use this opportunity to plug your best-selling products, or make another cheeky joke. 

Audio: Hello Sharks

lined up lip products from sephora on white furry rug
Image credit: @sairasglam

Happy Girl Era 

Have you been taking care of yourself and prioritizing your needs? Use this trending audio for any content that centers around self care, from health and wellness, beauty and skincare and even travel

Audio: Happy Girl Era

woman in fuschia blazer arranging items in kitchen
Image credit: @salinamariahome

2000’s Rom-Com 

Use this audio to enact any moment that makes you feel like a characters straight out of a mid-2000’s romcom. This can range from anything to simply reading a book, like the example below, or even just crossing the street.

Audio: Built This Way - Samantha Ronson

ig reels screenshot of man flipping through novel
Image credit: @stinkyasher

Trending Audio on Instagram - March 2024 

These trending sounds are shaping the Instagram Explore page this March. 

Thank You So Much for 20 Followers (11.8K Reels) 

Use this audio, which says ‘thank you so much for 20 followers’, as a tongue-in-cheek way to celebrate getting your Instagram brand off the ground, creating your first Reels or even to poke fun at a social media post you thought would help you go viral on Instagram.

Your Destination is Calling (145K Reels)

This trending audio featuring a ringtone turned beat drop, is perfect to showcase exotic travel destinations — to start, share a brief video of your travel destination (during the ‘dial tone’ portion of the audio), before the beat drops. Then, using the ‘Fast Pictures’ or other CapCut template, share a rapid-fire selection of photos from your trip. 

Exactly What I’m Going For (5K Reels) 

To use the 'exactly what I'm going for' audio and its corresponding trend, simply use text to describe something that’s become your entire personality. Use the phrasing, ‘If you’re not careful, ___ will become your whole personality,” with a corresponding photo or video. 

Trending Audio on Instagram - February 2024 

Explore trending Instagram audio to use in your content this February. 

Is it easy? No, it’s not (1.2K Reels) 

Lipsynch to this audio from The Office — “Is it easy? No. Do I like it? No, I don’t. But do I do it? Yeah, I do.” Use the text overlay feature to describe a situation you dislike doing.

What Relaxes Your Mind (16.6K Reels) 

Use this audio illustrating mental calmness, which uses the sound of chatter filling the room, eventually stooping to a light, relaxing music, to describe an activity that calms you and your mind. 

I Just Want The Best for You (12.4K Reels)

Use this audio, featuring Kylie Jenner explaining that she wants the best for her best friend, to describe the love you have for your friends, family or team. 

Trending Audio on Instagram - January 2024 

These are the sounds shaping our explore pages as we usher in 2024.

I Love Being A Woman (23K Reels)

This audio uses a remix of vocals saying ‘how I love being a woman,’ pairing them with an upbeat techno beat.

planner on top of vogue magazine
Image credit: @mindyourbusinessofficial

Hey, Hi, How Are You (36.6K Reels)

This bedroom-pop ballad remix is a great way to infuse your video content with a fast-paced song that’s still calming and neutral enough to back nearly any Reels content. 

pink tiered cake being cut open
Image credit: @sabpastriesco_

You Look Lonely x Resonance - Slowed + Reverb (70.8K Reels) 

This shoegaze-eqsue mash-up is a subtle, low-key song that still holds plenty of drama, making it a perfect complement to low and high-key Reels content. 

person applying foundation beauty routine
Image credit: @benkobeauty

Girl Therapy (27.1K Reels) 

This cheeky audio says, “I can’t come to the phone right now I’m a little bit busy with girl therapy, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can…maybe.” Use this to complement any especially girl Reels content focused on spa days, self care or beauty routine.

person getting out of bed in room with two big green plants
Image credit: @styledby.rhonda

What Once Was Instrumental (8.5K Reels) 

This instrumental version of Her’s ‘What Once Was’ is great subtle background music for everything from outdoor adventures to travel content. 

a couple spins on a pottery wheel
Image credit: @her.healthful

Trending Audio on Instagram - December 2023

Which audio trends are taking off this month? These Instagram sounds are making their way to your feed and explore page this month.

Camera Click (61.6K Reels) 

This audio is the perfect opportunity to share images from your camera roll — share a variety of photos timed to the camera ‘click’. 

Pure Imagination Lofi (177K Reels) 

This lo-fi take on ‘Pure Imagination’ sung by Gene Wilder in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie is a whimsical, calming audio that makes a perfect backing track to any relaxed, calm and cozy Reels content. 

Dance With Me - Alex Blue (121K Reels) 

Dance With Me’ by Alex Blue is a funky song that’s perfect for OOTD content, makeup tutorials, recipes, DIYS and anything else.

Choking On Flowers (29.7K Reels) 

This audio is a chill, lo-fi and old-school-sounding song. This is yet another audio that’s cozy, comforting and perfect to complement related Reels content.


This audio is fun and upbeat, combining the trending song ‘It Girl’ and Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback girl. This is perfect for OOTD’s, makeup tutorials and any upbeat content — it works particularly well for sped-up video footage. 

Trending Audio on Instagram - November 2023 

These are the audio trends taking shape on the Instagram Reels Explore feeds this November. 

We’re Home For Thanksgiving Y’all (633 Reels) 

‘Back-home ballers’ is a fun audio originating from a Saturday Night Live sketch that gets recycled each Thanksgiving. To use this audio, lip-synch to the audio and incorporate your parents, siblings and friends into the video. Act out the things mentioned in the song, for example, “do a load of laundry for just one sock,” and theatrically walk into your home when you visit home during the Thanksgiving holiday.   

Outfit Repeaters (157 Reels) 

Use the ‘you are an outfit repeater’ audio to showcase a particular article of clothing or outfit idea you repeatedly wear. Lipsynch to the audio, or use it in the background of your Reel, showing off your fit. 

You and I (29.1K Reels) 

This audio uses a clip from the Katy Perry song ‘You and I’ — to use this trend, describe a hobby or situation that pertains to you, and likely your followers. For example, this trend is used by many in the automotive community with text overlays that say things like, “guess who’s broke and into cars? You and I.” 

What Gave You The Confidence? (52.9K Reels)

This audio from a Renee Rapp interview includes an interviewer asking “And what gave you the confidence?” to which Rapp responds, “Uh, delusion?” Lip-synch to this audio or use it to back a situation where delusion has served you well — describe the situation with a text overlay so the joke isn’t missed by your audience. 

What You Won’t Do For Love (247K Reels)

Use Bobby Caldwell’s ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ to show off anything you love — a person, a place, a product or even footage from a particularly great day.

How Dash Hudson Can Help Schedule and Auto Publish Your Reels

One of the challenges of staying on top of trends is the 24/7 nature of social media — and even social marketers and managers need a break. 

Dash Hudson’s Multi-Channel Social Media Scheduler feature makes it easy to stay on top of trends, and avoid any rush. When your boss inevitably reaches out about that new audio trend they read about or scrolled by, you have the pleasure of telling them it’s already in the pipeline. 

In addition to the scheduler feature, Dash Hudson’s Creative Intelligence features tell you what visual platforms have the best likelihood of performing well.


How do I find trending audio on Instagram?

You can find trending audio on Instagram by navigating to the Audio tool in Reels, and searching through the Instagram audio library — look for arrows that indicate an audio is trending. 

What is the most used audio on Reels?

One of the most used audio on Reels is ‘As it Was’ by Harry Styles with 3.4 million uses, and ‘Wait a Minute’ (Remix) by DJ Exe is the second-most used Instagram Reels song at 1.3 million uses. 

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