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Best Australian Clothing Brands on Instagram

Hélène Heath
January 11, 2018
Last Updated On
November 29, 2023
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Australia’s fashion scene has found its perfect catwalk on Instagram, showing off everything from beach vibes that’ll make you want to live in a swimsuit to streetwear so fresh it could stop traffic in Sydney. These aren't just any brands, though. They're all about keeping things chill, adventurous, and oh-so-Aussie. So, let’s take a virtual trip down under and check out the best Australian clothing brands for marketers to follow, find inspiration from and, of course, shop. 

1. Cotton On (@cottonon)

  • Followers: 1M 

Cotton On partners with creators to share outfit inspiration, OOTD content and more. They also tap into their product collaboration with the band King Stingray, leveraging their celebrity to enhance their socials and reach new users who might not be familiar with or follow Cotton On, but are King Stingray fans.

woman tries on two cotton on dresses ig reels
Image credit: @cottonon

2. BlackMilk Clothing (@blackmilkclothing)

  • Followers: 1.1M 

Black Milk Clothing’s product is ripe for Instagram — full of unique, interesting patterns, they leverage holidays to show seasonally-themed clothing in posts and Reels.

woman with red hair and black dress
Image credit: @blackmilkclothing

3. Tiger Mist (@tigermist)

  • Followers: 1.6M 

If you often see clothing and haul content on TikTok, you’ve likely heard of Tiger Mist — but they’re also making a splash on Instagram. The brand features a host of models wearing their trendy styles, and they also leverage UGC by repurposing — and crediting the original posters. Their feed consists of various models, but has a consistent look and feel. 

ig post screenshot tiger mist woman in red dress
Image credit: @tigermist

4. Naked Vide (@nakedvice)

  • Followers: 138K 

Naked Vice has a sleek, modern and minimal Instagram feed. Their Reels content features models showing the flow and movement of their clothing, while their feed features a mix of product posts and styled looks. This is a great way to both promote the product and give viewers a sense of how to style them.

woman wearing naked vice black outfit
Image credit: @nakedvice

5. Typo Shop (@typoshop)

  • Followers: 608K 

Typo Shop’s bio is ‘anything but ordinary’, and their Instagram profile certainly reflects this. Filled with Instagram trends and funny Reels that present their brand as funny, lively and quirky, their profile also features gift ideas, styling inspiration and simple product shots.

group of people wearing mickey mouse sweaters
Image credit: @typoshop

6. Quay Australia (@quayaustralia)

  • Followers: 1.7M 

Quay’s Instagram presence is cool and trendy, just like their shades. Similar colour stories are found throughout their feed, with hi-fi shots of models, celebrities spotted wearing their product and more.

woman wearing aviator sunglasses quay
Image credit: @quay

7. Decjuba (@decjuba

  • Followers: 501K 

Decjuba uses its Instagram profile to share news on sales, outfit inspiration and upcoming collaborations to generate excitement and show the movement and look of their styles.

man and woman running down steps

8. Cettire (@cettire)

  • Followers: 81.3K 

Cettire specializes in luxury fashion and goods, and its Instagram feed reflects this. They use hashtags from brands featured in their feed and present a fairly neutral, hi-fi range of product shots on their profile.

high heel shoes on yellow couch
Image credit: @cettire

9. Universal Store (@universalstore)

  • Followers: 182K 

The Universal Store help establish their credibility by using a short and to-the-point bio — ‘Here to help since ‘99,’ and have a bright and colorful feed that appeals to millennials and Gen Z.

two people wearing banana costume ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @universalstore

10. Glue Story (gluestore)

  • Followers: 130K 

The Glue Store specializes in carrying a variety of well-known brands. They use their profile’s real estate to link to their TikTok account and share a link in bio to sell on Instagram. They feature a plethora of product shots and Reels that feature things like styling tips and hi-fi video shoots. 

beige adidas sambas unboxing ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @gluestore

11. Proud Poppy Clothing (@proudpoppyclothing)

  • Followers: 146K 

Proud Poppy specializes in offering a variety of clothing sizes and promotes diverse bodies on their Instagram profile. Their feed is colourful, vibrant and offers their audience lots of information on how they can shop — their bio shares that they’re family-owned and run, ship globally, have new styles weekly and more.

two woman wearing zebra print clothes ig screenshot
Image credit: @proudpoppyclothing

12. Viktoria And Woods (@viktoriaandwoods)

  • Followers: 209K 

Viktoria and Woods have a neutral, sophisticated and refined Instagram feed sharing hi-fi, glossy photos. They also sprinkle in some UGC from customers wearing and styling their products to showcase how people wear their clothing and accessories day-to-day. 

woman standing on rock in ocean
Image credit: @viktoriaandwoods

13. Petal and Pup (@petalandpup)

  • Followers: 1M 

Petal and Pup’s Instagram feed is a masterclass in diversity. Featuring models in various sizes, they have Reels content that gives viewers ideas of what to wear for a date night, hi-fi photoshoot images and lo-fi videos and images with an organic feel.

woman tries on clothing from petal and pup ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @petalandpup

14. Silk Laundry (@silklaundry)

  • Followers: 84.1K

Silk Laundry cleverly leverages creator-made UGC to share clothing inspiration. In addition to this, they share stunning visuals from creative campaigns, like their creative team’s road trip to expand brand awareness or artistic Reels.

people wearing bucket hats cloudy background ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @silklaundry

15. Zimmerman (@zimmermann)

  • Followers: 3.7M 

Zimmermann expertly shows their brand’s identity by sharing hi-fi images of their beautiful, unique patterns in various stunning locales. These backdrops create themed consistency throughout the feed, uploading multiple photos backed by a formal mansion with unique architecture, a Mediterranean-like ocean background to promote swimwear and more. Zimmerman’s social strategy has proven successful, earning a 0.27% engagement rate, 0.6% higher than the Australian fashion industry average of 0.21%. 

woman walking down stairs wearing zimmermann dress
Image credit: @zimmermann

5 Tips For Fashion Brands On Instagram

How can fashion brands break through the noise on Instagram and reach more people — and boost their sales? Here are five tips fashion brands should incorporate to their Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Use a Link-in-Bio

If a brand has a robust social media presence, it’s also likely they have an e-commerce presence. Brands should use their link in bio to share their website and coordinate their links with campaigns featured on their feed. Link to specific sales, and create unique galleries that link to specific product inspiration — this could be clothing for Summer, a recent trending colour like pink or clothes from a popular brand, to name a few. 

2. Film Reels 

Instagram posts are a great way to show the visual beauty of products you carry, but giving your audience a sense of the tactile experience of your products can engage and inspire your viewers. 

To optimize your Reels as much as possible, data from our social media trends report suggest using shorter captions and incorporating text into the video to boost your engagement. Plus, brands that use video content see more engagement than those that focus on static posts. 

3. Focus on Entertainment Score

While growing your reach and learning how to get more followers on Instagram is important, fashion brands overall have seen a decline in engagement as the Instagram algorithm prioritizes Reels content in the Explore feed, showing your content to various users who might not follow your account. Because of this, brands should focus on metrics like Entertainment Score and Effectiveness Rate, which take your post’s overall reach into account rather than just followers. 

4. Optimize Your Profile and Posts for SEO

To help your Instagram content be easier to find for users, brands should optimize both their profiles and posts so the algorithm can better identify their content and show it to users. Here are some tips to optimize your profile and incorporate SEO practices into your social strategy

  • Use trending keywords — use paid SEO tools like SEMRush, or free tools like Google Trends to discover trending topics related to your posts and brand. Tap into social listening to see which terms your users are looking for in relation to your brand. 
  • Use trending Instagram hashtags to encourage your posts to reach more people and tell the algorithm what your posts are about.  
  • Publish photos with the right dimensions — gone are the days of using a large white border to make your posts fit your feed. Use the right Instagram picture size and dimensions to ensure your content looks great alone and in your feed.

5. Add Shopping Tags to Posts

According to Instagram, nearly half of its users use Instagram weekly to shop. To capitalize on product posts your brand likely already shares, make these posts shoppable by ensuring you have an Instagram Business Account. From there, set up Instagram Shopping with their Commerce Manager or a supported platform (Shopify and BigCommerce are two) and fill out your shop details. From there, you’re ready to start tagging photos with your posts. 

Add Style To Your Socials With Dash Hudson

Fashion is a visual industry, and Dash Hudson is a visual platform. Marketers can use Dash Hudson's Predictive AI for social media anticipates which images in their visual library will perform best, while tools like Social Analytics give the ability to measure your performance in-depth or at-a-glance. Relationships help measure your influencer partnerships, while the Creator Discovery feature for Instagram lets you source influencers by industry, following and more so you can discover the best influencers for your brand and ensure your visuals resonate with your audience. 


What clothing brands are Australian-made?

There are a lot of Australian-made clothing brands, but a few clothing brands that are made in Australia include Victoria and Woods, Zimmerman, Tony Bianco and Ksujbi.  

Where can I buy Australian-made clothes?

Australians can often look at a brand’s social media profile or Google Business listing to see if it offers a brick-and-mortar store nearby. Conversely, customers seeking Australian-made clothes should visit brand websites like Zimmermann and Tony Bianco to order clothing. If shopping outside of the country, be sure to visit their shipping pages to ensure they deliver to your region. 

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