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How To Download Videos From Twitter on Any Device

Jamie Landry
May 10, 2023
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Many social users flock to their favorite channels like Twitter to take in entertaining photos and videos — but what happens when you want to download a video from Twitter? 

Downloading videos from Twitter or YouTube isn’t as easy as you might think — The platform's creators have a vested interest in retaining user traffic and promoting embedded media that links back to their website. However, occasionally, a user or brand using Twitter for business purposes might want to download and save video content. This may be necessary for various reasons, from wanting to watch a video at a later time, using it for offline use purposes, or to reference in cross-channel content strategies or Twitter marketing strategy

In this article, we discuss:

  • How to download Twitter videos from iPhone.
  • How to download Twitter videos from Android.
  • How to download Twitter videos from your PC.
  • How to save Twitter videos.

Download Twitter Videos

Despite recent changes on the platform, Twitter is still a huge microblogging social channel, with approximately 335.7M active users on Twitter in 2024. 

With this large of a user base, there’s a myriad of reasons a user might want to download a video from Twitter — to save something that could be deleted, to bank content ideas, to view offline or more. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to download Twitter videos in the native app. However, there are some third-party websites you can use to download videos. 

How To Download Twitter Videos on PC

To download Twitter videos from your desktop, you’ll have to use a third-party website. Most of these sites are straightforward — copy and paste the Twitter video link and select the file type you wish to download. 

Some of the most popular sites are: 

  • Twitter Video Downloader: Simply paste the tweet link, click download, then select the file format (mp3, mp4, etc.) that you’d like to use. 
  • SSSTwitter: Again, simply paste your link, and decide between video dimensions 320x564, 408x720, or an mp3 file. 
  • SaveTwitter: Another site where you can paste the Twitter video link and download either an mp3 or mp4. 

How To Download a Video From Twitter DMs

But what if someone sends you a video you want to save? Whether you wish to save it for your records, future content planning or just want to know how, saving a Twitter video from your DM’s is a bit different than from your computer — here’s how to save a Twitter video from DMs: 

  • Chrome extension: Not every video downloader available in the Chrome Web Store lets you download from your direct messages. However, Video Downloader Plus does. Simply add the extension to your Chrome browser, open the DM that contains the video you wish to download, and click the Video Downloader Plus button in your browser. From here, you’ll be able to choose which file type you wish to download. 
  • VLC: VLC is known by many for its ability to play nearly any video type — but it’s also great for downloading videos from your DMs. After downloading VLC player, copy and paste the video link from the DM you wish to download. From there, launch VLC and click ‘Media’, then ‘Convert’, then select the type of file you wish to download.

How To Download Twitter Videos on iPhone

There are many solutions to download Twitter videos to your desktop, but what about from your iPhone? 

If you don’t wish to download the video file itself, you can always save the video to your Twitter account. To save a video, you could ‘like’ it to reference later. To save the Twitter video to your bookmarks, click the arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner and select ‘Bookmark’ — now, the tweet and video will be saved to your ‘Bookmark’ section in your account. 

To download Twitter Videos from your iPhone, there are a few options:

 TVDL Shortcut

This method to download Twitter videos is unique to iPhone and uses shortcuts easily accessible from the ‘Gallery’ section of your iPhone. 

  • Add the TVDL Shortcut to your phone via the ‘Gallery,’
  • Open the Twitter DM you wish to download,
  • Click ‘Share’, then ‘Share Twitter via TVDLv3.1, 
  • Select ‘Allow’, the file quality you wish to download, 
  • Your video is now saved to your ‘Files’. 


There are many apps in the Apple App Store, but SaveTweet is extremely simple. 

  • Select the DM you wish to download, 
  • Click ‘Share’, 
  • ‘Copy link to Tweet’, 
  • When you navigate back to the app, the video will appear to download to your Files or Video folder. 

Twitter Video Downloader

Similar to downloading Twitter videos on a desktop, iOS users can also use the Twitter Video Downloader website to download Twitter videos. 

  • Visit the Twitter Video Downloader website, 
  • Copy the link from Twitter, 
  • Paste the link into Twitter Video Downloader and hit ‘enter’,
  • Select the file size you wish to download, 
  • The video can now be found in ‘Files’. 

How To Download Twitter Videos on Android

For Android users, downloading Twitter videos is just a little different. Android users don’t have access to the Gallery shortcut feature, so must rely on Apps and websites to download Twitter videos. 

  • Download Twitter Videos - GIF: Download the Download Twitter Videos - GIF in the Google Play Store. This app works similarly to other download apps. Simply click ‘Share’, then ‘Copy link to Tweet’, revisit the app and your video file will be available to download. 
  • Twitter Video Downloader: Android users can download Twitter videos on their desktops with the Twitter Video Downloader. Simply visit the Twitter Video Downloader website, copy the link from Twitter, and paste the link into Twitter Video Downloader. From there, select the file type you wish to download and save it to your phone. 

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Can you download private Twitter videos?

Yes, you can download private Twitter videos with a screen recording, however, you might receive a privacy violation from Twitter if you re-share or re-post this content. Private videos don’t include a ‘Share’ feature, so you’re unable to save these videos with a link. 

Why use a Twitter Video downloader?

There are many reasons to use a Twitter video downloader — while you can like or save tweets in the native app, the user might delete these over time. Or, you might want to reference these videos later for ideas for your own content strategy. 

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