Meet Lauren Dymond

This month, we spoke to Charlotte Tilbury's Global Social Media Manager, Lauren Dymond, about how she determines which trends are (and aren't) right for their brand, the social campaign she's most proud of and more.

Tell us a little about yourself: 

I started by studying Fashion Marketing and Management at University and picked up experience through fashion internships. My first job after graduating landed me at a UK-based shoe brand where I found a love for the world of social, launching their first TikTok channel. I knew I wanted to get myself into the beauty industry and moved over to the Social team at Charlotte Tilbury, where I am currently their Global Social Media Manager! 

What do you love about working in social?

No two days are the same! There are always new trends, new projects, new campaigns and new challenges. I love being able to see a campaign come together from early ideation through to launch, and what’s better is when an unexpected moment goes viral. 

charlotte tillbury wearing pink pillow talk highlighter
Image credit: @charlottetilbury

How do you stay on top of social trends — and how do you decide which trends are right for your brand? 

I use various platforms, from Dash Hudson to TikTok’s Creative Centre to stay on top of trends. The TikTok algorithm makes everyone’s FYPs different, so coming together with the team and reporting on what’s ‘new and now’ keeps us on top of trends. 

What social campaign are you most proud of from your time with Charlotte Tilbury?  

I can’t pick one! Over my past (almost) 3 years at Charlotte Tilbury I’ve loved working on everything from new product launches and brand collaborations to global events. I’m really proud of our latest Pillow Talk campaign which has had lots of social wins and allowed for lots of fun TikTok moments (honorary mention to our Social Coordinator Yssy Dean for the Pillow Talk ‘Sharks’ trend).

pink flatlay of charlotte tilbury makeup products
Image credit: @charlottetilbury

Lauren Dymond

Global Social Media Manager at Charlotte Tilbury

Top tips on how to be a successful social media manager? 

Being organized! The memes about social media managers are right, we’re content creators, copywriters, data analysts and everything in between — to be able to survive and thrive in social you need to be hyper-organized! Owning trends! Being able to determine whether a trend is right for your brand and taking inspiration from trends that aren’t born from your industry. Most importantly, TEAMWORK — our content wouldn’t be what it is without the combined work of the dream Charlotte Tilbury social team. 

How do you incorporate community management in your day-to-day? 

Our incredible Social Community Lead, Georgina Gardiner is the brains behind CT’s great community relationships. Looking for opportunities to engage, stitch, duet and repost are important to show you’re more than just a commercial business and allow us to have fun with our followers. Charlotte’s “carwigs” stitch was a great way to interact with our community and quickly became one of best-performing videos!

person wearing red wig pretending to be charlotte tilbury
Image credit: @jawbreakersdj and @charlottetilbury

What is your favorite Dash Hudson feature? 

Dashboards — having quick access to everything I need in one tab is SO handy! (Also TikTok trending sounds).

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