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The Best Beauty Brands on Pinterest

Haley Durkee
June 11, 2020
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If Instagram is the foundation of beauty brands’ social strategies, Pinterest is the highlight—that extra-special je ne sais quois that takes you from one of the crowd to one in a million. Here’s how the best beauty brands on Pinterest get that effortless glow:

  • Sharing high volumes of content is the most effective way to gain visibility.
  • Board variety is important, but being thoughtful about their specific topics should be top priority.
  • Leveraging predictive data and past social performance can help with image selection and ensure brands put their best Pins forward.

Date night. Wedding day. Interview. Presentation. Whatever the occasion, there’s a makeup look for that. And where do beauty lovers turn to get inspired and curate their looks? You guessed it: Pinterest. It’s no surprise the world’s biggest beauty brands saw an opportunity on the popular visual discovery engine, and many have cultivated a strong presence there. But Pinterest has millions of images to search through—so what makes a Pinner stop mid-scroll and Pin yours to their boards?

Like any good mascara, volume is key. More is more on Pinterest, and brands that have a steady export of imagery and video are the ones with the highest visibility. This is a prime opportunity to repurpose entire content catalogues from brand archives to user-generated content, in addition to creating posts from scratch. Think of Pins for beauty brands in the same way makeup fans think about eyeshadow palettes—there’s no such thing as too many.

Once they have an abundance of Pins, the best beauty brands on Pinterest sort them into carefully selected boards. Variety is important, but in general each board should consider your audience’s needs and speak to your brand niche. Ask yourself how your customers use your products and go from there. And remember, Pinners are already in a purchase mindset when they’re searching, so providing real-life examples of products in action is a great way to convert.

Of course, creativity and eye-catching visuals are a crucial component to getting attention on any social channel, especially one where the posts are laid out in a gallery style vs. scrolling one by one. With Dash Hudson’s Content Segmentation Boards tool you can segment your content into unique pillars and get insight into what’s resonating (and what isn’t), as well as identify trends and areas of opportunity to optimize performance.

When you’re ready to give your Pinterest business account a makeover, use these top beauty brands as a reference:


Boards include: “Blush is Life,” red carpet makeup looks, 10-second eyeshadow inspo, and real-world product shots for the off-duty beauty lover.


Boards include: beauty how-tos, brow ideas, the iconic Glossier pink, and a balm dotcom moodboard with foods and florals for every flavor.

Beauty Bakerie

Boards include: arm swatches, inspirational quotes, palettes on palettes, and boards for every product to give customers a full picture of their offering.

House of Lashes

Boards include: makeup vanity ideas, cute packaging, #lashlikeaboss, and seasonal boards with looks for every mood and moment.

Nails Inc

Boards include: hair and beauty edit, wedding guest edit, color of the week, and puns for every color story from “holler-graphic” to “go hard or go chrome.”

Fenty Beauty

Boards include: flexin’ complexion, “3 in 1 conceal, contour, highlight,” a ride or die series for each product category, and the queen herself, celebrity beauty brand owner, Rihanna.

Ready to get pinning? Hone your strategy and increase ROI with Dash Hudson’s Pinterest Insights.

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