How to Streamline Your Pinterest Posting Strategy

Alison Chan
April 27, 2020
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Let your imagination run wild. Dream bigger, do more—on Pinterest. 📌

  • Brands are finding success in repurposing their high performing content from Instagram and ecommerce platforms for Pinterest.
  • Using keywords and relevant hashtags in Pin descriptions increases visibility on Pinterest.
  • Unlike other platforms, success on Pinterest isn’t centered around posting once a time at an optimal engagement time, it’s about the volume of content that brands are posting.
  • Pinterest is a top platform for driving conversions.

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Pinterest is all about discovery, and inspiration and creativity are at its core. From travel and fashion inspo, to food hacks and DIY projects, the possibilities are endless with this visual search engine.

If you caught our recent webinar on How to Grow Your Organic Pinterest Strategy in 2020, you would know that Pinterest has over 335 million monthly active users and the average time spent on the platform per visit is close to 15 minutes. Pinterest is a huge opportunity for you and your brand to gain extra exposure in the social world.

Stay relevant, and stay connected with your audience. Pinners are planners—and if you plan on keeping your audience engaged through your social channels this year, keep reading (pun intended).

We love extending our community to new lengths, and last month we hosted our first Dash Hudson Brand Family Dinner! The purpose of these family dinners is to bring together a small, intimate group of our amazing customers to discuss current topics in the world of social. These dinners are hosted by our amazing customer success team, and were brought to life as an extension of our Master Class program.

This time, we came together in Los Angeles at Gracias Madres West Hollywood. At the dinner, we shared insights and challenges with one another under the topic of “Pinning for Success: How to use Pinterest to up your social game."

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation to help brands get a leg up on their Pinterest game:

1) Load Up Your Content Calendar

It’s all about volume. In addition to producing content specifically for Pinterest, we found that our brands are re-purposing their content from other channels for Pinterest. From past Instagram posts, to ecommerce content, to campaign assets—the sky's the limit on Pinterest.

And with Dash Hudson, you can easily bulk schedule your Pins using our Multi-Channel Scheduler. 😉

Here’s a hot tip from our brands at the dinner: play up to the seasonal moments on Pinterest! We find that the longevity of Pins can last much longer than a Facebook post or Tweet. Here at Dash Hudson, we like to refer to Pins as a fine wine 🍷—they just get better with age.

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2) Keep It Interesting

Invest in strategic titles and descriptions that accurately describe the content or product being featured. By using keywords and relevant hashtags in your pin’s description, it will increase your visibility on the platform.

With the introduction of Pinterest Video, take your user on a longer journey. From static images to video, let your creative juices flow when creating your pins. Some tips from Pinterest on how to master your video strategy: make it useful and inspiring, carefully select your cover image, use a square or portrait aspect ratio, try adding text overlay, and last but not least; keep it short and sweet (aim for 45 seconds to 2 minutes).

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3) Don’t Stress About Your Posting Cadence and Frequency—It can Vary.

Pinterest gives you more flexibility in experimenting with your content. Compared to Instagram, Pinterest is much heavier in quantity. We found that our brands had a diverse range of strategies when it came to posting cadence and frequency. In comparison to Instagram, where brands are very focused on time of day and posting “x” amount of times per week, Pinterest allows you to post whenever, wherever (in the words of Shakira) without hurting your engagement over time. 💃

A common challenge brought up at the dinner was bandwidth. “How do we find the time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AND Pinterest?”

A few best practices from our community: Schedule half an hour of free time in your calendar to publish Pins. Repurpose those lookbook images your creative team sent you this week, or those new product shots from the shoot you had earlier. Busy week? Don’t sweat it. Missing a week without Pinning won’t drastically tarnish your performance metrics, compared to a platform like Instagram.

4) Low Risk, High Return

Like we mentioned above, you can experiment with Pinterest. You don’t have to hold back on how much you post either. Pinterest is the one of the best channels for an organic social team to drive ROI. The link clicks that are associated with your Pins are as close a proxy as social teams will get to a sales conversion. On Pinterest, a conversion would be considered if a user saves it for later or navigates to your website through those link clicks. Read more about how to Measure Pinterest Analytics here!

‍And that’s a wrap! 👏 We are so excited to host more Dash Hudson Brand Dinners in the future, and show our community more love through these events. With that being said, we hope you are staying safe and healthy. We sure are missing these in-person interactions with our amazing customer base and can’t wait to bring our community together IRL again soon. In the meantime, check out our upcoming webinars to keep up with the latest marketing trends while you WFH.

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