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Discover the Best Lingerie Instagram Brands

Hélène Heath
September 29, 2017
Last Updated On
February 15, 2024
best lingerie brands to follow

Crafting a unique brand identity, voice and visual style is important to set yourself apart from competitors — but staying on top of leading brands in your niche is crucial to staying ahead of trends and keeping your finger on the pulse. 

Best Instagram Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is an important aspect to any outfit — the right undergarments can make or break an outfit, and sometimes, the right piece of lingerie can be an outfit itself. Let’s explore how these lingerie brands navigate their identity on social media platforms (that often have rules regarding nudity) while managing to clearly communicate their brand identity and mission.

Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret)

  • Followers: 76.3M

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret has undergone significant rebranding in recent years. Shifting to a stronger commitment to diversity and relatability, their Instagram feed reflects this while still providing an aspirational image via stylized, colorful product shots and celebrity models like Barbara Sprouse and Paloma Elsesser. 

barbara sprouse looking in mirror for victoria's secret
Image credit: @victoriassecret

Victoria’s Secret Pink (@vspink)

  • Followers: 7.6M 

Taking a decidedly more youthful approach to their social media profile, Victoria’s Secret PINK line targets tweens, teens and woman in their early 20’s. They disperse entertainment-focused content

girl with pink eyeshadow and curly hair for vs pink
Image credit: @vspink

For Love and Lemons (@forloveandlemons)

  • Followers: 3.6M 

For Love and Lemons’ feed is mainly comprised of professional models showcasing their product. They tend to group similar color themes and photoshoots next to other, to create a cohesive feed that retains some visual interest with a variety of looks. 

woman in forloveandlemons black dress blowing in the wind
Image credit: @forloveandlemons

Aerie (@aerie)

  • Followers: 1.6M 

Aerie’s made a name for themselves by focusing on a variety of body types — this authentic commitment to diversity is present in their feed, through the models they use and the UGC they repurpose on their feed. They also intersperse memes and other humorous content with UGC, photoshoots and product flatlays to engage and entertain their audience. 

girl with crutch tries on fuzzy white aerie set
Image credit: @aerie

Fleur du Mal (@fleurdumalnyc)

  • Followers: 333K

Fleur du Mal takes a cheeky approach to their social media presence, focusing on a consistent brand identity through the overall look, feel and ‘vibe’ of their content rather than color or photoshoot. They also use pop culture, like the example below, to connect with their audience while promoting their lingerie and accessories.  

fran fine holding heart shaped purse
Image credit: @fleurdumalnyc

ThirdLove (@thirdlove

  • Followers: 384K 

Third Love highlights their products with an educational approach, aiming to teach their audience about an often misunderstood topic — bra fit. They use pop culture and compelling questions to entice users to swipe through carousel posts and learn more about their bra fit and their products. 

Image credit: @thirdlove

Creative Lingerie Social Media Posts

The following brands represent a mix of long-established lingerie brands from the early 1900s to the 1950s and newer, trendier brands that have recently entered the scene. One thing they all have in common? They excel in visual storytelling on Instagram.

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Sheertex (@sheertex)

  • Followers: 263K

Sheertex has made a name for its brand with rip-resistance tights and nylons. Their Instagram profile is a masterclass in UGC, cleverly leveraging stylish outfit inspiration from their loyal followers. 

girl wearing red sheertex tights and black jacket
Image credit: @sheertex

Wolford (@wolford)

  • Followers: 318K 

Wolford was founded in 1950, but don’t let their old legacy fool you — they have an ultra-modern approach to Instagram. Their feed features a consistent color scheme, taking a sleek approach with models showcasing the look and feel of their products. They also provide a glimpse behind the scenes of product shoots in their Reels, a great way to connect with your community and foster a sense of inclusivity with your audience. 

Image credit: @wolford

La Perla (@laperlalingerie)

  • Followers: 762K 

La Perla produces lingerie and nightwear and was founded in 1954. Like other high-end lingerie brands like Wolford or Agent Provacateur, they feature a fairly cohesive feed with groups of posts featuring a particular color or background. When it comes to undergarments, a huge factor for audiences and consumers is fit — according to Farawlaya’s market analysis, supporting self-image and products that offer comfort and freedom are major factors in their decisions to purchase. Using Reels to give audiences a tactile sense of how a product could look or feel is a great way to reach audiences and encourage users to make a purchase.

blonde girl running through grass wearing black silk robe that's blowing in the wind
Image credit: @laperlalingerie

Agent Provocateur (@agentprovocateur)

  • Followers: 1.2M

Agent Provocateur takes a localized approach to their content, with accounts for target markets in Russia, Paris and Ukraine. Agent Provacateur was founded in 1994, and takes a decidedly more modern approach to their Instagram feed. Featuring celebrities (like Christina Aguilera wearing one of their designs during her recent residency) and particularly racy images, their feed is highly stylized and aspirational. 

christina aguilera wearing blazer on stage
Image credit: @agentprovocateur

MeUndies (@meundies

  • Followers: 1.2M

MeUndies, a relatively newer player in the undergarments game, forged its path as the first underwear subscription service. Unlike other brands on this list, MeUndies targets both men and women and features diverse genders and orientations on its feed to promote its inclusivity and target a wide range of identities.

two women embrace ig reels screenshot
Image credit: @meundies

KiKi de Montparnasse (@kikidemontparnasse)

  • Followers: 1.2M

KiKi de Montparnasse, another storied lingerie house eponymously named after the French model and singer, display a more eclectic feed featuring moody shots of models and their lingerie. Despite branching out into clothing, their identity as a lingerie brand is clear from their feed.

model wearing white gown second model wearing black gown and eyepatch for kiki de montparnasse
Image credit: @kikidemontparnasse

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