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Social Media in Europe: Performance Insights and Key Statistics

Quinn Yung
June 26, 2023
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As of 2023, Europe boasts a substantial social media user base of approximately 516 million people. The United Kingdom leads as the largest single market with 43.9 million users, followed closely by Germany with 41.1 million and France with 38.2 million. With many Europeans actively using social media, companies must grasp the nuances of the market as they develop and expand to reach a global audience, which can differ significantly from North America or Asia. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for brands that seek to effectively engage with their European audience and capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by the region's social media landscape.

Social Media Statistics for Europe 

Dash Hudson analyzed the performance of nearly 200 European-based brands on Instagram to understand the industry average separate from other regions. Using European-specific benchmarks such as engagement rate, follower growth and posting cadence is crucial for brands to evaluate their social media presence and understand how they compare to industry averages. 

By comparing their performance to the industry average, European brands can identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement, adjust their strategies accordingly and stay competitive in a region-specific market. 

european social media benchmarks data

Average Following Size: 4.3 Million

What is it? The average number of followers among European brands. 

Why it matters: Provides insight into European brands' average Instagram follower base.

Average Weekly Posts: 9

The Global Industry Standard for this time period is: 8

What is it? The average number of posts brands share on a weekly basis.

Why it matters: It helps brands understand if their posting cadence aligns with the European market.

Average European Engagement Rate: 0.3%

The Global Industry Standard for this time period is: 0.5%

What is it? The average engagement rate each post receives.

Why it matters: It reveals whether a brand’s initiatives are accelerating or slowing in growth compared to the European standard.

Average Monthly Growth Rate: 0.8%

The Global Industry Standard for this time period is: 0.7%

What is it? The average number of followers added on a monthly basis.

Why it matters: It helps brands understand the rate at which European brands are growing and how they measure up compared to the standard.

Top 5 European Brands on Instagram (Based on Engagement Rate)

The top European brands on Instagram are a variety of industries from beauty, automotive and publishing — these brands have an ultra-engaged following and have a powerful understanding of their audience’s interests. Here’s how the the best European brands harness the power of social to grow their Instagram engagement rate.

1. Bugatti: 2.0%

Bugatti, a car company with a rich heritage and legacy, stands out as a top-performing European Instagram account. With over 20 million followers, Bugatti excels in combining exclusive and luxurious content, high-quality visuals and captivating behind-the-scenes glimpses, resulting in an impressive engagement rate. Additionally, Bugatti strategically collaborates with luxury brands like Jacob & Co, further expanding its reach and fostering a broader community of enthusiasts. 

2. Esquire UK: 1.9%

With an impressive 323,000 followers, Esquire UK's Instagram performs exceptionally well due to its engaging content strategy, strong brand identity, visual appeal, exclusive access, audience interaction and trend awareness. The account provides a balanced feed of thought-provoking articles, fashion advice and interviews that appeal to its target audience. 

3. Gisou: 1.7%

Luxury hair product brand, Gisou, has 679,000 followers and one of the top-performing engagement rates. Its success can be attributed to its authentic brand story, carefully curated aesthetic and creator partnerships with like-minded beauty enthusiasts. Gisou creates an aspirational experience for followers, driving high engagement and brand loyalty within the beauty community. 

4. Harrods Beauty: 1.5%

Harrods Beauty's 134,000 followers get a backstage pass of the luxurious and high-end products in the London-based department store. Its Instagram content mix combines exclusive product launches, behind-the-scenes and educational content to stand out from competitors in the luxury space. Harrods’ luxury brand marketing strategy has strengthed the brand’s overall appeal and helped establish it as a go-to luxury beauty authority.

5. GANNI Lab: 1.2% 

GANNI Lab is an extension of GANNI that focuses on sustainability within the fashion industry. With over 35,000 Instagram followers, it has yet to reach the size of GANNI, but it shows promise, particularly when you consider the GANNI brand grew organic video views by over 60%. GANNI Lab's Instagram revolves around sustainability and educating users on using eco-friendly materials, responsible production and circular fashion. GANNI Lab successfully educates its audience on sustainability while still inspiring the fashion industry. 


Dash Hudson analyzed nearly 200 European brands and handles across all types of industries to understand their Instagram performance. Data is based on content posted from January 1, 2023, to June 9, 2023.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Popular in Europe?

So, which social media platforms are most popular in Europe? The most popular European social channels are focused on social entertainment, with YouTube leading as the most popular platform, and Instagram and TikTok trailing close behind. Facebook is the least popular social channel in Europe — despite entertaining features like Facebook Reels, many users consider Facebook a social networking platform to connect with others first. The trend here? European social users seek out entertainment over traditional two-way communication on social. 

The following provides a breakdown of users on each social media and messaging platform as of 2023. 


Europe makes up 20% of global TikTok users in 2023. Of this percentage, half are from Central and Eastern Europe, and the other half are from Western Europe.

  • Europe overall: 182
  • Central and Eastern Europe: 87 million
  • Western Europe: 95 million



Europe makes up 21% of Instagram users in 2023. Of this 21%, 9% are located in Central and Eastern Europe, and 12% are in Western Europe.

  • Europe overall: 283 million
  • Central and Eastern Europe: 120 million
  • Western Europe: 163 million



Europe makes up 14% of Facebook users in 2023. Of this 14%, 5% are based in Central and Eastern Europe and 9% are based in Western Europe.

  • Europe overall: 295 million 
  • Central and Eastern Europe: 114 million
  • Western Europe: 181 million 



Europe makes up 22% of YouTube users in 2023. Of this 22%, 10% are in Central and Eastern Europe, and 12% are based in Western Europe.

  • Europe overall: 499 Million
  • Central and Eastern Europe: 232 million
  • Western Europe: 267 Million



  • Europe makes up 27% of Telegram users in 2023.


What Are the Best Marketing Tools for Europe?

Dash Hudson's suite of sophisticated features is valuable for brands seeking to break into the European market or strengthen their strategy. 

With Dash Hudson's Competitive Insights, brands gain access to AI-powered solutions that revolutionize their understanding of the industry and competition on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. By leveraging this data, brands can make informed decisions and develop winning strategies to stand out from competitors in the European market. Additionally, Dash Hudson's AI-Powered Social Listening tool enables brands to monitor relevant conversations to identify areas of success and opportunities within their content – effectively allowing brands to navigate the European market and take advantage of European trends.


Which social media platform in Europe has the most users? 

With over 400,000 users, YouTube is Europe's most popular social media platform as of 2023.

What are the top three European countries that use social media?

The United Kingdom is the largest single market with 43.9 million users — the UK is also home to a potent influencer advertising industry that thrives on YouTube. The United Kingdom is followed closely by Germany with 41.1 million and France with 38.2 million.

Why is privacy on social media so important in Europe?

Privacy is a fundamental right in Europe, and social media platforms are expected to comply with these regulations to protect user privacy. In 2018, Europe introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), resulting in stricter rules for collecting, processing and storing personal data, including data collected through social media platforms.

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