Top Marketing Leaders to Follow on Twitter for Valuable Insights

Olivia Fitzpatrick
May 31, 2021
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Over the years, Twitter has become an essential channel for communication. In the world of politics, technology, and business, Twitter is the perfect medium to keep up with real-time events, discover emerging trends and keep a pulse on consumer conversations. With the channel seeing +8.4% surge in usage last year, marketing leaders are also capitalizing on the Twitter opportunity. The top CMOs from the world’s largest companies have been flocking to Twitter to give followers and fellow marketers a crash-course on personal branding.

Aside from public appearances and carefully crafted statements, Twitter allows marketing thought leaders a space to voice real opinions and showcase their work in a more authentic way. The impact of Twitter extends beyond the 280-character marketing bits in a tweet and really highlights how top marketers use their expertise to build a personal brand. With this in mind, Dash Hudson has curated a list of top CMO’s from the most innovative companies, explored how they navigate Twitter, and pulled out key pieces of marketing wisdom that every marketer should know.

The Marketer: Andrea Mallard, CMO at Pinterest

The Content: Andrea Mallard’s Twitter feed is heavily packed with useful marketing insights and resources. Focusing specifically on advertising and data, the CMO shares links to webinars, articles, and videos on both Pinterest and the social media industry as a whole. Perhaps the most underrated part of her feed, however, is the casual career wisdom for young marketers that she weaves throughout.

The Marketer: Deirdre Findlay, CMO at Condé Nast

The Content: Deirdre Findlay’s approach to Twitter is authentic and uplifting. This top CMO uses every chance she gets to praise other women, marketers and brands in the industry that are creating forward-thinking marketing campaigns. Deirdre is very vocal about important issues like diversity on Twitter, and uses her platform to highlight the work Condé Nast is doing to tackle these issues.

The Marketer: Julian Duncan, CMO at The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Content: Formerly of Nike and Under Armour, Julian Duncan is bringing his expertise to the NFL and to Twitter. The CMO of the Jacksonville Jaguars uses the social channel to shoutout his own digital team and the daring marketing campaigns they create. If you dig further into his feed, you will also find little one-line gems of marketing wisdom hidden throughout with the hashtag #MarketingTwitter.

The Marketer: Lynne Biggar, CMO at Visa

The Content: Visa CMO, Lynne Biggar, brings years of professional marketing experience to her Twitter feed. This thought leader chooses to use the channel to highlight global marketing initiatives of the brand, reposting tweets from Visa’s localized handles across the globe. Upon quick glance at her feed, Visa’s core values of diversity and global empowerment are evident in every post she creates.

The Marketer: Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Netflix

The Content: Bozoma Saint John has made a name for herself in marketing after creating a notable personal brand on Twitter. The Netflix CMO is known for her creative flair and “The Badass Workshop”, a personal branding class she created for women. Her Twitter feed promotes empowering young girls to take on leadership positions and the secrets behind how she got to her current role at Netflix.

The Marketer: Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing (Europe) at TikTok

The Content: TikTok’s Head of Marketing in Europe, Trevor Johnson, uses Twitter to keep users up to date on all the latest marketing happenings at the brand. From partnerships to brand activations to new campaigns, this savvy marketer gives followers an up-close look at what the TikTok marketing team has been working on and a sneak peek at what’s to come.

The Marketer: Norman de Greve, CMO of CVS Pharmacy

The Content: Norman de Greve is praised not only for his work as the CMO of CVS Pharmacy, but also for the transparency he embodies as a marketer. His Twitter feed reflects these personal values, discussing topics ranging from photoshop in CVS stores, the struggle retailers have gone through during the pandemic, and the learnings he believes every great marketer should know.

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