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20 Expert Marketers To Follow on Twitter

Olivia Fitzpatrick
May 31, 2021
Last Updated On
January 16, 2024
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X (formerly known as Twitter) is a great place to keep up with real-time events and keep a pulse on industry updates — from beauty and fashion to politics, technology and business, X lets creators share video, photo and text-only updates. 

Aside from public appearances and carefully crafted statements, Twitter allows marketing thought leaders a space to voice real opinions and showcase their work in a more authentic way. The impact of Twitter extends beyond the 280-character marketing bits in a tweet and highlights how top marketers use their expertise to build a personal brand. With this in mind, we're listing marketing CEOs, CMO's and more that digital marketers should follow for industry updates and insights.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Experts 

Looking to refresh your feed or add more industry updates to your day-to-day? Here are the marketing experts that everyone in the marketing industry can benefit from. 

1. Kieran Flanagan (@searchbrat)

  • Followers: 17.8K

Kieran Flanagan is the CMO at Zapier — he tweets on the latest opportunities in marketing and growth, specifically for PLG, community, web3 and media. Flanagan often shares industry updates like news on recent AI developments, marketing tips and more helpful tidbits.

tweet screenshot
Image credit: @searchbrat

2. Barry Hott (@binghott

  • Followers: 21.6K 

Barry Hott writes a marketing newsletter, and runs an advising company, Ad Crate, and has his own food brand, Rotten Gummy Worms (@eatrotten_). Hott’s account is a great follow if you’re looking to engage with other marketers, as he routinely poses questions and shares longform thoughts on different marketing topics, where followers are welcome to weigh in.  

tweet poll screenshot
Image credit: @binghott

3. Steph Smith (@stephsmithio

  • Followers: 143.8K 

Step Smith has her finger on the pulse of digital and social media marketing. She leads trend forecasting for HubSpot’s The Hustle (@thehustle) news platform, hosts a podcast titled ‘The Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School’ (@sydlis), created a content marketing lesson for professionals titled ‘Doing Content Rightand a program that helps educate users on how to collect data for various marketing initiatives. Followers can expect critique on modern digital trends, interest quips and updates on how technology is being creatively used in media and marketing. 

tweet screenshot
Image credit: @stephsmithio

4. Guillaume Cabana (@guillaumecabane

  • Followers: 7K followers 

Guillaume is the founder of sweat equity advisor HyperGrowth (@HyperGrowthP) and an advisor to B2B SaaS start-ups. Guillaume’s feed is full of quick mini reviews on different software, reposts of helpful content and more. His feed is perfect for any marketers interested in investing and growth marketing. 

tweet screenshot
Image credit: @guillaumecabane

5. Matthew Bertulu (@mbertulli

  • Followers: 23.7K 

Matthew has founded four companies and is the current CEO of Lomi & Pela Phone Cases, he also hosts a podcast titled ‘Operators.’ Bertulu shares quick quips about marketing, and often tweets about issues like food waste that impact his brand. This account is a great follow for quick tips about entrepreneurship and leadership.         

tweet screenshot
Image credit: @mbertulli

6. Trevor Johnson (@UKTrevor

  • Followers: 1.9K 

Trevor Johnson is the Head of Marketing for Global Business Marketing EUI at TikTok. His account is a must-follow for any marketer looking for TikTok news, tips and more. 

tweet screenshot from @uktrevor
Image credit: @UKTrevor

7. Neal Schaffer (@NealSchaffer

  • Followers: 225.7K

Neal Schaffer is a business consultant and CEO of Fractional. His Twitter profile includes inspirational tweets and links to helpful external resources for digital marketers. 

tweet screenshot
Image credit: @NealSchaffer

8. Larry Kim (@larrykim)

  • Followers: 718.9K 

Larry Kim is the CEO of Customers AI (@CustomersAI) and is the founder of Wordstream. He often shares helpful blogs, articles and resources, making his account perfect for sourcing new education and information.

larry kim tweet screenshot to link and image of blog on strategizing for success
Image credit: @larrykim

9. Sarah Evans (@prsarahevens)

  • Followers: 104.3K 

Sarah Evans is the CEO of Evans PR. Her X feed focuses on new tech finds and interesting industry updates. She often tweets out industry events, webinars and more, making this a great account for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of digital trends and attend more events. Evans also sprinkles in inspirational tweets throughout her account, perfect to keep you motivated and inspired. 

sarah evans tweet about creating an action board instead of a mood board
Image credit: @prsarahevens

10. Michael A. Stelzner (@mike_stelzner)

  • Followers: 177.K 

Michael Stelzner is the CEO of the Social Media Examiner, and is a great follow for anyone looking to connect with other professionals, gain inspiration or simply ponder professional queries. Stelzner often posts longform tweets reflecting on past success, failures and what he’s learned — he also often poses questions to his followers. A great account for some professional reflection.

michael stelzner tweet screenshot reflecting on 2023
Image credit: @mike_stelzner

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