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Beautyblender How to Use User-Generated Content Instagram

Beautyblender's Flawless Social Video Strategy

Learn how beautyblender leverages Dash Hudson as a one-stop solution to improve the brand’s performance on Instagram, and gain a profound understanding of its social efforts and results.

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Beautyblender's Flawless Social Video Strategy


  • How beautyblender increases its video content output on Instagram.
  • Meaningful insights drawn from Dash Hudson which help beautyblender refine its content strategy.
  • How Dash Hudson streamlines beautyblender's video publishing process.



Average Video Views Since Using Dash Hudson


Video Posting Frequency Since Using Dash Hudson

A Flawless Content Strategy

Video is the ideal format for makeup tool beautyblender to engage its audience on Instagram. From content discovery, to metrics, to scheduling—learn how beautyblender optimizes its video strategy with the help of Dash Hudson.

"With Dash Hudson I can easily pull average video views, as well as look at historic data quickly. Since our marketing calendar is based around product launches, we primarily use boards to track those campaigns. Boards helps to gauge the excitement around a launch as well as gives a comprehensive analysis of our efforts on Instagram!"

Julia Casella,
Former Social Media Manager at Beautyblender
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