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Beis Uses Competitive Insights to Succeed on Social

The Competitive Insights BÉIS Uses To Outsmart Social

Utilizing Dash Hudson's TikTok and Instagram performance and Competitive insights, the retail brand is able to benchmark itself against the industry while prioritizing entertainment to drive engagement and increase video views.

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The Competitive Insights BÉIS Uses To Outsmart Social

Discover how BÉIS uses Dash Hudson's comprehensive insights to:

  • Analyze the industry to uncover what works and what doesn't.
  • Save time while staying up-to-date with fast moving trends and create content that entertains its audience.
  • Identify how each platform responds to different types of content and discover which serves the best conversion.



increase in the Video Views on Instagram*


higher Entertainment Score on TikTok than the industry average**


higher Entertainment Score on Instagram than the industry average**

*in H2 2022, compared to H2 2021, including Videos and Reels, **according to Dash Hudson's latest Cross-Channel Industry Benchmarks

BÉIS’ Challenge 

Combined with their two billion active users, TikTok and Instagram have become powerful tools for retailers to connect with audiences and drive engagement. Despite this, one of the industry's challenges is more than simply being present on these platforms — it's about making content that resonates and stands out from the crowd.

Founded by Shay Mitchell in 2018, BÉIS was established with the intention of creating travel bags and accessories that are just as good looking, as they are filled with function (hello, extra pockets!) — and still fit within an affordable luxury price point. One of the platforms that has allowed the brand to educate audiences about this mantra is TikTok. While the platform relies heavily on creating novel content that fits its unique style, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture users' short attention spans and keep them engaged.

To meet its audience's needs, BÉIS relies on Dash Hudson's industry-leading insights. This empowers the brand to craft a robust social strategy designed to engage with its fans in a meaningful and consistent way. Taking Instagram learnings to TikTok and understanding the nuances of how content performs uniquely on these platforms, the brand truly made an impact — outperforming the retail industry on the Entertainment Score by 44% on TikTok and 71% on Instagram.

77% higher Retention Rate on TikTok than the industry average*
*according to Dash Hudson's latest Cross-Channel Industry Benchmarks

Using Real-Time Insights To Benchmark Performance

As users are continually flooded with content, it is increasingly important for retail brands to go beyond posting traditional content and capture their audience's attention through entertainment. To help accomplish this, BÉIS leverages Dash Hudson's Competitive insights to monitor industry trends and benchmark its performance. The brand focuses on tracking its own engagement and providing value to its audience through entertaining and informative content reflecting its voice and personality. It understands that users are looking for relatable posts, and to meet this need, the team creates humorous and authentic content that connects with them. While entertaining videos capture attention, lo-fi product-focused videos highlighting unique features and solutions have proven to generate more clicks and sales. Dash Hudson's industry insights provide BÉIS with valuable data that allows it to see that it is providing value through its own benchmarks of top-performing content, as well as see where engagement sits for other like-minded brands — ultimately helping it to better understand its community, drive conversions, and continue providing relevant content.

Beis Dash Hudson Competitive Insights

Until Dash Hudson launched its competitive features, we weren't really tapping into the competitive elements. Now everyone, including our leadership team, loves the competitive analysis we provide. The data allows us to see where our baseline is and also to benchmark ourselves against like-minded brands and the industry at large — something that was previously difficult to do.

Paige Tapp,
Social Media Manager at BÉIS

Increasing Video Views by Listening to Audiences

Through Dash Hudson’s insights, BÉIS identified that video content generates 10x more engagement than static images. With this knowledge, BÉIS' social team started testing formats captured on iPhones and found that low-lift videos are not only strong performers, but also offer the greatest returns. For example, as part of the Navy collection campaign*, they found that one video performed particularly well. With more than 10 million views, the video displayed three key features in less than ten seconds and only took minutes to create. 


The Navy Collection is coming THIS WEDNESDAY!

♬ Oh my god what is that - Funny memes

Attracting audiences' attention also means understanding the transient and trend-driven nature of TikTok, so BÉIS finds Dash Hudson's trending sounds feature invaluable in keeping up with the latest trends and creating content that entertains its audience. This has resulted in the brand receiving 99% higher video views on TikTok than the retail industry average.

Additionally, Dash Hudson's sentiment feature allows BÉIS to easily track overall customer appetite, whether it's a restock of a specific item or requests for a limited-edition color to come back. For instance, after the brand teases a new product launch, it can quickly and effectively monitor positive sentiment to gauge excitement and identify its success, sometimes even before launching.

We love using Dash Hudson's TikTok Trending Sounds feature, which gives us a pulse on the latest trends and saves hours searching for the perfect video sound. It also helps us with content ideation and adds an element of relatability and trend-forwardness to our content.

Paige Tapp,
Social Media Manager at BÉIS

*Read our latest Digital Insights Report to learn more about BÉIS’ Navy campaign.

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What We Can Learn From BÉIS’ Strategy

Stay Up-to-Date With the Industry

Keep up with industry trends and opportunities, and benchmark your performance against like-minded brands.

Identify and Understand Content Performance

To fully understand what resonates with audiences, analyze content performance metrics regularly and pivot strategies if necessary.

Lo-fi Pays off on TikTok

Often, the most successful content is recorded on an iPhone and doesn't take long to create. For TikTok, consider creating less curated content so audiences find you more relatable.

Pro Tips To Maximize Dash Hudson Tools To Drive Business ROI

  • Use Competitive Insights to seamlessly access relevant competitive data, identify trends and opportunities, save time, and simplify stakeholder reporting.
  • Leverage TikTok and Instagram Insights to discover what content reaches, entertains, and retains your audience in real-time, and how content performs differently on each platform.
  • Leverage Trending Sounds to bring relatability and relevance to your short-form videos.

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