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Top Wellness Brands to Follow on Instagram

Hélène Heath
August 31, 2018
Last Updated On
March 4, 2022

Today we're putting something often overlooked in the spotlight: wellness. Because everyone deserves a little R&R, but so few of us indulge.

We've all been sucked in by the Instagram vortex. But when it's part of your job description, like yours truly, the daily hours spent scrolling through the photo-sharing app Rarely do we take a minute to slow down. Relaxing and recharging are foreign to most, and something that is done just once a year on a well-deserved holiday. Some wellness brands have identified this as a problem and are on a mission to help fix it, providing a way for overextended humans to easily make some time in their busy schedules to unwind and disengage with the noise.

A lot of businesses today try to be conscientious in their mission, especially startups, but the following top wellness brands are taking it a step further to assist in our mental well-being. The approach is simple (and so underrated!): make the time to do something for yourself daily or weekly to be able to live your best life.

Top 11 Wellness Brands on Instagram  

Not only will using the below products or services make you better at life, but they'll also actually make you feel more fulfilled and ready to tackle anything. Whether that's in the form of essential oils, meditation, aromatherapy, or vitamins, there's something below that will improve your existence.

These wellness brands have taken on the challenge of helping people learn to chill, and they're doing so with social media. In wellness brand marketing, it's just as important to create content that sells a product as it is to sell the idea of relaxation. Brands need to help people realize that they are worthy of self-care and love, and the importance of taking the time for themselves. Below is a list of the top wellness brands on Instagram that have successfully achieved this.

@mndflmediation: Meaningful Mindfulness

wellness brands

@harlowskinco: Affordable Slow, Toxic-Free Skincare

wellness brands

@campobeauty: Modern Aromatherapy

wellness brands

@sajewellness: Wellness Brand For Body And Home

wellness brands

@shopmedmen: Herbed Wellness For The Body And Mind

wellness brands Luxury Wellness Brand 

This brand hasn't been active on social media for a while, but you can still order from their website.

wellness brands

@vitruvi: Natural Scent Products For Your Space

wellness brands

@thenue_co: Health Supplements For Your Body’s Wellbeing

wellness brands

@foursigmatic: Natural Food Wellness Brand

wellness brands

@sunpotion: Tonic, Herbs & Adaptogens

wellness brands

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