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Free Social Marketing Resources for Remote Work

Haley Durkee
March 20, 2020
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Wouldn’t it be nice to glide through each work week like Elle Woods, singing along to Hoku’s “Perfect Day” while everything goes according to plan? When life gets in the way—as it often does—it can take a few adjustments to keep plans on track. If you suddenly find yourself working from home, there are ways to stay productive and check off that to-do list without compromising your health, wellness, or family responsibilities.

For marketers, taking advantage of free digital resources is a great place to start. We scoured our library to bring you everything from e-books to online events in one convenient place. As the Dash Hudson fam likes to say around the office: it’s time to get learnt.

Where to Start

So, you have some time on your hands. Or maybe you’ve deliberately carved out space in your schedule to learn a new skill or perfect one you already have. Whatever your reason for hitting the web, it can still be a challenge to decide where to start. Some of us like to open 20 tabs at a time and flip back and forth between them (guilty 🙋), but that can become overwhelming. The easiest approach is to select a topic or theme that sparks your interest and take it slow. Open one resource at a time and really dig into it.

Ready? Let’s do this.

Get to Know New Channels

Everyone has a favorite social channel, but sometimes an attachment to one prevents you from getting to know another. Keep an open mind and explore what this uncharted terrain has to offer. You might find an exciting opportunity to boost ROI and reach new demographics.


The 5 Differences Between Instagram and Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Business vs Personal: What's the Difference?

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Advertising Strategy

Pinterest Metrics: How to Measure and What to do With Them

How to Post Videos on Pinterest

Grow Your Organic Pinterest Strategy in 2019

Grow Your Organic Pinterest Strategy in 2019—Part Two

Dash Hudson Pinterest Analytics Have Arrived


The Biggest TikTok Trends and Why They're Successful

How Can Brands Use TikTok?


A Guide to YouTube Metrics and Why They Matter

How Brands Use YouTube in a Multichannel Strategy


How to Perform on Social Media: A Content Deep Dive with Allure

Breaking Down Instagram Creator vs. Business Accounts

How to Promote an Instagram Post Like a Pro

Instagram Stories: Benchmarks for Social Success

How Savvy Brands Are Using IGTV

Breaking Down Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi Video Performance Across Industries

How to Engage a Diverse Audience on Instagram

Instagram IRL: Bringing Brand Activations to Life on Instagram

Here’s How to Navigate a Like-Less Instagram World

How to Navigate a Like-Less Instagram World Part 2

Monetize Motion: How to Slay Shoppable Video on Instagram

Stargazing: How to Predict Top Performing Instagram Photos

Expand Your Content Offering

There are so many aspects to social media that businesses don’t consider. When should you focus on organic content and when should you push for paid? Are influencers really worth it? What about memes? Consider incorporating alternative content styles and watch your engagement rate soar.


How to Build an Organic Influencer Strategy

Why Influencers Love Carousel Posts and You Should Too

Micro vs. Macro-Influencers: When to Tap and Why

A Guide To Influencer Advertising In The UK

Decoding Influencer Marketing

Meme Performance

Meme Culture: A POV from an IRL Member

Do Memes Get Better Instagram Engagement than Other Photos?

Paid and Organic Strategies

The Best Practices to Follow to Optimize Your Paid Social Performance

How to Align Your Paid and Organic Social Media Strategy for 2020

12 Tips to Increase Sales on Social Media

Listen and Learn

Not all of us have the patience to sit and read at home—and that’s totally OK. If you’re more of an audio-visual learner, there are fantastic webinars, podcasts, and online conferences to tune into in the coming weeks. It’s a simple but effective way to connect with like-minded marketers and gain wisdom from the top players across industries.


Grow Your Organic Pinterest Strategy in 2020

AI in Social Commerce


Adobe Summit

Girlboss Rally


Do You Follow?

Second Life


Industry Insights

Different industries require different tactics to meet the needs of their unique social audiences. It’s crucial to guide your strategy with input from industry trends, standards, and achievements. Check out the latest benchmarks, case studies, and e-books curated with up-to-date data for brands across the spectrum.

Benchmark Reports







Home Decor




Consumer Electronics

Financial Services

Case Studies





Condé Nast

Country Living UK


Skyn Iceland


The Definitive Guide to Social Media ROI for the Publishing Sector

The Definitive Guide to Social Media ROI for the Food Sector

The Definitive Guide to Social Media ROI for the CPG Sector

The Definitive Guide to Social Media ROI for the Beauty Sector


The Best Financial Services Companies on Instagram

Advertising Best Practices for CBD Brands

Down the Rabbit Hole: How LikeShop Multiplies Traffic for Publishers

Aspirational Brands and Customer Loyalty: How Do They Do It?

LikeShop for Professional Sports Teams

Social Media: Your Next Adventure

Maybe you’re here because social media is a world your brand is just starting to explore. Here’s more info on jumping into social and how Dash Hudson can help optimize your workflow and results.

For Beginners

How to Seamlessly Jump into a Social Media Job

Leveraging AI for Marketing ROI: Dash Hudson & Automat

Event Recap: The Intersection of Content & Commerce

Dash Hudson’s Features

Introducing… Dash Hudson’s Visual Trends

Introducing Dash Hudson’s Integration with Google’s Shoppable Images

Drumroll, Please—DH Story Boards Are Here

Keep it locked on the Dash Hudson blog for more free marketing resources, tips, and tricks to expand your social expertise.

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